The Thin Blue Line (Tg/AP)

“Daddy?! What- ahhhh! What’s happening to me?!”

David could only stare in horror as his son, Michael, morphed painfully before his eyes. The father and son were just playing “cops & robbers” around the house when Michael began to complain about feeling weird. David had purchased a fake police badge for his son while he was on a business trip, and the young boy couldn’t have been more excited to clip it onto his belt. Little did he know that the fake badge he bought was planted by a business rival in order to bust David for money laundering on the side. The cursed item would ensure that a detective showed up, but how exactly was unclear. Unfortunately for David, he was about to find out firsthand.

He watched in shock and confusion as his son suddenly hunched over in pain, crying out as his bones began to shift and crack. The young boy’s body stretched and grew until he was nearly the size of his father, albeit much skinnier. His boyish clothes were tearing at the seams as he grew, revealing a soft, olive complexion that was completely free of any body hair. The boy stood up and looked over his gangly new proportions in disgust, confused by what was happening to him. He looked at his dad in desperation, but before he could say anything, his hips burst outwards with another loud crack. He staggered as his stance was forcefully changed, and much to David’s dismay, he couldn’t help but notice the alluring sway of his changing son’s new child-bearing figure. Michael screamed again as his spine cracked inwards, giving him a feminine arch as two dimples formed just above his swelling ass. 

The boy began to groan as he felt different parts of his body beginning to inflate. David watched helplessly as his son’s ass began to grow into a supple peach shape that any woman would kill for. His attention was soon drawn to Michael’s chest as the boy began to massage his nipples.

“Daddy, this feels wrong…oooooohhhhHHHH!” The boy moaned sensually as his voice began to mature. His hands began to massage his pecs faster, sending alien pleasures coursing through the boys brain as his nipples grew. Fat began to well up behind his chest, and soon David was watching Michael grope his new breasts. The boy’s breathing grew heavier and more feminie by the second, and David could see the sweat dripping of Michael’s transforming body. Michael’s sizeable boobs easily tore through the boy’s tattered clothes, and to David’s horror, he was reluctantly getting turned on by the increasingly sexual display before him. 

“M- Michael? Everything is gonna be fine…okay? We’ll figure out…oh god,” David tried to calm his son, but trailed off as he saw the boy reach for his crotch and begin to squirm. Michael wiggled his thickening legs as he felt something happening just behind his boy parts. He felt an emptiness growing in his abdomen as his organs shifted around, making room for his new womb. There was a tingling growing inside him, and it was growing more pleasurable by the second. He felt like he had to touch whatever was growing inside him, but his boy parts were in the way. With a sudden, explosive shudder, he felt his member flower in on itself and settle upwards between his legs, leaving him with a pair of fleshy lips and an unbearably sensitive clit between his legs. The young boy hadn’t even hit puberty yet, but it was about to hit him like a freight train. David wanted to look away as Michael reluctantly fingered his new sex and moaned in a mature, alluring voice. The stench of sex filled the room as Michael came over and over again, a lifetime of sexual experience hitting the young boy at once.

“I- oooh, can’t- aaahhh, sto- OOOOOOPPP!” The boy screamed, trying to fight his overwhelming urges. “P- please, daddy, help meEEEE!” The boy howled in an intensifying latino accent as his new body was wracked with ecstasy. He was so overwhelmed, he barely noticed the new memories growing in his head. 

“Just calm down, okay, Mikey?” David said in a panic. He didn’t know why any of this was happening. He wanted to hide the boner pressing up against the inside of his khakis, but couldn’t. He was utterly disgusted with himself for getting turned on by this, but Michael was turning into one of the most beautiful creatures he’d ever seen. 

“Who is…am I…Mikey?” The boy said, finally removing his fingers from his dripping vagina to clutch his head. David watched helplessly as his son’s face grew older and feminie. Michael wanted to scream as foreign thoughts and memories began to merge with his own. His hair grew longer with each passing second as his new personality began to form inside his mind. He remembered years of police academy training, and years of working the streets until she…he got a promotion to detective. He remembered going to college for criminal justice. He remembered meeting his…her husband on the campus. She remembered high school and puberty…and all the boys who tried to win her over. She remembered beating up anyone who crossed her path. She remembered her “first time” behind the football field bleachers with the star football player. She…

“No! That’s not me! I’m a boy! I’m just a kid! I just wanted to play cops and robbers…” Michael began to whimper as tears rolled down his face, struggling to remember his old life. New clothes began to materialize around Michael’s mature new body, and to David’s horror, his son now looked like a real, and incredibly hot, detective. 

“Daddy, I…” Michael made eye contact with his father in a desperate final cry for help. David looked at his son, helpless and confused, as he watched Michael’s eyes change to a deep brown color. 

“I’m Detective Monica Sanchez, and you’re under arrest!” The new woman stood up powerfully and screamed at David with surprising authority. She put her hands on her hips and flashed the badge on her waist, which now had her name and officer number. 

“Michael, are you okay?!” David pleaded with the detective. He wanted to hug his son, or at least what used to be his son. He knew there had to be a way to get his son back.  She wasn’t having it. 

“Sir!” She yelled, drawing the gun that appeared on her waist, “get on the ground now! Put your hands behind your head and do not resist!”

“Okay! Don’t shoot!” David did as he was told by the commanding new woman standing before him. He whimpered as she knelt on his back and cuffed him, wondering if this was still his son. “Michael…I’m sorry…” he whispered into the ground. Detective Sanchez looked at the man in confusion, wondering just how crazy this guy was. Oh well, she was satisfied with another successful bust. She couldn’t wait to see what the department and her fellow officers had in store for her once she showed up with one of the biggest money launderers in the city.

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