An Imperfect Plan (Tg/Ap)

The plan sounded impossible. Magic wasn’t real, right? How was I supposed to know what I was getting into? It all started one day after school when my friend, Eric, was sulking about his upcoming report card. He wasn’t doing too well in school and was dreading what his mom would do to him after the parent-teacher conference in a few days. He was desperate to avoid punishment, and after some cursory research online, claimed to have found a body swapping scroll from some sketchy Etsy shop. He pulled the ancient looking scroll out from under his bed and began to explain his plan to me.

“C’mon Thomas, let’s at least try it. If this works, and you and my mom swap bodies, you’ll be able to go to the conference in her place and keep me from getting grounded. Plus, you’ll be able to buy any videogames we want!”

“You’re crazy, dude. I can’t believe you spent money on that junk. I guess you already have it though…so might as well try it. Hope you didn’t just get scammed like an idiot.”

“Haha thanks man! Good thing my mom is single so you won’t have to pretend to be in love or anything.”

“You really think this is real, huh?”

Eric didn’t respond. He simply unrolled the scroll and started reading. His voice seemed to get louder as he read, echoing through his bedroom as a strange energy began to fill the air. I began to get nervous as I realized that something was actually happening. Before I could tell him to stop, the scroll flashed and vanished into thin air. Everything else happened so quickly I could barely comprehend it. I groaned as my boyish body began to stretch in all directions. My bones popped and cracked as my frame grew into an exact copy of my best friend’s mother. I fell to the ground in shock as my hips widened and stared in horror at my growing hands. My skin became soft as fat began to well up just below the surface. I hunched over as I felt my spine extending with more loud pops, grabbing my sides as mature curves began to form across my aging body. 

Eric watched in a mix of curiosity and disgust as I began to moan in front of him, my voice growing more like his mother’s by the second. He watched as my ass expanded, tearing my shorts as it went. I began to squirm on the ground as my thighs welled up with fat, growing thick as my boyhood began to retract up into my abdomen. I moaned in his mother’s voice as I felt my insides shifting, aging into the reproductive system of a woman in her early 40s. I tried to hide my changing crotch from my friend and squealed as I felt a tuft of pubic hair sprouting around the fleshy lips that now sat between my legs. The changes were starting to feel really good, but I was too embarrassed to show it. I covered my mouth to muffle more moans as I felt my chest beginning to grow. My small clothes hung tattered around my new adult body as two massive breasts forced their way out of my chest. I tried to cover them with my arm, but they were simply too big. I knew Eric’s mom had huge tits, but seeing them jiggling from my own chest really reinforced how well endowed she was. I looked at my friend in embarrassment, only to see him staring slack jawed at me as the final changes took hold. My eyes became a deep brown as my face grew feminine and mature. I could tell Eric was freaking out as he watched my face morph into that of his mother. My boyish youth faded into a mature, alluring visage with just the slightest hint of wrinkles forming around my eyes and mouth. My hair tumbled down, tickling my face and neck with silky new locks. I was lucky Eric’s mother took such good care of herself. 

When I finally stood up, I towered over my best friend. I tried to cover up my naked body so I didn’t force Eric to look at his mother naked. He understood and immediately ran to his mom’s bedroom, grabbing some of her clothes and throwing them at me to cover up. I turned away, slipping on the clothes and trying to adjust to my new proportions. Amazingly, I hooked my new bra on the first try. I looked away in shame, trying to hide all the new sensations flowing through me, and tried to focus on getting through the parent-teacher conference so I could turn back as soon as possible. 

“Holy shit dude, how are you feeling?”

“Uh, okay, I guess. That was weird as hell. I had no idea that these…” I said, lightly groping my new breasts, “felt like this. My whole body is still tingling.”

Eric was clearly uncomfortable at the sight of me playing with my new body. “I can’t believe it worked…you really are her. She’s you, too. I saw ‘you’ in the kitchen when I left, making a sandwich as if nothing was wrong.”

“So, what happened to the scroll? I want to change back as soon as I get back from the school.”

“I guess they’re single use. It’s gone, but I’ll just order another one to arrive tomorrow. Don’t worry! Just enjoy being an adult for a night. Do you know how to drive now?”

“Yeah, actually I think I do!” As I thought about it, I realized that I knew how to drive perfectly, as if I’d been doing it for years. 

“Great, well the parent-teacher is in an hour, so go get ready. I’ll go make sure ‘Thomas’ is okay. Hope it goes well, mom.” 

