Baby Fever (Tg/Ap/Preg)

Jeremy loved spending time with his dad ever since his parents got divorced. His mom was always so uptight, making sure he did his homework and always showed up early to school. His dad, on the other hand, usually let the young boy do whatever he wanted. Today, he decided to play hookie. His father had already left for work when Jeremy woke up. He walked around the apartment for a bit to work up the courage to call in sick to his school and noticed a strange little statue on his dad’s bookshelf. It looked like one of those ancient fertility idols he’d learned about in history class, a plump little woman with breasts hanging down to her stomach and jewelry everywhere. He didn’t pay much attention to it, but after a bit he felt like it was almost watching him. He ignored the feeling and called his school office, faking a cough and saying that he was feeling lightheaded and was running a fever. To his relief, they bought it, but little did he know that the statue was beginning to glow. He hung up with a smile on his face that quickly faded as he actually began to feel lightheaded. 

He decided to go lay down on the bed, thinking that he might actually be sick. He began to breathe heavily as his body temperature began to increase. He began to sweat all over as an unusual tingling sensation began to spread across his body. He felt his heart rate increasing as the feelings grew more intense, becoming anxious as he’d never felt this sick before. Suddenly he began to moan as his whole body began to ache. He grimaced as his body began to grow, squelching and shifting as his limbs spasmed and lengthened. He began to scream as his back cracked, pushing him up in height as his spine curved inwards just above his inflating ass. His shoulders broadened as his chest and hips widened, leaving him with the frame of a mature, curvy woman. He kicked out his growing legs as his thighs began to thicken, putting pressure on his shrinking boyhood. 

He reached for his phone in a panic, watching in terror as his fingers elongated into soft, feminine digits. He unlocked the screen and dialed his dad, fighting back tears as the phone rang. 

“Hey buddy, what’s up?”

“D- dad…something’s wrong with me! Can you come home noW? I NeEd HelP!”

“Oh, okay son. You sound pretty bad. I’m on my way.”

“H- huRrY…I’m- AHHH!”

Jeremy screamed and dropped the phone as more sensations began to surge through his body. He hated hearing his voice cracking as his vocal chords matured. He sounded older, but not like a boy. More like his mother, or one of the teachers everyone had a crush on. His moans continued to grow deep and sensual as he felt a tugging sensation behind his boy parts. The feeling grew more intense by the second until culminating in a sudden slurp as his sex folded in on itself, leaving behind a sensitive, puffy pair of lips between his legs. He threw his head back and moaned in a fully female voice, shocked by the sudden pleasure surging through his brain. He was so enamored by the sensations from his new sex that he barely noticed his organs shifting around to make room for his new reproductive system. His abdomen gurgled as a new womb and ovaries formed, pumping estrogen through his body as soon as they settled in. 

Vague new instincts began to form in his mind that could only be described as…maternal. He struggled to figure out why he was beginning to think like this, like a caring mother ready to do anything for her…his son, but the horrifying truth was about to reveal itself to the trembling boy. He looked down at his changing body as he felt something beginning to grow in his core. 

“Oh, no, no, no, no…OOOHHHH!” He screamed as he watched his belly begin to inflate. He hated what was happening, but as his baby bump grew larger and larger, his new maternal instincts grew more intense. He felt a baby, a real human life, forming inside of him, and to his dismay, he was beginning to think of it as beautiful. His anger and horror began to give way to new feelings as he began to think of the thing growing inside of him as less of a parasite and more of a blessing. When his belly finally stopped growing, he somehow knew he had just entered his third trimester. He rubbed his new belly, still in shock and trying to wrap his head around what was happening, when he suddenly felt a kick from within. To his amazement, he felt a small spark of joy instead of disgust. He didn’t want to, he knew boys didn’t get pregnant, but no matter how hard he fought at this point, part of him knew his transformation into a mother was past its point of no return. 

The fertility idol in the other room glowed again, triggering more changes in the helpless boy. He spasmed again, groaning in pleasure as his nipples began to expand. The puffy, pink flesh spread across his pecs as two massive mounds forced their way out of his chest. The growing weight hanging off his chest began to send more orgasmic feelings coursing through his body, clouding his mind as his moans echoed through the apartment. He felt another kick from his belly as his new breasts began to swell with milk. His whole body quivered as milk began to leak from his massive new nipples. He knew his body was getting ready for the arrival of his new baby, and as much as he wanted to go back to his old body, he couldn’t deny how amazing everything was beginning to feel. His skin was so smooth now, and all of his new sex organs were more sensitive than he thought possible. He was beginning to feel…good…about being the caretaker of the new life he was about to bring into the world. 

Suddenly, the door swung open.

“Jeremy?! Where are you? What’s wrong?”

“I…I’m in here…dad,” the boy whimpered in an unfamiliar voice. He was terrified of what his father would say when he walked in, but he was scared and just wanted to see his dad. His father followed the sultry voice to the guest room, confused by what was happening. He opened the door and was shocked by what was on the bed.

“Daddy…help…” Jeremy moaned as his dad stared in silence. The man couldn’t understand what he was looking at. His son had the body of a goddess, and he…she…they were pregnant! Jeremy looked at his father in horror as he noticed a bulge growing in his pants. He wanted to scream, to run, but he was too exhausted from the changes to get up. 

“Jeremy…what’s happening?” He said, terrified that he was getting turned on by what he was seeing. Unbeknownst to them, the fertility idol glowed one final time to solidify their new lives. Jeremy groaned and grabbed his head as the new thoughts and instincts began to take over. His hair grew out as memories of his boyish hobbies morphed into memories of dressing up and trying different hair styles over the course of his life. His face softened and matured as thoughts of makeup and flirting with boys sprouted all over his mind. His eyes grew sultry as he remembered the night he met his father…no…husband at the local college bar. His old live began to feel like a fever dream, why would he be interested in video games? Why did he think he was only 13 years old? He was 35 and happily married to a hardworking provider. He remembered the night he got pregnant, the smell of the sheets, the music that was playing, the drinks he had with his father…husband. 

“Daddy…DAvid…honey…” he moaned, trying to fight his new life. Before poor Jeremy could say anything else, his father began to approach while taking off his pants. David’s mind had already altered to the new reality. He didn’t see his son on the bed anymore, he only saw his pregnant, horny wife. Jeremy stared at the man’s erect cock in terror and excitement, losing the mental battle to remain a child. He squirmed as he felt his new sex growing damp, and suddenly gasped as he remembered how good pregnant sex felt. He was so sensitive now, and as soon as he felt that cock filling his new sex, he gave in and embraced his new husband and new life. 

“Oh, Janet! You’re so wet! I had no idea how much you wanted this.” David said between thrusts. Jeremy relented in ecstasy. He was Janet now, and she was enamored with her caring husband. She squealed and moaned as he continued to pump into her, thinking about how lucky she was to have this life and the chance to start a family with the man of her dreams. With a final scream, the couple orgasmed together and embraced, quivering in rapture as they cooled down. Her husband stood up and stared at the mess he’d made, smiling at the expression he’d left on her wife. Janet laid back and soaked in the fresh smell of sex, smiling as she let the various fluids drip over her body. She couldn’t believe how good it felt to get fucked this late into her pregnancy, and while she’d miss the insane sex, she also couldn’t wait to hold her baby in her arms. To her surprise, she had already begun thinking about her next pregnancy and growing her family even more. She chuckled to herself, she really had come down with serious baby fever.