All In (TG/AP)

Kyle moaned, writing on the table as a group of men stared at him lustfully.

“D- dad? What’s huuuuh- happening to me?!” 

His father, Dave,  could only stare in silenced shock as the consequences of his gambling addiction took form right before his eyes. Only minutes ago had he played a hand at his favorite card club. The thing is, he wasn’t very good and quickly fell into debt with the club. The owners finally had enough, and after losing yet another all-in bet, they gave him an ultimatum: pay up now, or they were going to take everything he and his family owned. 

“Well, if you don’t have the money, maybe your son could help you work off the debt.” One of the suited club owners said, pointing at Kyle. “You bring him here everyday after school already. He might as well help you make some cash.”

Desperate for a way out, Dave agreed. The owners brought him a contact that he signed without even glancing over. He had no idea just how much he’d signed away. He waved his son over to introduce him to the club owners. 

“Hey, buddy, you’re gonna be helping pops pay off some debt, okay?”

“Oh jeeze, dad. How much did you lose this time?”

The club owners snickered at the kid’s remarks. 

“Doesn’t matter. Once we pay off this debt, I’ll be able to double our money!”

“Whatever. Does this mean I’ll at least learn how to play poker?”

“That shouldn’t be a problem,” chimed in one of the owners. “You’ll need a uniform, though, and I think I have the perfect look for you.”

Without warning, the owner placed a bunny ear headband onto Kyle’s head. He recoiled in confusion as a tingling began to spread across his body. He looked at his arms as his skin rapidly began to darken, growing smooth and tan until it was a perfect olive tone. He braced himself against a poker table as he felt his whole body begin to tremble. Cracks and pops echoed violently through the room as his body began to shift and grow. He grew nearly a foot in a matter of seconds as his limbs extended to match his new height. His hips jutted outwards as his spine cave in just above his butt. He rolled onto the table, kicking his feet up as they grew dainty and feminine. 

“What the fuck?!” Dave screamed at his son’s sudden growth spurt. The club owners just stared silently as the boy pleaded for help from his helpless father. 

“OOooOhhhoh…” Kyle moaned as his voice grew deep and alluring. His soft legs were thickening, tearing his shorts as they went. His ass began to inflate, causing his boxers to be swallowed up by his new ass cheeks, putting pressure on his groin. Suddenly, a storm of pleasure spurt from his boyhood as it began to invert itself. He let out a feminine scream as alien pleasures wracked his body. He threw his head back in ecstasy as his member slid between his legs, leaving behind a tight, dampening pussy. Every little movement of his organs felt euphoric as his former boyhood transformed into a mature female reproductive system. His abs hardened against his will, leaving him with a sexy six pack that could be seen just underneath his boyish t-shirt. 

“He…well, she sounds great,” one of the club owners said as Kyle writhed in pleasure. “Wonder how big her knockers will get.”

As if on cue, Kyle could feel his nipples starting to tingle. The sensations coming from his chest only compounded with the ones coming from his sensitive new clit. He couldn’t even imagine pleasure this intense, and it was making it impossible for him to focus on what was happening to him. He thrust his chest forward and braced himself against the table as two massive breasts tore open his shirt. The larger they grew, the better it felt. They jiggled with every minor shift of his body, heaving up and down as his breathing deepened. He wanted to fight whatever was happening to him, but it all felt so amazing. 

“Kyle!? Are you okay!?! Don’t worry, I’m calling 911!” 

“They’ll never make it in time. Plus, you signed the contract. I can already tell your son is going to be the favorite dealer in the club.”

“D- dad…” Kyle moaned as he felt his hair lengthening. He looked at his growing locks as they spread across the table. His hair progressively began to turn white, the color crawling up his roots and into his scalp. He moaned as his eyes widened, turning a beautiful shade of ruby. His face shifted and cracked, much to his father’s horror. Kyle stared directly at his father as he fought to retain his old self, but his father seemed more like a stranger with every passing second. All his knowledge of video games began to morph into knowledge of card games. His elementary school learnings evolved into an expansive knowledge of gambling odds and statistics. Memories of his friends became memories of fucking the hottest guys in school. 

“N…no…please…” he whimpered as memories of sexual encounters flooded his mind. He didn’t want to be a girl. He didn’t want to touch another guy’s dick…let alone put it in his mouth. Yet…it all felt so good. He…she loved how easy it was to manipulate guys with just the tease of sex. As much as Kyle didn’t want to admit it, all he…she wanted now was a dick to fill her dripping pussy. 

With a flash of smoke, Kyle’s old clothes vanished, replaced by a revealing bunny outfit. She finally settled down as her transformation completed itself. He let out a gasp and collected herself before addressing the man staring at her.

“K- kyle?” 

“No, silly,” she said with a cute giggle. “I’m Kaylee. I just started dealing here.”

Kyle’s father fell backwards into a seat, struggling to process what just happened. He watched the beautiful creature that used to be his son start prepping the table for a new game. She was already doing card tricks, winking, and collecting tips with a smile. She seemed happier than Dave ever would be, especially after going all-in for the last time. 

“Alright, boys! Let’s play some cards!”