Mary Christmas (TG/AP)

Matthew had been feeling a bit depressed throughout the holiday season. This was going to be the first Christmas he’d be spending without his mom. She walked out on his father for reasons unknown to young Matthew, but he knew their marriage hadn’t ended amicably. His father seemed even more depressed, moping around and drinking for months. All the young boy wanted for Christmas was for his father to be happy again. In fact, that’s the only thing he asked for in his letter to Santa. Little did the boy know that Santa was prepared to give him exactly what he asked for, whether Matthew wanted it or not. 

It was Christmas Eve and Matthew’s father had already drank himself to sleep. Matthew was about to turn in for the night as well when he remembered that he needed to set some cookies out for Santa. He didn’t know how to bake, and since his mother had left, all he had to give were some Chips Ahoy in the pantry. He hated how empty the house felt since his mother had left. The young boy poured some milk and place some cookies on a plate in the kitchen. He set the treat on the counter and was about to run back to his bedroom when the clock struck midnight. He turned around and saw a small present waiting on the kitchen table, as if it had materialized out of thin air. There was a note on top that simply read:

“Dear Matthew,

Your dad is about to become the happiest man on the planet. 

Merry Christmas,


The boy wasted no time in opening the box, ecstatic that Santa had gotten his letter. His excitement quickly turned to confusion as he saw what was inside his present: a massive red bra and panties. He picked up the undergarments and stared at them, perplexed by the gift. He thought that maybe Santa had got it wrong? Suddenly, he felt the clothes twitch in his hands and dropped them on the floor. The garments began to slither towards him, quickly beginning to crawl up his legs. The young boy began to panic as he tried to kick the underwear away from him, but to no avail. He suddenly felt a wave of nausea come over him as his body rapidly began to grow. He looked at the ground as he sprouted in height, growing inches by the second. He winced as his body stretched and morphed, his skin growing soft while his bones cracked and popped. His growing body quickly became too big for his childish pajamas, and as the threads split and tore, his boyish clothing began to vanish into thin air. 

He watched in terror as the panties crawled up his legs, changing them as they went. His feet cracked as he flexed his new toes, struggling to maintain balance during his transformation. His calves grew toned as the red undergarments slithered over them. He whimpered as the panties reached his thighs, filling them with supple muscle as they went. He moaned in a maturing voice as he felt his hips pop outwards with a loud crack. The panties stretched over his shapely new hips and settled between his rapidly inflating butt cheeks. The alien new weight jiggling off his behind almost distracted him from the tingling building between his crotch and his anus. 

 His voice continued to grow older and more alluring as he felt the panties tightening around his crotch. He tried to hold in more feminine moans as his organs began to shift beneath his skin. He felt an emptiness beginning to grow between his legs as a mature female reproductive system settled into place. He squealed in confusion and pleasure as his boyhood inverted itself, leaving an alien opening between his legs as his new sex began to pump estrogen through his changing body. He rubbed a feminine finger against his damp new clit and moaned, surprised by how sensitive his new folds were. He was still terrified by what was happening to him, but the alien sensations coursing through his body were almost enough to make him forget. 

However, before he could continue exploring his new sex, he grunted and hunched over in pain as his spine popped and cracked, extending and curving inwards. His breathing began to grow heavy and sensual as his abs began to harden beneath his aging skin. The red bra suddenly flew towards him and latched itself around his chest. He feverishly tried to tear it off, but as he pulled on the garment, he felt a tugging coming from his chest. He screamed and braced himself against the counter as he was assaulted by alien sensations emanating from his nipples.His areola began to grow larger and darker as fat began to well up behind them. He moaned again as two massive breasts sprouted from his chest and filled out the sizeable bra. He continued to whine as his new breasts jiggled in sync with his breathing. His new chest felt so good, but so wrong. 

He had never experienced an orgasm before, but his changing body was giving him feelings that felt better than any orgasm ever could. He wanted to fight whatever was happening to him, but as he continued to age, he couldn’t help but give in a little bit to the rapture that was wracking his body. Pulses of pleasure shot through his body, causing him to moan and roll his eyes back in ecstasy as his head began to change. He felt a tickling on his neck and back as his hair grew long and silky, taking on a bleach blonde shade that his father loved to see on women. He winced as his skull shifted and cracked, aging his boyish face into it’s late 30s as his nose and lips grew soft and seductive. His eyes took on a smoky, alluring look as makeup materialized on his feminine visage. Finally, he felt a short, stabbing pain as his ears were pierced by two massive diamond earings.

Finally, the sensations began to wind down. He looked over himself in horror, trying to think of how he would explain this to his husband.

“Husband?!” he screamed in a horrified new voice. He felt a tingling in his hand as a wedding ring suddenly materialized around his ring finger. Something suddenly clicked in the boy and it all began to make a twisted sort of sense. He wanted to scream as alien memories began to pour into his head. He remembered meeting his husband…no, father through a blind date at a downtown restaurant. He…she bought this lingerie set to surprise him for Christmas. She remembered all the gifts her husband had purchased her since they met as a diamond bracelet formed around her wrist. Memories of being a young boy began to fade away, replaced with memories of getting fucked senseless by countless guys. That is, until she found her husband. She loved her husband, and she knew he loved her. She would do anything to make him happy. As memories of her sexual encounters came flooding back, Matthew gave in and embraced his new life. She was Mary Douglas, married, 39 years old, and about to give her husband the best Christmas gift ever. She heard her lover walking towards the kitchen to investigate all the moaning and stuck a pose in her new lingerie. 

“Hey babe,” she said seductively as her husband looked at her in awe. “I know we’re not supposed to open our presents until morning, but I couldn’t wait. Now come here, it’s time I wished you a proper Merry Christmas!”

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