Older Girls (TG/AP)

Mike and Terry were passing time in the schoolyard when Mike pulled a shimmering gem out of his backpack. 

“Hey dude, check this out. I found it in my attic last night with some of my grandparent’s old antiques.”

“Wow, cool. A rock.” Terry said sarcastically. “What’re you gonna do with it, give it to your crush? I’m sure she’ll fall in love with you on the spot.”

“Shut up. All those older girls in class love their jewelry, so maybe I’ll put it in a necklace or bracelet or something.”

“Haha, okay man. You wish you stood a chance with one of those older girls.” Terry said with a smirk. 

“Yeah, I do. Maybe this is my ticket.” Mike held the gem up to the sun, admiring how it’s patterns changed in the light. Suddenly, it began to vibrate, glowing brighter and brighter until it burst into a shimmering powder. “What the-”

“Whoa, what happened to the- *cough*” Terry choked as he inhaled the swirling dust. He continued to cough as Mike watched in shock. His coughing began to grow more intense, with each exhale causing his body to grow slightly. Mike looked at his friend in confusion as his body began to strain against his tightening school uniform. Terry grabbed his shoulders and grunted as his frame expanded, soft cracks and pops coming from beneath his softening skin. When he finally caught his breath, he realized he stood nearly a foot taller than Mike. 

“W- what’s happening to me?!” Terry screamed as his throat began to tighten. His voice was getting slightly deeper, and significantly more alluring. He looked down at his maturing body as his clothes began to morph. His strained uniform began to resow itself thread by thread, turning from a boy’s uniform into a girl’s shirt and skirt in a matter of seconds. He blushed as he felt a breeze between his legs. To his horror, that wasn’t the only thing he was feeling down there. Mike watched in a mixture of fascination and horror as Terry’s thighs began to thicken, fat spreading up his legs and into his rapidly growing ass. He felt his growing assets lifting up his new skirt as the alien weight hung off his backside. 

“I, uh, I don’t know what to do man! Should I get a teacher?” Mike said in a panic. 

“Mike…I can feel it getting stronger…I- oooohhhhhh,” Terry began to moan as he felt his insides beginning to shift. He whimpered as he felt his boxers tighten into a silk thong, pushing his boyhood up into him. Every passing second sent unknown pleasures surging through his body as his dick was swallowed up by two puffy lips between his legs. He squirmed as his balls slid around inside, settling into their new position as ovaries. He slid a hand under his skirt and poked his new clit at the top of his new sex and squealed as orgasmic sensations wracked his maturing body. Estrogen began to flow through his bloodstream as thoughts of getting fucked silly began to flash in his head. Mike watched lustfully as his friend continued to moan and change. He didn’t want to admit it, but the sight of Terry rapidly becoming a sexy upperclassman was driving his hormone ridden adolescent mind crazy. 

“Mike, I don’t want to be a girl, but…mnffffff…it feels soOOOHHhHH,” Terry moaned, trying to fight the feelings creeping into his mind. He cooed as he felt his chest beginning to tingle. Both boys looked at Terry’s chest as two mounds of flesh began to force their way out. His moans grew deep and sultry as his breasts grew to a massive size, perfectly filling out his previously loose shirt and threatening to pop the buttons right off. He didn’t want to admit how good his new chest felt, but the jiggling new appendages wouldn’t stop sending more erotic tingles across his body. 

“Terry, your hair,” Mike said, pointing at his friend’s head. Terry shook his head as his hair rapidly grew down to his back, becoming dark and silky in the process. Finally, his face began to crack as it aged and feminized. Mike watched as Terry’s face morphed into that of a beautiful 18 year old schoolgirl, complete with ear piercings and makeup. Terry grabbed his face, feeling his new features and moaning as new memories began to seep into his mind. He remembered having different friends, taking different classes, and a very different puberty. His interests in video games melted away as he remembered putting up various boy band posters all over his bedroom. His old life was beginning to feel like a half-remembered dream, and as memories of fucking the most popular guys in school caused his new sex to drip with lust, he began to embrace this new body and life. He wasn’t Terry anymore, she was Theresa.

“Hahaha, oh GOD that was amazing. Did you like what you saw, you little perv?” The new girl said, staring down at her former friend. She smirked at the little boner poking through his pants.

“Uh, Terry? You okay?” Mike asked, staring up at the new girl nervously. 

“I’m better than okay. I feel fucking fantastic, and it’s all thanks to your stupid gem. It’s not ‘Terry’ anymore, though. Call me Theresa, mkay?”

“I, uhh,” Mike backed up against the wall as Theresa stepped towards him. He was both scared and aroused as his former friend smirked and lifted her skirt up, showing off her wet pussy. 

“You wished to get with an older girl, right? Well, you’re about to get your wish.” Theresa blushed at her former best friend’s shock as he looked over her new body. She’d give the young boy his wish this once as thanks for giving her this gift, but then she was off to take her place amongst the hottest girls in school.

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  1. Nice change of pace from the norm, it would be nice to see more stories with some continuation of the original personality in the future.

  2. I just realized that you were posting stuff on here. So happy to see new work and can’t wait for future stuff. Thank you for your amazing stories.

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