Livestream (TG/AP)

Jake was young, just about to enter the 5th grade, but he already had aspirations of becoming a famous streamer. His older brother, Mark, was a high school junior currently in the midst of puberty. The only streamers he was interested in were camgirls who made a living by stripping for their fanbases. Jake had recently downloaded an app that promised to get him thousands of followers within a few days, while Mark had just heard of a website promoting up and coming camgirls. Little did the brothers know that their desires were about to cross in an unfathomable way.

It was Friday and both boys rushed up to their rooms. Jake set his phone on his desk and booted up the new app, while Mark anxiously visited FreshNewGirls.xx on his laptop. Jake saw his selfie camera turn on while Mark clicked on the “New Arrivals” tab of the site. Mark saw the profile for a new user named “violet_vixen” and immediately clicked on it, only to be shocked when a livestream of his brother appeared on his screen. The chat was full of people excitedly typing away, talking about how they could wait to see the new girl. Mark watched in confusion as the countdown timer ticked down. The ticker read: GOING LIVE IN 3….2…..1….

Mark watched his brother suddenly hunch over in pain. He could hear his little brother grunt in pain across the hall as he saw his boyish body beginning to grow. His shoulders widened as his spine cracked, making Jake taller by the second. His growing body rapidly tore his childish clothes to shreds, revealing soft, smooth skin beneath. Jake looked at his hands in terror as his digits elongated and his nails were covered in black nail polish. Mark winced as he heard his brother’s cracking skeleton through the walls, but was so entranced by what was happening that he couldn’t take his eyes off the screen.

“Someone…help…” Jake pleaded to no avail. 

“I love it when they start crying for help,” one commentor posted. 

“God, I know. The young ones never know what’s happening,” another replied.

Jake began to whimper as his voice grew more alluring by the second. His heavy breathing was turning his new audience on. Every breath he took hardened his new core until he had a tight, flat stomach that any girl would be jealous of. 

“Please turn around,” another commenter wrote. “I wanna see dat ass!”

The changing boy turned, almost on command, and gave his audience a perfect view of his swelling butt. He gripped his supple new behind in confusion as his butt cheeks welled up into a perfect peach shape. Lots of emojis began to flood the chat, much to Mark’s shock. He was disgusted with himself, but unable to fight his teenage hormones and quickly found himself growing aroused by his little brother’s transformation. More sensual moans escaped Jake’s mouth against his will, winding up his captive audience even more.

“Oh fuck, this is so hot,” said another viewer. Jake instinctively swayed his widening hips as he turned to face the camera again. Before he could plead anymore, he grabbed at his boy parts as a warmth began to build between his legs. Mark watched in astonishment as his brother’s genitals began to recede into his body, quickly being swallowed up by two tight, fleshy lips. Jake moaned in confused pleasure as his new sex took hold, pumping his body full of estrogen as his new pussy lips settled between his legs. He ran a feminine finger between his moistening clit and gasped at the sensations it was sending to his brain. A small tuft of pubic hair appeared just above his folds, signifying that he had just gone through female puberty. 

Jake’s hands traveled up from his legs to his nipples as they began to grow itchy. He tweaked them as they began to protrude, growing larger and more sensitive by the second.

“I love this part. I wonder how big she’ll be,” wrote a commenter excitedly. Mark watched in arousal and disgust as his brother’s chest began to expand. Soft, supple breasts filled his hands as he massaged his swelling chest. His viewer count was growing almost as quickly as his new breasts. Jake finally let out an exhausted groan as his chest stopped growing, leaving him with an alien weight hanging off his chest. His spine suddenly cracked again, giving him a feminine arch and pushing his new assets right into the center of the frame. He groped his new apendages, enamored by the feelings they were sending through his body. 

“God, I can’t wait until she starts streaming regularly.”

Mark watched helplessly as his little brother’s face began to shift and crack. His hair grew down his neck as it swept itself to the side while two silver earrings painfully pierced his earlobes. Tears began to run down Jake’s maturing face, but he couldn’t pull his hands away from his new boobs. Terror and pleasure began to mix in his mind as makeup caked itself around his eyes and lips. He suddenly let out a sensual scream as he felt the skin on his breasts beginning to tickle. He looked down in shock as two tattoos appeared on his right breast. Mark watched as his brother’s room began to change. Girly clothes appeared along the walls as his legos transformed into tasteful lamps and makeup mirrors.His bedsheets turned from Avengers branded sheets to generic flower sheets. Jake’s tattered clothes slithered up his body, caressing his new womanly curves as they reformed into a psychedelic dress. 

“Almost done,” said another comment. 

“M…Mark…hel- OOOHHHH!” Jake moaned as new memories began to fill his head. His eyes crossed as he stuck his tongue out, reveling in the memories of sexual conquest that had forced their way into the young boy’s mind. He remembered his first time masturbating with their mother’s vibrator. He remembered the first boy he seduced in school. He remembered all the love notes boys would leave in his locker between class, and all the unsolicited dick pics he would get in the middle of the night. Finally, he…she remembered starting her career as a camgirl and making bank off teasing lonely men over the internet. Jake screamed in pleasure as he orgasmed again and again, taking in all the pleasure of his new life at once. Each orgasm pushed the name “Jake” further away, and pulled the name “Jessica” closer to the center of her mind. The once young boy finally gave in and embraced his…her new life as a rising camgirl, staring at directly at the camera and shaking her bare breasts tantalizingly for her captive audience. 

“Hey boys,” she said alluringly. “Thanks for tuning in today! I’ve got a fun weekend planned…and a new outfit to show my subscribers!”

Mark slammed his laptop shut in shock, wondering why he stood by and let this all happen. He stood up and rushed to his little brother’s room, swinging open the door only to find his older sister in the middle of dressing up for her nightly stream.

“Get the fuck out of my room, you little twerp!” Jessica screamed, furious at her little brother for fucking up her show. Mark closed the door and sank to the ground in defeat as his new reality set in. His older sister was such a slutty bitch.  

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  1. Love this one!!! Hoping we get to see more camgirls and their debuts in the future? Or maybe some of them need some partners?

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