The Next Step (Stepmom TG AP Paycomic Preview)

Ryan and James are desperate to get rid of their father’s new girlfriend before she can become their stepmom. With no options left, Ryan buys a wish granting coin, but James snatches it and quickly makes a wish for his father to breakup with his girlfriend. The brothers quickly learn that the coin truly does have the power to grant wishes, but only for a lifechanging price that neither of them were expecting…

My longest one yet, coming in at over 145 pages! That’s 145 pages of sweaty, curvy transformation! There’s plenty of sex in this one, but I also really wanted to focus on the character’s post-transformation journey and how their new body changes their relationships with everyone, especially those they were close with. Their journey from fear, to reluctant acceptance, to the enthusiastic embracement of their new life, new sex, new fluids, new emotions, and all! Hope you enjoy!!!