An Unwanted Pregnancy (TG/AP/Pregnant)

“Mikey!” a woman called in a motherly voice. “Mikey, come inside soon. Dinner is almost ready!”

Mike was laying out in the backyard staring up at the stars when he heard his mother call. He ignored his mothers calls and continued to stare into the void of space, thinking about how his life was soon to change forever. Mike had been an only child for 11 years now, but a few months ago he noticed his mother’s belly beginning to grow. When he asked about it, she told him about the child growing inside her. Mike wanted to know more about pregnancy considering how drastically it was changing his mother’s body, but his mother told him that he was far too young to understand.

As he stood up to go inside, he noticed a shooting star tear across the sky. Mike looked over at his pregnant mother standing on the porch before turning his gaze back to the sky and wishing he knew more about pregnancy. The trail of the shooting star faded into the night sky as Mike was struck with a sudden dizziness. He tried to walk back into his house, but with each step he noticed that reality was beginning to warp around him. Walls materialized out of nowhere as the grass beneath him was replaced with a carpet floor. He looked around at his new surroundings and quickly realized he was in his parents’ bedroom.

Without warning, he hunched over and grunted as his spine began to elongate. He heard his bones snap and pop as he grew nearly a foot taller. He watched in terror as his arms grew long and slender while his hands grew manicured and mature. He looked down at his adult torso as his legs began to grow longer, pushing him another inch towards the ceiling. His changing body tore his childish clothes to shreds, though the tattered clothing quickly dissolved into wisps of smoke. He looked over his rapidly maturing body and began to feel a sense of familiarity as he watched the changes. Another jolt of terror ran through him as he watched his nipples grow larger. He carefully touched one with a feminine hand and was taken aback by the sensations that coursed through his body.

He tried to hold in a moan as the sensations grew more intense, but quietly whimpered in pleasure as two breasts began to expand from his chest. He continued to moan as the mounds of flesh grew larger and swelled with milk, only to notice that his voice was beginning to sound more and more like his mother’s. He reached a hand up to his head as he realized what was happening and why. He looked at the ceiling and yelled “I don’t want this!” in his mother’s voice. As he tilted his head back, he felt a tickling sensation run down his back as his hair grew long, black, and silky. He grabbed at his face as it shifted and cracked, becoming a perfect replica of his mothers. As his girly fingers traced his new facial features, he began to sweat in panic. “No, no, no, no, -OH!” he gasped.

Another jolt of pleasure came from between his legs. He moaned in ecstasy as his knees nearly buckled. He reached down for his member only to be met with a rapidly forming clit. He rubbed the area between his legs as sensitive folds grew between his fingers. He felt his insides churn as a fertile womb and ovaries formed in his abdomen. His new clit grew damp as he continued to rub it, and as he moved closer and closer to his first orgasm he could feel a layer of pubic hairs begin to grow around his new sex.

He rubbed his new clit vigorously, panting and sweating as he lost himself in pleasure. However, just as he was about to climax, he felt a strong, masculine hand pull his arm away from his pussy. He looked up in shock to see his father standing there before him, completely naked. Suddenly regaining some composure, he tried to call out to his father, but he was so out of breath that he could only breathe heavily as he and his father locked eyes. Without warning, his father overpowered him and thrust his rock-hard cock into his throbbing clit. Mike tried to fight, but the feeling of his new sex being filled was utterly intoxicating. With each thrust, Mike felt something grow inside his womb.

Thrust. Mike watched his belly grow slightly bigger. Thrust. Mike’s memories began to grow foggy. Thrust. Mike had wanted to know more about pregnancy…no, he wanted to be pregnant. Thrust. Mike wasn’t her name, was it? Thrust. Mike was the name of her firstborn son. Thrust. Her name was Marlene. Thrust. She was eight months pregnant. Thrust. She had given birth before, but obviously loved the baby making process more than the baby delivering process. Thrust. She loved the feeling of her husband’s cock being buried into her pussy. Thrust. She was about to cum. Thrust.

In an explosion of pleasure, Marlene screamed as she and her husband came at the same time. She looked down at her cum soaked body and caressed her pregnant belly. In a moment of serene beauty, she loved what was growing inside her and nearly came again as she felt the baby kicking inside her womb. As the afterglow of her orgasm died down, she looked at her husband and desperately began asking for more. She refused to let this be the last baby they make.