He smirked at the remark and left the room. Hearing him call me “mom” was…weird. Something felt…right about it? I couldn’t dwell on it though, I had to make my way over to the school. I finished getting ready, applying makeup just like his mom did and styling my hair as if I did it every morning. Thankfully this body remembered how to do all the basic stuff in her life. I drove to the school and began waiting in the classroom for Mr. Davis, our class teacher. He finally arrived, looking like he did everyday, but it was strange to look at him and speak to him as if he were my peer. He sat down next to me and we discussed Eric’s grades. I nodded along and pretended I would be harsher on my son…my friend for not completing assignments. We spoke for about 15 minutes, and to my surprise, I felt like I knew more about Eric now than I did before. I also couldn’t help but notice Mr. Davis’ cologne. It was familiar, I had smelled it before in class, but for some reason it was uniquely…attractive in the moment. I felt my heart beginning to beat faster as my face grew red. I knew I was blushing, but to my horror I could feel my new sex beginning to grow damp. I fidgeted in my seat as Mr. Davis took notice of my mental state. 

He scooted closer to me on the couch as I tried to move away. I didn’t want this, did I? He was my teacher, I was just a kid…right? I reached for my purse to cover my legs in embarrassment, but he knew what my body was doing. With each passing second, I reluctantly grew more excited as he looked me up and down. 

“Ms. Matthews…are you alright? You’re spending more time in here than the other parents…” 

“I, ah, haha oh sorry, I just like…hearing you talk,” I said almost against my will. It wasn’t a lie, though, no matter how much I wanted it to be. His voice was…turning me on. I could suddenly feel his breath on my face as he slid a hand up my legs.

“Is that all you like, Ms. Matthews?”

“Oh…I…” I trailed off and began to spread my legs, inviting him in. I didn’t know what was happening. A few hours ago, I had barely hit puberty, but this was a feeling I didn’t know existed. I could feel my old mannerisms slipping away as Mr. Davis continued to rub my inner thighs, teasing my poistening pussy with a finger here and there through my underwear. I was growing afraid and excited as my brain began to morph, pushing old memories out of my head to make way for my new life. I didn’t want to lose myself, I didn’t want to be Eric’s mother, but…the idea was becoming more enticing by the second. This felt so good, and my rapidly growing feelings for Mr. Davis were stronger than anything I felt as a young boy. 

“Ms. Matthews…do you want this?” He said, staring directly into my eyes. I could feel sweat dripping off my brow as I stared back, my eyes widening at the thought of what was about to happen. What would Eric think? Does it matter? I could feel my memories, my thoughts, my feelings as Thomas slipping away, but I wanted it. I wanted my new life to be complete. I was Eric’s mother. I was Mary Matthews.  

“I…yes…” I moaned in a sultry tone. I grabbed his crotch, rolling his hardened cock through my fingers as I moved my lips closer to his. As I tasted his tongue, I felt an explosion of life flooding my mind. My upbringing, my schooling, my first husband, my first child, my first divorce. It felt amazing. Our saliva mixed as memories of sex and love implanted themselves into my rapidly aging mind. I reached for his belt and stripped it off, throwing it to the corner of the room as he hiked my skirt up. He kicked his pants off as I slid my underwear down my trembling legs. His naked cock awakened feelings in me I’d never felt before, and my body seemed to present itself to him for the taking. 

With a grunt, he grabbed my child-bearing hips and immediately began to thrust his cock into me. The feelings of being penetrated for the first time were indescribable. Fireworks were going off in my head as every muscle in my body tensed. I thrust myself against his toned legs, moaning as he explored my new sex. Each jiggle of my breasts sent euphoric feelings surging through my body. I could tell he liked the sounds I was making, his cock twitching with each moan that escaped my mouth. Finally, he began to slow down as we were both about to cum. I knew we were both close to climax, and as our moans peaked together, I shuddered in pleasure as my first orgasm rolled over my body. My mind felt blank for a split second as every orgasm I’d ever had came flooding in at once. When I came to, I could feel myself looking at the world with an entirely different lens. I was a mother now. I had a child to care for, and I had to find a new breadwinner for our family. Mr. Davis was the perfect candidate. The feeling of his cum inside me was oddly comforting. 

We cleaned up and got dressed, looking each other over with smirks on our faces. We both knew this was the beginning of something beautiful, and as I was leaving the classroom, he asked if I’d like to get dinner sometime. I smiled and nodded, looking forward to our next night together. When I arrived home, my son was waiting eagerly by the door with questions.

“So?! How’d it go?”

“We need to have a talk about your academic performance, young man.”

The boy’s heart looked like it just dropped through the floor.

“W- what? Thomas, are you messing with me?”

“Thomas? Isn’t he in the other room? Honey, you’re acting strange. I think it’s time for your friend to go home and you to go to bed.”

Eric looked at me in horror. I couldn’t fathom why he was acting this way. He kept talking about changing me back and trying to find a website on his phone, but he kept getting a 404 page. He always had an active imagination, but this was a whole new level. Oh well, I’m sure he’ll calm down eventually.