Healthcare (TG/AP)

Kyle sat patiently in the hospital waiting room with his mother. His father had gotten into an unfortunate car accident and was currently undergoing treatment. He was alive, thankfully, but pumped full of morphine for the pain. When the doctors finally let Kyle visit his father, he was slipping in and out of consciousness thanks to the painkillers. Kyle hugged his father, happy that the man was going to be okay, but was taken aback when he heard him mumbling under his breath.

“You…you’re not the cute nurse…bring the cute one back here…” he trailed off as he slipped back into a morphine induced sleep. Kyle heard his mother scoff at the comments, but she knew it was just the drugs talking. The pair were escorted out of the room as doctors began to run more tests, much to Kyle’s dismay. Once the doctors had left again, the young boy snuck back into the room with his sleeping father while his mother spoke with the doctors. He quietly closed the curtains around his father’s hospital bed and stared at all the hanging bags his dad was hooked up to. He noticed a pair of white medical gloves sitting on the table next to the bed and was immediately drawn to them. He began to slip them on, just like a real doctor, but as the latex snapped to his skin, he suddenly felt a strange tingling sensation begin to crawl across his skin. At first he thought it was an allergic reaction or something, but upon closer inspection he noticed that his skin had grown worryingly smooth and soft. 

“Ah…you’re back…” his father groaned, drifting in and out of sleep. Kyle was confused by his dad’s comments, but couldn’t spend too much time dwelling on those words once he doubled over in pain. He wrapped his arms around himself and fell to his knees as his body began to grow, longer and wider in all the wrong spots. His bones cracked painfully as his skeleton rapidly matured, stretching his limbs while his frame grew curvy and feminine. He winced with every pop of his joints, his hands and feet growing long and dainty. His widening hips threw him off balance as his spine curved inward, forcing him into a submissive, vulnerable pose as he struggled to remain upright. His boyish clothes began to tear, revealing his soft new complexion as his body grew increasingly curvy. 

He watched in confusion as his thighs began to thicken, putting pressure on his boyhood as fat began to well up in his ass. His boxers tore open as his new butt continued to expand, finally settling into a supple peach shape. He felt a void growing in his abdomen just above his groin. He had no idea that a womb was growing within him as his internal organs shifted to make room for what was about to become a mature female reproductive system. He began to sweat as he felt a pulling on his boy parts, and with a sudden jolt, he let out an alluring moan as his member inverted itself, leaving behind a damp, sensitive new clit. He instinctively touched the alien flesh between his legs and recoiled at the sensations that ran through his body. He had no idea why it felt so good, but he wanted to stop whatever was happening to him. He was about to cry for help when he suddenly let out another sensual moan. 

He stared at his chest as a pulsing sensation began to build behind his growing nipples. His breathing sped up as two mounds of flesh began to force their way out of his chest, jiggling more and more with each passing second. His torn shirt did little to hide his new breasts, and he cooed as his new nipples hardened against the cool hospital air. He cupped his new chest and couldn’t help letting out another sensual moan. This all felt so good, but as he looked at his father, he began to cry in confusion. He didn’t know why any of this was happening to him. He just wanted to make sure his dad was okay.

Kyle’s father opened his eyes again and was immediately greeted with the sight of his son transforming into his literal dream nurse. She had his son’s face,and his son’s torn clothes, but the body of a goddess, and she wouldn’t stop writhing in pleasure as she groped herself on the ground in front of him. He thought they had given him too many drugs.

“Ky- Kyle? Is that you?” he stammered. Kyle looked at his father in desperation as his hair began to tumble down past his shoulders. 

“Dad? Help! I don’t kno- AH!” he screamed as his skull began to crack. His face grew older, softer, and impossibly alluring. His softening lips parted while his eyes widened and he let out another moan. He felt new memories coursing through his mind as makeup began to apply itself to his new visage. His tattered clothes began to morph into a silky white nurse uniform as lingerie caressed his new private parts. He let out labored breaths as he struggled against the overwhelming pleasure coursing through his veins. He remembered growing up as an ambitious girl who always wanted to go into medicine, but who was also a bit of a nymphomaniac. He…she remembered going to medical school and acing every class…by fucking every professor she ever had. Kyle…Kylie knew she had the body of a goddess and the brains of a scientist, and never passed up an opportunity to use both. With a final exasperated sigh, the new woman accepted her new life and gave the man in the hospital bed an alluring look. 

Kyle’s father watched in arousal and confusion as the woman he thought was his son began to climb onto his hospital bed. He grew hard almost as soon as he felt the warm touch of her soft thighs. She winked at him and held a finger up to her mouth, telling him to keep quiet. 

“Hey big boy. Glad you’re awake for this. I’ve only got time for a quickie before I continue my rounds, but the drugs are gonna make this the best experience you’ll ever have.”