Quarantine (TG/AP)

It was week 5 of quarantine and brothers Mark and Lucas were grating on each other’s nerves. Mark, being the older brother, had a TV and PS4 in his bedroom, while Lucas just had his toys. Lucas constantly begged Mark to play videogames in his room, but Mark, being 19, valued his private time. 

“I wish you’d let me play Call of Duty more often,” Lucas whined in Mark’s doorway.

“Yeah? Well, I wish I was quarantined with someone more fun.”

Mark pushed his little brother out of the way to go grab some food from the kitchen. Lucas jumped onto his brother’s bed and pouted until he felt a light tingling beginning to spread across his body.

“Whaaa?” he murmured as his fingernails began to grow. He watched his hands in shock as his fingers popped and cracked, growing long and dainty. His arms rapidly began to stretch out, as did the rest of his body. He sprawled out on the bed as his bones shifted and cracked, growing longer and wider by the second. He wanted to call for help, but could only grunt as his spine popped and stretched, giving him a feminine inward curve. He kicked his growing legs around as his boy shorts tore at the seams. His feet cracked and he instinctively flexed his toes as they grew feminine and petite. Finally, with another loud crack, his hips jutted outwards, tearing his boxers and leaving him with distinctly feminine curves.

“Wh- what’s happening to me?” he said in shock. He rolled onto his back to look at his new proportions, shocked by how much taller he had grown. However, he also noticed just how much he was beginning to look like all the girls that his older brother obsessed over. No sooner had the thought crossed his mind when his ass began to inflate beneath him. He moaned as his glutes and thighs began to thicken, putting pressure on his crotch as what was left of his boxers rode up his engorging buttcheeks. His moans grew deeper and more sultry as they continued, much to his dismay. 

Suddenly, he felt a tingling growing around his crotch as pubic hair began to sprout around it. He reached down and felt the soft tufts of hair, confused as to why anything would be growing there. With a sudden jolt, he moaned as his boyhood began to invert itself. He felt a wet, fleshy opening between his legs swallowing up his boy parts and sending unknown pleasures coursing through his body. He was horrified at the sight, but enamored by the feeling. His new ovaries settled in as his fertile new womb formed, sending hormones flooding through his body as he underwent puberty in a matter of seconds. His whole body was quivering in ecstasy as his new pussy tightened up. He didn’t know why or how, but he knew that he was no longer a virgin.

“This is…wrong…” he moaned between breaths in his alluring new voice. Just as his first orgasm was starting to fade away, he felt another tingling building behind his nipples. He looked down at his flat chest and traced a finger up his newly toned core. He didn’t know why, but it felt like his nipples were begging to be touched. He tweaked them with his feminine new hands and moaned again as his chest began to grow with each motion. His nipples widened with every tiny movement of his fingers as fat welled up behind them. More alien pleasures coursed through his body as his breasts weighed down on his chest. He cupped them and massaged them, moaning as images began to flash in his mind. He remembered all the men he’d let ravage this body. He remembered who was good and who wasn’t. He remembered the first time he let Mark get to second base.

“No!” he suddenly screamed, snapping out of his trance. Unfortunately for the boy, it was too late. Lucas grabbed his head as he tried to fight the new memories flooding his mind, but they were growing more vivid by the second. He was getting turned on by the scent of Mark’s room. He remembered growing up in a different house, being in a different class, and having different friends. He remembered how scary puberty was as a girl, but how powerful he felt once he realized how easily boys would fall for him. He remembered falling in love with Mark.

Lucas wanted to cry as he struggled to remember his old life. Details faded into a fog as his hair grew longer. Makeup applied itself to his maturing face. His eyes grew wide while his lips grew soft. He could smell the perfume he’d put on this morning because he knew it was Mark’s favorite. Finally, he remembered the first time with Mark. He let out another cry as an orgasmic explosion flooded his mind, filling his head with sexual experience. It felt like an eternity of ecstasy as a lifetime of sexual escapades burrowed their way into his mind. Unable to resist any longer, Lucas gave in and embraced his new life…and her new boyfriend. 

Mark walked back to his room and was shocked to see a gorgeous girl sitting on his bed and playing his video games. With a flash, he suddenly remembered his wish and felt the new reality set in. She was Lucy, his girlfriend, and the two of them were stuck in his house together until quarantine was over. 

“Hey babe. How’s the game going?” Mark said, jumping on the bed behind her. 

“Great! I got MVP this match.” She said excitedly. “Do you mind if I play one more?”

“Sure thing, babe. You know I just like watching you.”

She smirked at her boyfriend and got ready for another match. She leaned forward, giving Mark exactly the view he wanted to see. Maybe after this the two of them could play something more…intimate. 

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