The Best Dressed Friend (TG AP)

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Ethan hated going shopping with his mom. She always dragged him into all of the boring clothes stores and took forever to find anything she liked. The worst was when she’d run into her friends and waste hours talking while Ethan paced around the store mindlessly, eagerly wondering how long it would be before he could go home and play video games. Today was particularly bad as a new clothes shop had just opened up that his mom simply needed to explore. The boy rolled his eyes as he watched his mom disappear into the crowd of shoppers, knowing that it was going to be a long day of shopping for her. Already exhausted, he mumbled a simple wish under his breath: “I wish this mall had stores I actually wanted to shop at…”

A wave of strange sensations washed over him as the words left his mouth. He thought the air conditioning had kicked on somewhere, or maybe it was a wave of scents from one of the candle stores nearby, but he soon felt a tingling sensation down the back of his neck. He reached a hand up and was shocked to feel his own hair cascading down his back, getting softer by the second. He began to walk towards the changing rooms as he felt his hair growing between his fingers, but the odd sensations didn’t stop there. His breathing sped up as his height began to increase with each step, causing him to grow dizzy as his perspective shifted. By the time he’d reached the back of the store, he was taller than the clothes racks surrounding him. He looked around for his mom in a panic, but was only met with the sight of his hair tumbling down into his line of sight. He grabbed his head in terror as his clothes began to shift, the fabric tickling his softening skin as it began to rip and slide around his changing body.

Sweat permeated his skin as his heartbeat continued to rise, pumping blood through his maturing body as his mind raced. He closed his eyes and tried to convince himself that this was simply a nightmare, that people didn’t just transform like this, but the sensations of his changing body were only getting stronger. He grabbed his hips as they began to widen while his core tightened up, leaving him with an hourglass figure and an athletic set of abs. He tried to take deep breaths as his shirt lifted up, revealing his alluring new midriff. Each breath resulted in a swelling feeling in his chest, and though he didn’t want to look, he could feel his growing nipples beginning to press up against his tightening top. He tried holding his breath to stop his growing chest, but the increasingly pleasurable sensations coming from his budding breasts only seemed to build.

With a scream of panic and pleasure, he exhaled and threw his arms behind his head. His growing breasts exploded forward, tearing his shirt and sending unknown pleasures through the boy’s quivering body. His moans grew feminine and sultry as the orgasmic feelings rippled through his flesh, surging from his chest down to his groin. He pulled at his own hair as he tried to contend with the confusing feelings wracking his mind, refusing to admit to himself that it felt like a forbidden pleasure. He didn’t want to be like all the other shoppers in the store, but as his crotch began to invert, he couldn’t help but blush and whimper in ecstasy. His eyes began to roll back into his head as the millions of new nerve endings in his crotch became active, sending wave after rolling wave of orgasmic pleasure through his tight, seductive body. His mind was filled with new desires as his new sex began to drip. He didn’t know why, but he knew that he needed to be filled down there. 

Suddenly, a store announcement was made over the intercom about a sale on black dresses, snapping Ethan out of his orgasmic trance. He looked himself over in panic, still unable to accept that he was now a fully grown woman. He tugged his shirt down in an attempt to cover his massive breasts, but only tore it more, exposing his new cleavage. He thought about what to do as his mind raced with new thoughts and urges, finally deciding that he should try to find his mom and somehow explain what just happened. He began walking towards the dresses in the sale section, hoping that his mother would be checking them out as well, but also aware of his growing desire to try one on.

He tried to resist his feminine urges, but they seemed to grow stronger every passing second. He would catch himself looking at all the different outfits, imagining what they’d look like on his voluptuous new body. When he finally got to the dresses, he still saw no sign of his mom, but the urge to try on some new clothes was almost overwhelming. An employee came up to Ethan as he stood there and looked around in confusion.

“Hi there, are you waiting for a changing room?” The employee asked with a bubbly tone to her voice. She looked at Ethan with a subtle jealousy, her eyes tracing the dramatic curves of his new body. “You look like you could use some better fitting clothes,” she said with a chuckle, noticing how tattered his outfit was. “Here, I think this dress would be perfect for your body type…” she said as she handed him a skintight black dress. 

Ethan wanted to protest and simply ask the girl to help him find his mom, but as he felt the fabric of the dress, he was overcome with the urge to try it on. The helpful employee ushered him into a changing room, where he looked over himself in shock. He looked…stunning. He hesitantly removed his tattered clothes and stared at the full body mirror in silence, tracing his naked body and shuddering at the feelings coursing through his mind. He was beginning to like how he looked. The estrogen flooding his mind was clearly beginning to feminize his thoughts, but his panic was beginning to fade as he struck a variety of sensual poses in the mirror. His life as Ethan was beginning to slide away from his mind, like the tattered clothes he’d just removed. He felt a new life sprouting in his head, and it felt amazing. He smiled to himself as he remembered a very different childhood, one filled with kisses, compliments, and a dramatic female puberty. He remembered all the boys in his class lusting after his curvy, developed body. He remembered how good it felt to be held and loved by a man, and how happy he was to have a boyfriend that paid for all his shopping sprees. He watched himself in the mirror and grinned as his hair began to change shades, growing into a silky, vibrant red as his new life took root in his mind. He slowly slipped the black dress over his curvy frame, cooing as he tightened it against his bouncing chest. He looked amazing. He felt amazing. He didn’t want to be Ethan anymore, and with a rush of warmth over his body and mind, he wasn’t.

Erica’s pupils dilated as a pair of glasses materialized on her face, perfectly complementing her sensual visage. She loved how this dress looked on her, and she couldn’t wait to get back home to spoil her boyfriend with it. She exited the changing room and told the employee that she’d be wearing it out of the store. The employee happily walked her over to the cash register, and Erica smirked as she felt all the other women staring at her with envy. As she finished paying for her new dress, Erica spotted her neighborhood friend a few isles down. She squealed and ran over to hug her.

Hey, girl! You find anything you like? This might be my new favorite shop here!

“Oh, hey Erica! Wow, that dress looks amazing on you. I don’t think I could pull it off, though,” she said with a sigh, looking up and down her friend’s curvaceous body. “I’m actually just looking for Ethan. I think he ran off somewhere because I was taking too long to shop again.”

Oh, you know how boys are. They’ll just never understand the joys of clothes shopping.”

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