Mommy’s Back (TG/AP)

Mandy was watching her little brother, Jimmy, while their mom was on vacation. After a few days, watching TV got boring and Jimmy no longer wanted to play video games. To top it off, they didn’t have food for dinner that night. Mandy needed a break, so she called her boyfriend over to the apartment to watch Jimmy while she ran out to get some food. Her boyfriend, Ethan, arrived quickly and she gave him a quick hug and kiss as she ran out the door. She left so quickly that Ethan didn’t have a chance to give her the flowers he picked for her. He set the two small flowers in a cup of water on the table as Jimmy walked over and began to sniff them. He picked one up and stared at it inquisitively, turning it around in his hand and noticing that it hadn’t fully bloomed yet. Ethan noticed Jimmy looking at the flower and remarked, “Pretty, huh? I wish I had a woman who appreciated flowers.”

“Yeah,” Jimmy said, “and I wish my mom was back in town. I hate being watched by my sister.”

Suddenly, the flowers bloomed into bright red roses. Both boys stared at the flowers in awe until Jimmy felt a tingling sensation in his toes. He looked down as his feet cracked and grew into adult sized feet, tearing his socks open. The sensation ran up his legs as they also cracked and popped, growing until they were almost as long as Ethan’s. He watched his thighs thicken as his underwear tore open. With another loud pop, his hips jutted outwards and gave him a partial hourglass figure.

“Ah! Help!” cried the rapidly changing boy. Ethan looked over and was stunned by the sight of his girlfriend’s little brother with a pair of mature, almost alluring legs. He wanted to help the terrified boy, but all he could do was watch as the transformation continued. “Ethan, please, do someth- ah!” Jimmy moaned as he reached for his crotch. He groaned as he felt his organs shift inside of him, leaving behind a motherly womb and a warm, fleshy clit where his boyhood used to be. His new sex was totally alien to him, but as he touched his new organ he was overcome by the urge to slide his fingers into it. Ethan watched in horror as Jimmy proceeded to pleasure himself, moaning as his voice grew deeper, yet more feminine and mature. Jimmy, utterly lost in masturbation, barely paid attention to the changes occurring to his torso. His core elongated as his shoulders and arms popped and shifted, leaving behind a shapely feminine upper body. Suddenly, he screamed in ecstasy as he came for the first time in his life. His chest heaved up and down as he gasped for breath, filling the apartment with the stench of sex. He brought his wet fingers up to his chest as two mounds of flesh began to grow behind his maturing nipples. He cupped his growing breasts and squeezed, letting his nipples slip through his fingers and reveling in he alien sensations coursing through his body.

Ethan watched in equal measures of terror and arousal as the boy turned woman groped herself. The former child’s clothes, torn and tattered from the transformation, revealed everything to Ethan. The tattered pieces of clothing began to swirl around and transform into a red and gold robe that tightly hugged the woman’s figure. As the robe materialized, Jimmy’s hair grew down to his waist and turned a silky black. As the robe materialized around him, Jimmy lifted his hands from his new breasts and ran them through his smooth new hair, mesmerized by the feeling of having hair that long. As he looked at the color, though, a sudden realization shocked him out of his bliss. This was the same hair as his mother. He ran to a mirror just in time to watch his face shift and crack into a perfect replica of his mother. His eyes widened as he parted his lips and spoke a single name: Mary. He listened to his own voice, the voice of his mother, come out of his mouth…now her mouth.

As Jimmy stared into the reflection of his mother, he felt a fog begin to creep into his mind. He began to have memories of a different childhood, one without video games or movies, but instead filled with dolls and makeup. He remembered meeting his father, falling in love, making love, and giving birth to his sister…no, her daughter. He felt his clit growing wet as he tried to fight the memories, but the more he tried to remember what he liked, he only thought about how much fun it was to fuck younger men. She suddenly had memories of divorce and the subsequent angry fucking spree she went on with as many men as she could find. As the idea of sex became ingrained in her head, the name Jimmy slowly slipped into a different part of her mind. Her name was Mary, she was a divorced mother, and she was going to name her next child Jimmy. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she let out a moan as she gave into her new motherly instincts.

Mary turned away from the mirror and walked sensually over to the young stud standing in her apartment. Ethan was too shocked to say anything to the new woman, but he managed to whimper, “Jimmy…is that you?”

“No,” said the woman seductively, “but you’re gonna help me make him.” She picked up a flower and sniffed it, inhaling and exhaling as she got closer to the boys face. She whispered something into his ear as she grabbed his crotch, feeling the boy grow hard at her touch. “Take me,” she said as she opened her robe. Ethan, overcome with lust, spun his girlfriend’s mother around and threw her against the table. She grunted in pleasure as he unzipped his trousers. He thrust back and forth as she moaned louder and louder, losing herself in pleasure as her breasts bounced against the table. She flailed her arms and knocked everything onto the floor, screaming as she felt his shaft pulsing inside her. Just as she was about to cum, she heard the front door unlock. She came and felt her juices drip down her legs as Mandy walked in. “Hey honey…” she said between gasps as Mandy dropped her bag. “Mommy’s back.”