Smokin’ Hot (Tg/Ap)

Lucas was walking home from school when he came across an abandoned bag on the sidewalk. It seemed relatively unassuming, just a bag of groceries that someone must’ve forgotten, but something inside caught the boy’s eye. It was a pack of cigarettes with a lighter on top. He’d never had a cigarette before, but he had always been curious. He’d seen a few older kids in school lighting up, and it always looked so cool in movies and TV. He grabbed the bag and ran into a nearby alley, unwrapping the pack of smokes in excitement. He popped one between his lips and lit it, inhaling and coughing immediately. The taste was awful, and it was already making him lightheaded. He decided to try one more drag, but when he brought his hand up to his mouth, he noticed his fingernails beginning to grow. 

Before he could drop the cigarette, he felt himself shoot up in height. He stumbled around, struggling to maintain balance with his rapidly lengthening legs. He groaned as he felt his muscles twitching and growing along with is maturing frame. His bones made a sickening sound as they lengthened and widened in all the wrong places, leaving him with a curvy figure just waiting to be filled in. His knees buckled inwards as his thighs inflated with muscle and fat, shredding his school pants. His calves grew toned from years of walking in heels as his feet burst out of his sneakers. He curled his toes in embarrassment as his ass began to inflate, jiggling with each sway of his new child-bearing hips. He suddenly fell back against the alley wall as he felt an emptiness growing in his abdomen. He felt sick as his organs shifted around, making room for his new reproductive system. He wanted to cry as he reached for his groin, but instead let out a deep, sensual moan as his boyhood began to slip up into him. His breathing grew heavy as years of estrogen flooded his veins. He wanted it all to stop, but couldn’t deny how good it was beginning to feel. He touched his damp new clit and cooed at the new pleasure centers firing in his brain. As his new womb settled into place, he instinctively brought the cigarette to his lips for another drag, taking a deep breath without even realizing what he’d done. He looked at the smoking stick of tobacco in his hand with regret, but it was too late.

He exhaled with another moan as his chest began to protrude through his shirt. He watched in horror as two massive mounds of flesh grew beneath his chin, tearing what remained of his school clothes as they burst forth. His nipples had grown massive, increasing in sensitivity and hardening at the feeling of the cool breeze. They looked bigger than his own mother’s! He grabbed one in shock and let out more sensual moans, realizing that his voice was no longer his own. He grew scared as the smoke began to swirl around his head, changing it in the process. His hair lengthened past his neck, growing soft and black as it styled itself into a bun. His facial features aged years by the second, leaving him with the caring visage of a mother in her early 40s. He felt small signs of wrinkles forming around his eyes and mouth, the result of years of stress. After all, that’s why she picked up smoking again, right?

Lucas grabbed his head in a panic as new memories began to appear in his mind. He didn’t want to be a woman, let alone a mom, and he didn’t want to lose 30 years of his life! He was a boy in school, he had homework to do that night, he made plans to sleepover at his friend’s house this weekend…he was getting groceries for dinner tonight…his husband and son loved pasta, but they were all out of ingredients…he was having a smoke because of stress at work…but she promised herself to never smoke in front of her son.  

Lucas struggled to fight the feelings invading his brain, but the more he thought about his life as a boy, the more those memories felt like a fading dream. His clothes stitched themselves together into a modest skirt and shirt combo, complete with form fitting underwear and a bra to keep his…her massive breasts from swaying about. Lucas didn’t want to give in, but with each passing second, the allure of the cigarette grew stronger. Lucas tried to think of his mom, his friends, his family, but with a final drag of the cigarette, Lucas reluctantly became Lucy, just another mom running her errands in town. She exhaled, centering her thoughts and wondering why she’d dropped her grocery bag. Maybe she was just sick of all the men in town trying to flirt with her even though she was happily married.

Thinking of her husband, she remembered why tonight was so special. It was their 10 year anniversary, and she always made dinner on nights like this. Their son was going to spend the night at his friend’s house so Lucy and her man would have the house all to themselves tonight. That’s why she picked up a pack of smokes, too! The couple loved sharing a smoke after a night of messy, passionate love. She began to think about her muscle bound husband and all the toys they were going to play with tonight, and she could feel herself growing wet at the mere thought. She took one more drag of her smoke and stomped it out on the ground with her new heels. She grabbed the groceries and made her way home, ecstatic for what tonight would bring.