Office Bitch (TG/AP)

Tim was dreading the day ahead. Classes had been cancelled, and since his mom didn’t have time to hire a babysitter, she was bringing him into her office for the day. He hated spending time at his mom’s office given that there was nothing for a young boy to do. His mother, Karen, didn’t like the idea much either since it made it harder for her to focus on work, but she had no other options. To make matters worse, she was supposed to be getting things ready for a new office manager transferring in from corporate.

Tim sat in his mother’s office, playing on his phone and hoping that the battery would last him the rest of the day. His mother slaved away at her computer, typing and sipping coffee in almost perfect rhythm. Noon finally came and she prepared to go to lunch with her coworkers. 

“Okay honey, I’m gonna go grab some food with my friends. Stay here, and please don’t touch anything. I’ll bring a meal back for you too.”

Tim simply nodded and went back to his phone. His mother’s friends came into the office to say hello before going to get food, and Tim overheard them gossiping about the new office manager they’d be getting.

“Yeah, I hope it’s not true, but I heard she’s a total bitch,” one of the women said.

“Sounds like a control freak,” he heard his mom mumble as she walked out the door. Knowing that he wasn’t going to be doing anything for the rest of the day, Tim decided he needed to charge his phone. He walked over to his mom’s desk and began rummaging through her drawers to find a phone charger when he came across a newly printed name badge. He picked it up and read it aloud:

“Tessa Smith: Office Manager”

Suddenly, the badge slipped out of his hands and wrapped itself around his neck. Before he could even react, he fell to the ground as his whole body began to pulse. He gasped in shock as he felt himself beginning to grow. Painful cracks and pops echoed in his mom’s office as his skeleton rapidly matured, pushing his limbs outwards and throwing him completely off balance. He struggled to remain on all fours as his body rapidly aged, but as his hips widened with another loud crack, it was obvious that he wasn’t exactly growing into a man. His hands and feet spasmed as his digits grew long and dainty, and to his horror, his nails also became perfectly manicured. His growing body tore his boyish clothes to shreds, leaving him naked and panting on the ground as the changes worked their way up his legs.

He felt muscle and fat building in his legs as a tingling sensation ran up from his feminine new feet. His calves hardened as his thighs began to thicken, swelling up from years of exercise. He kneeled and grabbed at his boyhood as his legs began to crush it. He began to moan as he felt his ass beginning to grow as well. He flexed his growing glute muscles and felt the fatty flesh growing and jiggling behind him. He turned and was shocked to see that he now had the soft, supple  ass of a movie star. His attention quickly returned to his groin as he felt it beginning to retract into his body. He wanted to scream as he saw two fleshy lips beginning to swallow up his boy parts, but instead let out a deep, sensual moan as his sex trasnformed. Alien pleasures quickly flooded his mind as his new clit continued to form, his boy parts slipping inwards and transforming into a mature female reproductive system. He felt a dampness growing between the folds and poked the opening between his legs, only to be wracked with more pleasure as his manicured nails teased the edges of his new pussy. 

His breathing intensified as his abs hardened into a perfect six pack. He ran his hands up from his crotch to feel every crevice of his hardening body. He was still horrified by what was happening to him, but it all felt so good. His eyes darted to the family photo his mother had on his desk and he suddenly began to panic. In a brief moment of clarity, he wanted to call for help, but before he could reach his phone, he thrust his chest outwards and began to moan again. His voice was no longer his own; it was alluring, commanding, feminine, and mature. He instinctively grabbed his chest as his nipples began to widen. He watched in terror as flesh began to fill up his hands. Two massive breasts sprouted from his chest against his will, sending more unknown pleasure coursing through the young boy’s mind. He groped and massaged them, continuing to moan while hating himself for it. They were so soft and bouncy, and even bigger than his own mother’s.

“Mom!” he screamed in his new voice. “Maybe she knows why this is happening to m- OOHHH!”

He moaned as the results of an exhausting fitness regiment ingrained themselves into his new body. He flexed his arms as they grew toned, marveling at how strong he felt. His joints felt like jello from years of yoga, and he suddenly knew just how flexible he was. His husband loved the gymnastics in bed.

“Husband?!” he mumbled, terrified. Waves of new memories began to embed themselves into his brain as his hair tumbled down into his eyeline. He remembered hiring a personal trainer to get this body in shape. He remembered marrying the CEO of a massive company. He remembered sleeping his…her way through college and getting a 4.0 GPA. 

“NO!” he screamed, grabbing his head and desperately clinging on to his childhood. He tried to think of his favorite video games, but could only think of new workout videos he’d bookmarked. He tried to remember his friends, but could only think of douchey frat boys he’d slept with for their connections. He tried to think of his mother, Karen, but could only remember that Karen was her new subordinate that was supposed to be showing her around the new office. 

“Mommy…I…” his eyes rolled into the back of his head as memories of sex flooded in. He…she knew all the moves his…her husband loved, and she had the body to do them all. Tim’s tattered clothes began to swirl around him, morphing into a revealing and confident office outfit. She loved this look since it put all the other women in the office in their place, and left all the men in the office drooling. Her face shifted and cracked as makeup applied itself. Tim tried one last time to think of his own name, but as the name Tim morphed into Tessa in his own mind, so did he. 

The new woman stood up and flexed, invigorated by the yoga session she thought she’d just completed. She grabbed a report off the desk and looked it over, ready to tear into her new employees. She noticed her phone on the ground and wondered why it had some childish mobile game running. She didn’t remember even downloading that app. Oh well, she thought.

Karen came back from lunch with a boxed meal for her son, though she dropped it in shock after opening her office door and seeing her new boss leaning against her desk. 

“OH! Mrs. Smith! I…I had no idea you were already here,” she mumbled nervously. Tessa looked over the scared, homely woman and smirked.

“Don’t worry, Karen. Just don’t let me catch you off guard again. I’ve been looking at these recent numbers and I really don’t like what I’m seeing…”

Karen stayed silent, embarrassingly looking over the gorgeous women before her. Her skin was glistening and her body was perfect. She had no idea how she was going to deal with this woman being her boss.

“S- sorry, Mrs. Smith. I’ll get right on that. Um…weird question, but have you seen my son?”

Tessa laughed. “No, I haven’t, but if I do, it better be on a weekend. No children allowed in the office. Not anymore.”