Playing House: Chapter 3 (TG AP Comic)

Chris, now Christine, gets accustomed to her new mind and body after dropping Stacy off at school…

The conclusion to this new family’s saga…for now…

Part 1

Part 2

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  1. You could also have them go to the beach and hot bikinis. The younger one could run into her new boyfriend. And obviously dates with the boyfriend could be good

  2. Since you are toying around with longer content 2 ideas to throw at you

    1. Kid to Bride, but slow – Kid is at a wedding and catches the bouquet by mistake and then when puberty hit’s it’s not the one they expected, leading to years later being the next in the family to be a bride.

    2. A 2 part Cinderella story – Part 1 – the whole classic fairy godmother bit, Part 2 matching the shoe

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