What Friends Are For (TG/AP)

It was nearing the end of the night, and my friend and I had spent hours watching TV and playing movies. We didn’t have sleepovers that often anymore, so I tried to really enjoy every opportunity. My buddy, Brian, was getting to that age where he was becoming obsessed with girls. I was still obsessed with video games and movies, but I could tell that Brian just wasn’t as into nerdy stuff as he used to be. All he would do was comment on how hot all the girls were in whatever game or movie we were playing at the time. I thought it was just a phase, but tonight he was acting especially weird. Just as we were about to go to bed, I heard him chanting some weird phrase before snapping his fingers. 

Before I could ask him what that was, I felt a shock suddenly run through my body. I fell on my back as I felt a tingling spreading across my skin. I could barely move as I felt myself beginning to grow. I moaned as my bones began to stretch and shift with sickening sounds. My mind was spinning at all the sensations, and I barely saw my growing body before passing out. I awoke in a daze, feeling like a completely different person. 

“What happened?” I moaned in an unfamiliar voice. “Why do I sound like a girl?” 

“Well…you are.” Brian said, almost in shock. “I can’t believe it worked!”

“What are you talking…about…” I trailed off as I sat up, feeling every little difference in my new body. My long limbs, my wide hips, my curvy figure. I looked down at my new body in horror and confusion. My breathing became heavy and sensual as the new weight of my breasts jiggled up and down in rhythm. My hair was now silky black and tickled my soft, smooth skin as it tumbled down my back. I stared at my friend, who stared back at me in awe. He blushed as his eyes traced my lingerie laced body, eventually fixating on the new gap between my legs. I barely had time to register that I didn’t have my boyhood anymore before he kneeled between my spread legs. To my horror, I could feel his breath through the silk thong covering my new sex, and it was making me excited in ways I’d never felt. 

“God, you’re so…perfect. Exactly what I was hoping for,” Brian spoke almost directly into my new vagina. I wanted to push him away as I felt my fleshy new lips growing damp at the thought of his touch, but before I could lift a finger, he plunged his mouth right into my sensitive new clit. 

I screamed as fireworks went off in my head. It was like an electric current of pleasure coming right from between my legs. My eyes began to water as my prepubescent mind struggled to adapt to the raging ecstasy coursing through my veins. I wanted to fight this, but it was all happening so quickly that no matter how wrong it felt, I couldn’t resist how amazing I was feeling. 

“It’s a good thing my parents are heavy sleepers. I didn’t realize how loud you’d be,” Brian said, pulling his face up from between my legs. I hadn’t noticed it at first, but he seemed so small now. He was so young. But, we were the same age, right? 

“Brian, wait, what did you do to me?” I whimpered as he began to run his fingers up and down my legs, squeezing my new ass as he went. “Turn me back, please…I don’t want to be a- OOHH!” I screamed as he groped by breasts. I began to quiver as he teased my sensitive new nipples, cupping by massive breasts in each hand and massaging them with his boyish grip. He leaned in and began licking my chest, sending even more confusing feelings through my mind. I’d never been touched like this, and I never expected my best friend to be doing this to me, but I couldn’t hide how much I was enjoying this. My moans echoed through the room as I squirmed under Brian’s control. He moved his lips to my nipple and tugged at it as he plunged two fingers into my new sex. 

I was finally pushed over the edge. I reveled in my first orgasm, letting the feeling was over me as I began to embrace whatever Brian had done to me. I was older, sexier, and smarter now, and every little touch drove me crazy. I could feel my memories changing as my new life began to settle in. I wanted it, I wanted to be rid of my nerdy old life. I still don’t know what the hell that kid did to me that night, but I can’t thank him enough for it. Most of my nights are spent at university these days, but every now and then I’ll go back home and treat Brian to a good time. Our sleepovers have been a lot more fun ever since that night, and I can’t wait until he’s fully grown like me.

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  1. Hey, this is a great story. Can you please write a story about a female demon possessing and transforming a guy?

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