A Shot of Sake (TG/AP)

Billy and Matt were at their uncle’s house for the weekend while their parents visited the city. Their uncle, Dave, took a passive approach to babysitting that usually involved watching TV and drinking beer while his nephews played in the yard. Dave had a rather extensive alcohol collection, though he preferred to drink cheap beer and save the alcohol for impressing any women he was able to convince to date him. His nephews, being far too young to legally buy alcohol, were fascinated with his liquor cabinet. Matt was particularly intrigued by a bottle with Japanese characters on it. Making sure that no one was watching, he swiped the bottle and a shot glass from the cabinet and bought it out to the yard to show his brother. The two brothers played rock, paper, scissors to decide who should take the first drink. Billy won, and Matt excitedly poured him a shot.

Billy took the shot in one gulp, immediately feeling a warmth spread throughout his body. He initially thought that he was just getting drunk, but he soon felt a slight tugging on his arms and legs, like he was being pulled out in all directions.

“How is it?” asked Matt.

“It’s kinda weird…I don’t feel so great…” Billy moaned. Suddenly, Billy’s bones cracked and shifted as his arms and legs grew outwards. Billy stood up in shock and was about to run to get his uncle, but he was having a tough time balancing on his new limbs. Matt watched in horror as his brother’s torso elongated, his spine cracking and popping as it grew. Billy soon had a body with the proportions of a full grown adult, but the two brothers noticed that his body was not only growing older, but growing more feminine. Billy’s spine cracked once more as it gained a feminine arch, and Billy reluctantly pushed his chest out as his body shifted.

“Matt! Get Uncle Dave! I need help-ahhhh!” Billy moaned as two mounds of flesh began to push their way out of his chest. He looked down at his budding breasts as his clothes began to transform. His t-shirt morphed into a sweater that opened enough to give an ample view of his new bosom to his petrified brother. As Billy looked down at his new chest, he felt a tickle on the back of his neck and noticed long brown hair beginning to come into view. Matt stared at his changing brother as Billy’s skull shifted into that of a beautiful woman in her thirties. Billy’s eyes widened as they took on an slight Asian slant. Billy could feel makeup materialize onto his face, and Matt continued to stare in awe as his brother transformed into a mature beauty. Earnings weighed down Billy’s earlobes as piercings materialized. He took a deep breath as his breasts inflated more and his collarbones grew more pronounced. He wanted to resist touching his new appendages, but the new sensations coming from his sensitive nipples were too much to ignore. He squeezed his chest as his brother watched in shock, stifling a moan of pleasure as best he could.

“Billy, what are you doing?!” Matt asked in an exasperated voice.

“I don’t know! I don’t want to, but – oh god it feels so good!” Billy moaned in a new sensually feminine voice. “Please, help me – ohhhhh…” he whimpered as jolts of pleasure shot through him from his groin. He reached down and cupped the crotch of his pants as his member retracted into his abdomen. His pants morphed into a short skirt just as a fleshy clit opened up between his legs. His hand slipped under the new skirt as his fingers plunged into his new sex. He felt a new warmth in his abdomen as a womb and ovaries settled in. He continued to moan in his sensual new voice as new hormones flooded his body. The distinct smell of sex surrounded the air around Billy and Matt as the transformed boy slipped his fingers in and out of his new organ.

“Oh…oh…ohhhhh!” Billy screamed in ecstasy as Matt looked on in terror. Billy tried to stop what was happening, but with each thrust of his fingers he felt new personality traits slip into his mind. “Oh…” he moaned as he remembered all of the best one nights stands he had. “Ohhh…” he moaned again as thoughts of video games and playing with his brother became thoughts of watching porn and messing around with her sorority sisters. “Ohhhhh….ahh!” she screamed as she came and felt her juices running down her legs. As she reeled from her orgasm, a wedding band materialized around her finger and memories of Dave proposing to her entered her mind.

The new woman looked at her nephew, who stared back at her in shock. “What’s wrong, Matthew? Aren’t you a fan of your Auntie Betty?” she said, embracing her confident new personality. She noticed the bottle of sake on the ground and picked it up. “Oh Matthew, you aren’t supposed to be drinking.”

“Billy? Please, if you’re still in there…” Matt said. The new woman merely smiled and poured herself another shot of sake.

“Matthew, I don’t know who Billy is,” she said as she spilled the sake over her breasts. “Oopsie!” she said as she ran her hands down her cleavage. “Well, looks like I’ve had enough to drink. I’ll be inside with your uncle if you need me.” And with that, Betsy left Matt in shock to go lay down with her husband and try to make a baby. Matt sat there in a strange mixture of shock and arousal, wondering if he should’ve taken the shot instead.