That’s Pretty NEET (TG AP WG) – Pay What You Want Comic

Howdy y’all! Trying something new with this one. I’m trying to get better at having multiple characters in these and this one turned out a lot longer (and more explicit) than I initially intended. I decided to upload this to my Gumroad as a “pay what you want” comic to keep it from getting taken down here, but it’s free to anyone who wants to read it. Of course, any payments are GREATLY appreciated!

This is also my first attempt at weight gain. Hope y’all enjoy!


Tyler’s parents put a lot of pressure on him to keep him from ending up like his older brother, Mike. While Tyler overachieves in school, Mike is a 20 something burnout who has no job or education aspirations at all. He’s a full fledged NEET, and he likes it that way. Out of the blue, Tyler receives a gift from his older brother to help him relax a little and relieve some stress from their overbearing parents, but neither one is aware of just how much Tyler’s life, and the brothers’ relationship, will change as a result of such an innocuous little gift…

– Transgender Transformation
– Age Progression
– Weight Gain
– Mental Changes
– Explicit Activity

Download Here!