Cunning Linguist (TG/AP)

Jeff’s neighborhood was pretty quiet and close knit, so when a new neighbor moved in next door to him, his family found it fitting to prepare a housewarming gift for their new neighbor. Jeff’s mother baked a pie and told her son to deliver it, hoping Jeff would get to learn a little more about the man living next door. Jeff didn’t really want to, he had gotten a weird vibe from the man ever since watching him move in, but he wasn’t about to fight with his mom about it. Jeff wrapped up the pie and walked over to the man’s house, rang the doorbell, and hoped nobody would answer. 

“Oh hello! You must be the neighbor’s kid. I’m Dave, great to meet you.”

“Hi, uh, yeah, I’m Jeff. I live next door. My mom made you a pie as a housewarming gift.”

“I can see that! Smells delicious. Would you mind bringing it inside for me?” He welcomed Jeff inside with a slightly sinister smile. Jeff stepped in and was immediately impressed with the house. Everything looked modern and expensive, and the whole house smelled like a brand new car. He set the pie down on the table and turned to leave when he noticed the massive TV and collection of video games in the living room. 

“Pretty cool, huh?” Dave said, noticing the kid staring at this entertainment center. 

“Yeah, looks awesome. I wish I had this in my house.”

“You don’t say…” Dave smirked as he snapped his fingers. Jeff felt a chill run up his spine and saw Dave staring at him intently. 

“What was that? I feel…funny…” Jeff trailed off as he felt a tingling beginning to spread across his body. 

“Oh nothing. I’m just making my house…your house, too!”

Before Jeff could ask what the man meant, he gasped as his body began to grow. Dave watched with a devilish grin as the boy spasmed, his body maturing with a series of cracks and pops. Jeff hunched over as his spine elongated, his vertebrae shifting as he grew. He fell on all fours as his limbs lengthened, pushing his height to just a few inches below Dave’s. He grunted as his back caved inwards and hips burst outwards, giving him a distinctly female figure. 

“Wha…what’s happening to me?!” he moaned in a deepening voice. “It…hurts…AAAHHH!” He screamed as he felt his insides beginning to shift. The cramps in his abdomen quickly turned to pleasure as his boyhood quickly retracted, morphing into a mature pair of ovaries and a womb. He quivered as the nerves of his new sex settled at the tip of the fleshy new lips between his legs. His cries of pain melded into moans of pleasure as years of hormones began to flood his aging body. His voice had become deep, sultry, and alluring as his groin sprouted a small tuft of pubic hair. The alien pleasures surging through his body were driving him mad, like he was feeling forbidden pleasures. His moans grew more rapid as his new sex grew damp, much to Dave’s excitement. 

The feelings only grew more intense as his chest began to grow. He watched in horror as two massive breasts began to sprout from his chest, bursting through his boyish school uniform. The weight hung off his chest and dangled between his arms, brushing against his smooth, pale skin as they jiggled and grew. He looked down at his new chest and watched his nipples grow wide and hard against the cool air, sending even more alien feelings through his changing body and mind. 

“Please…stop…” he pleaded between exasperated breaths, looking up at Dave pathetically. 

“Don’t worry babe, it’ll be over soon. I can’t wait to have a wife to enjoy this pie with.” Dave said as we walked to Jeff’s backside to get a better view. Jeff moaned again and shoved his ass up in the air as if he were presenting himself to the man. He squealed as he felt his ass expanding, his butt tearing through his uniform pants. He didn’t know how, but he could tell Dave was getting turned on watching him like this. In fact, he felt like he suddenly knew a lot more about Dave than he should. He grabbed his head and rolled onto his backside as new knowledge began to flood his mind. He felt his hair growing as memories of meeting Dave began to form in his mind. They had met in college in the city, and after dating for a few years, Dave finally proposed to her last year. Their wedding had just happened a few months ago before they bought this house together. Jeff wanted to fight it, to remember his family and home right next door, but with each passing second he felt his new memories becoming more real. His face aged into its early 30s as a wedding ring materialized around his finger. He remembered all the sleepless nights with Dave and wanted to puke, but also felt the dampness between his legs growing more intense. With a final burst of will, he sat up and tried to crawl for the door to get back to his parents, but Dave was too fast. 

“Oh honey, I’m so glad you’re finally here! I know that pie smells delicious, but there’s something else I want to eat right now…” he said as his eyes drifted towards Jeff’s crotch. Jeff wanted to scream, but as the man began tearing away at his tattered pants, he only felt his heart beating faster. He didn’t want this, did he? To his horror, Jeff opened his legs as Dave knelt down and began to breathe on his…her new pussy. Dave pushed Jeff up against the counter and plunged his tongue into Jeff’s aching sex, setting fireworks off in the former boy’s mind. 

 Jeff couldn’t help but scream. He…she quivered at every flick of Dave’s tongue in her new crevice. The warmth of her lover’s breath, the saliva mixing with her new fluids, it all felt so wrong for the young boy, but so right for the woman he was becoming. His old life was beginning to feel like a half-remembered dream. It only took a few more moments before Jeff finally climaxed and embraced her new life. She was Rachel, Dave’s husband, and she loved her life. She felt silly for ever thinking about her old life, considering nothing there could ever make her feel like this. She had a nice house, nice things, and a husband who was more than nice in the bedroom.

“Oh my god, babe, that was amazing!” she moaned as her husband finally came out from between her legs. “Let’s take this to be bedroom so I can give you something in return. You know how loud I am though, so I can’t promise I won’t disturb the neighbors.” She said with a wink. 

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  1. Nice new story drop, if I may ask would it be possible for you to also give a link for the images you use in your stories as well? There have been a few in previous stories that have been surprisingly difficult to find, for example, the Older Girls picture which I have only been able to trace to a Twitter post but seems to be adapted for a deeper source?

    1. Most of the images I find are from 4chan, so unfortunately linking to them would expire pretty quickly. Sorry, but the best advice I can offer is reverse image searching them for the true source.

      1. Damm, I have used reversed image search for them, its just sometimes its not sufficient.

  2. Nice Story. Can you write a story about a female demon possessing and transforming a guy.

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