Mirror Mirror (TG/AP)

I was at my uncle’s house for the weekend while my parents enjoyed a “romantic vacation” in Hawaii. It wasn’t that bad at first. My uncle, Tom, was a young professional who spent most of his nights out drinking with his friends, so I got to do whatever I wanted after he left. I was having a blast until one morning my phone died and I realized that I forgot to bring my charger. 

“Hey, Uncle Tom, do you have a spare iPhone charger?”

“Yeah, there should be one in my room. Check my nightstand drawers.”

His room smelled like cologne and looked exactly like what every bachelor’s bedroom looks like. The only thing that stood out to me was the giant mirror he had hanging on his wall. It looked like a normal mirror, but every time I glanced at it, I got a weird tingling sensation in my stomach. I walked over to investigate it and stared at my boyish reflection embarrassingly. I was only 13, but I still felt small compared to the jocks in my class. 

“I wish I was…bigger,” I mumbled with a sigh. I was about to turn away and grab the phone charger when I felt a tingling on my head. I scratched my scalp in confusion and watched myself in the mirror only to notice that my hair was growing rapidly! I grabbed two handfuls of my softening locks as the strands began turning blonde before my very eyes. My hair quickly covered the back of my neck, coming to a rest on my shoulders. I looked ridiculous, and terrified.

“Uncle To- ACK!” I screamed as painful aches assaulted my body. I hunched over and squirmed as I felt myself beginning to grow. My bones stretched like clay as my muscles began to swell, filling in my new frame. I watched myself in the mirror as my hips burst outwards with a crack. With another grunt, my spine cracked inwards and gave me a feminie arch as two cute dimples formed just above my ass. I turned sideways to see my new posture, shocked by the height I had gained in a matter of seconds. I couldn’t help sticking my butt outwards, but much to my horror, I now had a perfect view of it as it began to swell.

“Oh, no no no…” I whimpered as my voice grew deep and sensual. I covered my mouth and watched in shock as my ass inflated into a supple peach shape, perfect for a man to grab hold of in bed. 

“What?!” I screamed at the thought. I was lost in confusion, but to my horror, some things were starting to become clear. I was becoming a woman. 

“Did you call me?” Tom yelled down the hall. I was about to cry for help when my swelling thighs began to crush my boyhood. I grabbed at my member in a panic, only to be met with a sudden surge of sensations coming from my groin. I felt my guts beginning to shift around just above my crotch, and with a sickening sound, I heard my dick beginning to slip inside me. I let out a feminine moan as my hardened shaft was caressed by two tight, fleshy lips. I’d never felt pleasure like this before. I had just started masturbating a year ago, but that couldn’t come close to how this felt. My dick slipped past my new sex, teasing my sensitive new clit as it morphed into my new female reproductive system. I felt my womb settle as my vagina grew moist. It felt like fireworks going off in my head, sending alien pleasures coursing through my veins. Though, with the pleasure came memories I didn’t want. I remembered just how much action this pussy had seen, how many men threw me around like a ragdoll and fucked me raw. I wanted to throw up, but at the same time, wanted someone to fill the void between my legs. My vision began to come back into focus and I stared at myself in the mirror, horrified by the sight. Sweat glistened off my soft skin as I panted and tried to regain control. I was a woman from the waist down.

“Tom! Help!” I screamed in a voice no longer my own. 

“I’ll be there in a sec, babe.”

Babe? I wasn’t his fucking babe! I was his nephew! I wanted to scream in terror, but as his voice echoed in my head, I began to feel more memories growing. I remembered meeting him at a bar and being impressed with his car. I remembered finding him funny and cute. I remembered the night we shared in bed…the way he caressed me…filled me…tweaked my nipples. I tried to think of the fact that Tom was my uncle, but these memories all felt so real. I began to think of him grabbing my breasts and teasing my nipples with his tongue. I felt a pressure building in my chest and stared at the mirror in horror. My nipples rapidly expanded as two mounds of flesh forced their way out of my chest. More orgasmic feelings coursed through my body as the weight on my chest continued to grow and jiggle with each exasperated breath. I cupped them with my feminie hands and felt every nerve ending beneath their skin light up. I had no idea girls felt this way, but I understood  why they moaned so much. I was doing it now, too. 

I heard Tom’s footsteps getting closer to the door. I wanted to turn and run from the mirror when my strained boy clothes suddenly began to morph into a grey sweater dress. The fabric tightened around my womanly contours, leaving me without any undergarments,  and I couldn’t help but admire how hot I’d become. I knew men would kill for me to be theirs. More intrusive thoughts flooded my head as my face began to shift and crack. My lips grew soft and pouty as my nose shrank. My eyes widened as my ears pierced themselves. I looked at my beautiful new visage, admiring the goddess that stood before me. My face looked like I was perpetually giving bedroom eyes. Finally, a gorgeous sleeve tattoo bubbled up beneath the skin on my left arm. I stared at it in shock, remembering the reasons behind getting every component of it. My life story was in that tattoo, and my male childhood seemed more and more like a distant dream. 

“Hey babe, what’s up?” Tom said as he entered the bedroom. 

“I…I need…” I struggled, trying to hold onto my old life, my friends, my parents. 

“Say no more,” he said with a smirk. I could see his massive erection through his pants. He grabbed my neck and plunged his fingers into my throbbing pussy, causing me to moan as more explosions of pleasure went off in my head. I couldn’t help it anymore. I wanted this. I needed this. I was his babe. 

“Oh fuck!” I screamed, giving in to my new life. I reached behind me and pulled him closer, moaning as I felt his breath down my neck. I pulled my dress up to give him a better view. I felt his cock throbbing at the sight. I screamed and came, my body quivering in pleasure as my old life receded into the depths of my new mind. 

“Damn, Michelle! I knew you were dirty, but this is…so fucking hot!”

I turned around and smiled at my man. 

“Let’s just say I’m feeling reinvigorated, honey. Now, take off your pants and get on the bed. It’s my turn to show you a good time.”  

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  1. Could you do a gradual change instead of an “all-at-once” change. Make a good story and would be something different.

  2. Okay, this comment is just to make sure I didn’t leave anything out or the comment wasn’t posted, but I wish to see a gradual change story, with gradual mind swap. I also wish to see a bunny girl tf, with no naked pictures, but a drawing of one instead. Hope to see more great content in the future though.

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