Don’t Blow It (TG/AP)

I had some big tests coming up that would determine what classes I could take in high school, so my parents had hired an upperclassman to tutor me over the weekend. His name was Jeff, and he was nice enough, though he always complained about not being able to find a girlfriend. I was hardly concerned with girls at this point since I just wanted to pass these exams. The lessons were pretty tough, and I was mentally exhausted after just the first session. 

“Man, I wish I just didn’t have to take theses stupid tests,” I mumbled as I flipped through my study guide. That seemed to give Jeff an idea.

“Hey, Luke, I’m gonna run back to my place real quick. There’s something I want to try.”

When he came back, he pulled a weird looking statue out of his backpack. It almost resembled a golden monkey’s paw. He set it on the desk with the fingers pointing up. 

“Okay, Luke, I don’t really know if this will work, but I got this at a flea market a while back. The shopkeeper said it could grant wishes, but two people have to wish for something at the same time.”

“Uh, that’s weird. I didn’t think you believed in that stuff.”

“I don’t, but we might as well give it a shot. Or we could go back to studying if you’d like.”

I rolled my eyes. There’s no way this would work, but I was so tired of reading I went ahead.

“Okay. I wish I didn’t have to take these placement tests.”

“And I wish I had a girlfriend!” Jeff blurted out. I looked at him with a smirk. He was clearly embarrassed. Suddenly, though, I saw two fingers on the statue cross before a wave of energy shook the room. 

“Whoa, what happ- AGH!” I groaned and fell to my knees as my whole body began to ache. Jeff looked at me in shock as I grabbed my sides in pain. My bones felt like they were growing, popping and cracking as my skin began to stretch with my growing frame. I wanted to scream as I felt my spine extending, curving inwards as it went. I saw Jeff watching in horror as I contorted, struggling to control my rapidly maturing limbs. I watched in shock as my hands grew long and feminine, complete with manicured nails extending from my fingertips. My shoulders popped as my frame widened, and to my horror, my hips burst out with another loud crack. I looked down at my changing body and began to realize how similar I was beginning to look to the older girls in school. 

“Jeff…your wish…” I whimpered as my voice began to crack. I grabbed my throat as it began to tighten until my voice sounded like a sultry girl’s. “Please…make it stop…”

“Luke, I- holy shit!” Jeff exclaimed as he watched my chest begin to grow. I looked down in horror as two massive breasts began to push their way out of my shirt. My nipples were growing as my breasts grew larger, and the feeling of them rubbing against my rapidly tightening shirt was like nothing I’d ever felt before. I didn’t want to admit it, but it felt AMAZING. I tried to stifle a moan, but as my shirt was about to rip, my clothes transformed into a silky top and tight black shorts. My feminine moans were clearly having an effect on Jeff, and even though I was trying to ignore it, I couldn’t help but notice a bulge growing beneath his shorts. The perfect view of my new cleavage wasn’t making things any better. 

My boxers began to tighten beneath my new shorts, and at this point I already knew what was coming next. My thighs and ass began to thicken as years of puberty shaped my body into a living wet dream. My boyhood began to recede between my legs, sending more alien pleasures surging through my aging body. I quivered and moaned against my will as my sex inverted itself, pulling my balls into my abdomen as the tip of my rapidly shrinking cock settled at the tip of my new vagina. Everything felt more sensitive by the second, and I was beginning to sweat. I’d never seen a vagina in person before, and yet I felt like I knew exactly what to do with it. I closed my eyes as my ass swallowed up my morphing boxers, leaving a thong running up the crack of my new peach shaped behind. My new undergarments teased my pussy even more, and I wanted to scream as I felt my crotch growing warm and damp. 

I felt like I needed to be filled. I’d never felt desire like this, I barely knew what it was to be horny, but my maturing body was flooding my mind with disturbing new desires. I looked up at Jeff in desperation, and he stared back in silence as my face began to change. I could feel my eyes widen as my lips grew thin and feminine. My skull cracked and shifted as I aged into adulthood, leaving me with soft, perfect features. I shook my head as my hair began to tumble into my eyes, and to my surprise, I could even tell that I was beginning to smell different. I remembered using fragrant, flowery shampoo and conditioner, with anti perspirant deodorant. But, I’d never used any of that stuff in my life!

“Lacey, you look beautiful.” 

“Lacey? What the fuck are you talk- OOOHHHH” I moaned as the name echoed in my mind. Jeff wasn’t even trying to help anymore. He just wanted his wish, he wanted me to be his girlfriend…and who could blame him? I’m fucking gorgeous!

“No!” I screamed, grabbing my head. I was Luke, a boy, a kid. I liked video games and super heroes and…makeup? I was prepping for my placement tests…but I took those 4 years ago. Jeff was here to help me study…right?

“I think I know what you want.” He said as he lowered his shorts. His massive cock was jutting straight out, and I couldn’t help but stare in horror and…lust. 

“Please…Jeff…don’t do this,” I whimpered as the desire to please him began to overtake me. He stood there silently, his cock twitching and luring me in. I didn’t want to do this, but my body did.

I leaned in and grabbed it, wrapping my feminine mouth around the head and was suddenly hit with a wave of memories. I knew exactly what to do. I knew how he liked my tongue to tease his shaft. The sucking sounds melded with his deep moans, turning me on even more. With every motion I felt my old life slipping away. I began to move faster as my new life ingrained itself into my mind, giving in to my new body and desires. I wanted this, Jeff wanted this, and we both got our wish. I was beautiful, had a caring boyfriend, and had a bright future ahead of me. I remembered nailing all of my placement tests and getting accepted into the most prestigious college in the country. With a final burst, I embraced my new life as I felt my boyfriend’s warm cum coat my mouth. I pulled back as he continued to cum all over my breasts. I smiled alluringly, licking my lips and looking up at my man. He breathed a sigh of deep relief and looked down at me, leaning down to pick me off the ground and carry me to the bed. 

“You’re so amazing at that, babe. Now let me return the favor.”