What Happens in Vegas (TG/AP)

David and his little brother, Mike, were trying to figure out how to kill time in Las Vegas while their parents hit the casinos. They would’ve gone with, but neither of the boys were old enough to gamble. David, having just turned 16, decided to go hangout at the hotel pool and oogle all the college girls on vacation. Mike, being only 10, didn’t have much of a choice other than to tag along with his brother. The pair put on their swimsuits and took the elevator down to the pool. David grinned as they walked out of the building and were immediately greeted with a swath of girls in bikinis, drinking and dancing in rhythm to the DJ’s pounding music. David, being the overconfident teenager he was, wasted no time in trying to blend in with the party, leaving his younger brother to sulk around the edges of the pool on his own. Mike noticed that all the girls had drinks in their hands and figured that if he brought whatever they were drinking to David, he’d be impressed and think more highly of his little brother. It didn’t take long for Mike to spot a bottle of champagne in an unoccupied gazebo by the pool. He jogged over and grabbed it, believing this was his ticket to getting his older brother to hang out with him. He knew his parents drank out of bottles like this and always wondered why it made them so happy, so out of curiosity, the young boy poured himself a glass and took a sip.

He grimaced as he swallowed the liquid, finding the taste bitter. He smacked his tongue as the bubbly feeling lingered in his mouth, but to his surprise, the tingling feeling began to spread across his entire body. He put the drink down in a panic as the feeling grew more intense and recoiled at the sight of his growing fingernails. He fell backwards onto the lounge chair as his whole body began to ache. He twisted and contorted, moaning in pain as his body rapidly began to grow. The pops and cracks of his growing frame were drowned out by the party, but he winced at every skeletal shift he felt beneath his softening skin. He wiggled his hips as they expanded with a crack, tearing his tiny swimsuit at the seams. He flailed his lengthening arms and kicked his growing legs in a panic, struggling to comprehend what was happening to him. He began to cry as he felt his vocal chords beginning to tighten, but was able to let out a piercing scream for his brother before his voice changed forever.


Upon hearing his little brother call out, David quickly left the party and ran over to where he thought the call came from. He entered the gazebo and was horrified to see his little brother writhing as his body continued to transform. 

“Mike?! What’s happening?”

“I don’t, AH- I don’t know!” Mike cried, his voice cracking and growing more sultry with each syllable. “I just wanted to try a grown-up drin- OOOHHHH!”

David watched in confusion as his little brother began to moan. His thrashing legs began to thicken as his ass began to expand, growing into a supple peach shape as the jiggling flesh began to show through his tattered swimsuit. Mike’s moans grew more alluring as he felt a warmth growing just above his crotch. He pulled his legs together and rolled onto his side, grabbing at his crotch and whimpering as his genitalia began to invert itself. He felt his member retract between a pair of fleshy lips between his legs, moving upwards into his body and settling into its new female position. He rubbed the tip of his new clit and instinctively flexed his new pelvic muscles, moaning at the sensitivity of his new sex as his aging body was wracked with orgasmic pleasure. 

“B- bro…are you okay?” David asked hesitantly, disgusted with how his little brother’s transformation was making him feel. Mike sat up, panting, and looked his older brother in the eye.

“I…I don’t know. It feels so…wrong, but so…good…” he said alluringly. Suddenly, he let out another moan and thrust his chest outwards. David looked at his brother’s heaving chest, terrified of what was about to happen. He watched reluctantly as fat began to well up behind Mike’s exposed nipples, pushing them outwards and causing them to grow wide and pink. David had always dreamed of seeing such a perfect pair of breasts in person, but not like this. Mike continued to moan as his growing boobs jiggled in sync with his heavy breathing. He cupped them in confusion, wondering when they would stop growing, but enamored with the sensations they were sending through his body. His new chest finally stopped growing just as his breasts overfilled his feminine hands. The boys both looked on in awe. They were even bigger than their mother’s! 

“Holy shit…” David stammered. He wanted to touch them, but knew that, disturbingly, they belonged to his little brother. David looked at Mike’s boyish face atop the body of a beautiful woman and wondered what else would happen. Suddenly, he noticed Mike’s hair beginning to grow. Mike reached up and grabbed his head in a panic as flowing golden hair grew down past his neck. David watched helplessly as his little brother’s face shifted and cracked, morphing into that of a 20 year old goddess. His features softened as makeup perfectly applied itself to his beautiful new visage. His new hair tied itself into a bun as a souvenir flower materialized atop his head.

“Bro, I feel- ah! No!” Mike cried for help as he felt new memories burrowing into his mind. His eyes widened in terror as he struggled to remember his old life. His tattered swimsuit crawled across his body, becoming a revealing blue bikini that tickled his sensitive body as it went. David looked on as his little brother’s eyes took on a gorgeous turquoise color, unaware that Mike was struggling to remember his own name. Estrogen flooded his mind as he remembered puberty and all the bodily changes it brought. He remembered all the boys in school chasing after him, but he was never a big fan of “fooling around” and only wanted real relationships. He remembered growing up an only child, excelling in high school, and getting a full-ride scholarship to his…her dream college. He…no, she had a boyfriend who had come with her on this Vegas vacation, but he left the gazebo to go grab the couple some towels. She also had all of her sorority sisters partying over by the DJ. She loved her friends and enjoyed partying, but she just wanted to spend this vacation relaxing with her boyfriend. She looked at the cute teenage boy in front of her and struggled to remember who he was. He was growing less familiar by the second. Davi…Dav…who was this kid?

“Mike? Are you…are you okay?” David asked the new woman in front of him.

“Um, I’m Mikela. Do I know you? Who’s Mike?” She said calmly, wondering if the boy was lost. “Who are you?”

David wanted to cry. Why did any of this happen? What was he going to tell his parents?! Meanwhile, Mikela spotted her boyfriend walking towards her from across the pool. She smiled and began to pour more champagne for herself and her sweetie. She noticed the kid still looking at her and blushed. She thought he was just an excited teenager ogling her admittedly attractive body. She smiled at him and winked, giving him one last look at her body before kicking him out of her gazebo.

“Sorry kid. I don’t know who ‘Mike’ is, but he’s not here. Now, if you don’t mind, my boyfriend is about to get back and we reserved this private gazebo for a reason. Besides, there are plenty of other girls to look at in Vegas!”