Wrong Number (Tg/Ap)

It had been a few years since Pete’s parents separated. His mom, Jenny, had won custody, and ever since then he barely got to see his dad. In fact, the last time he saw his father was at his 7th grade graduation. To make matters worse, she had started dating some guy named Evan and spent nearly all of her free time either chatting with him or doing something more…intimate. Pete hated that Evan was becoming more and more ingrained in his life, even if it made his mom happy to be seeing someone again. He was desperate to break them up, so one afternoon he “borrowed” his mom’s phone to try and screw up their date that night. Unfortunately, he hadn’t thought his plan through very well and couldn’t get past the phone’s FaceID lock. At least…not at first.

He started guessing his mom’s security PIN and had only made a couple of attempts when the phone buzzed with a text from Evan. 

“Hey babe, can’t wait to see u tonight ;)”

Pete rolled his eyes at the message. The last thing he wanted in his head was an image of Evan and his mom on a date. The phone shook again with a new message, this time feeling like it sent a jolt through his hand.

“Literally can’t wait, can i see u now? Just a tease, please” the message was sent with an image of Evan tugging at his shirt collar and trying to make a seductive face. Pete was thankful that the phone was still locked so he didn’t have to look at the full resolution picture. He was about to try another code when something unsettling caught his eye. His fingernails were growing right before his eyes.

It wasn’t long before his fingers started growing along with his nails, his joints popping and shifting as his digits grew long and feminine. He dropped the phone in a panic as the changes continued to spread, stretching his arms as his shoulders broadened to adult proportions. He groaned in pain as his whole frame grew upwards and outwards, bones cracking as they shifted beneath his softening skin. His spine elongated and shifted inwards as his hips jutted outwards, giving his changing body increasingly female curves. He watched in panic as his legs began to lengthen, his thighs thickening as he gained half a foot in height. His feet cracked as they outgrew his tennis shoes, shredding them as they went. He flexed his newly painted toes in horror as fat and muscle began to shift and grow in his maturing body.

He squirmed as he felt years of muscle and fat bubbling beneath his skin, filling in all the wrong areas for a man, but giving him a figure that any woman would kill for. He turned and watched his butt in horror as it began to inflate, tearing his already strained pants as it grew. His thick new thighs rubbed uncomfortably against his boyhood, and his tightening underwear wasn’t helping. Suddenly, he felt a mixture of pain and pleasure coming from his abdomen as his organs began to shift around, making room for what was about to happen. With a wet slurping sound, he felt his boyhood receding up into his maturing abdomen. He couldn’t help but moan in a terrifyingly familiar voice as his sex transformed, leaving behind a pair of damp lips between his legs. He let out another terrified groan as he felt a womb settling above his new pussy. 

“M…mom?” he whimpered in his new voice, horrified at the realization of what was happening. He wanted to call for help, but couldn’t stop moaning as orgasmic waves began to wash over him. His new ovaries pumped years of estrogen through his veins as a lifetime of sexual experiences hit his new cunt all at once. He’s never imagined anything could feel like this, and though he was enraptured with the pleasure, he was disgusted with hearing his own mother’s sexual moans coming out of his mouth. His whole body was quivering in ecstasy when his chest began to tingle. He closed his eyes as he realized what was coming next. More moans escaped his mouth as his mother’s breasts grew out of his chest, tearing his t-shirt as they went. His breathing grew heavy as he reeled from his orgasms, each jiggle of his new breasts making him more uncomfortable. He cupped one and squeezed, reluctantly enjoying the feelings they were sending through his body. Everything was so sensitive now, and the fact that he was staring at his own mother’s naked body and feeling these sensations was driving him mad. This was all wrong, but it felt so good.

In a final act of resistance, he picked up the phone again to try and dial 911, but to his horror, Evan had sent another picture, this one much more private. Pete’s eyes locked onto the image of the erect cock, confused as to why he couldn’t look away. In fact, the longer he looked at the photo, the more damp he felt his new sex grow. He locked the screen in a panic as the idea of being attracted to Evan scared him more than anything, but the black mirror of the phone’s glass revealed the final stages of Pete’s metamorphosis. He watched in reluctance as his hair began to tumble down his head, styling itself as a headband appeared…just like his mom’s. Tears began to roll down his cheeks as his face aged into a familiar visage. His lips grew soft as his eyes grew wide and alluring. He winced as his ears were pierced with his mom’s favorite pearl earrings. His tattered boy clothes began to shift around his body as they restitched themselves into exactly what his mom was wearing earlier that day. He squirmed as he felt a soft, red bra slither around his new breasts, matching the womanly underwear that his boxers had become. His new jeans buttoned themselves around his child-bearing hips as a pink sweater pulled itself over his torso. He opened his eyes and wiped the tears away, looking over what he had become. He really was his mother now. He wanted to pinch himself and wake up from this nightmare, but as if it was mocking him, his mother’s phone awoke and automatically unlocked upon recognizing his face. 

“Hello, Jenny, you have 4 new messages” read the home screen. The messaging app automatically opened up, putting Evan’s dick pics front and center. Pete looked at the photo again as the sensations in his crotch grew more intense. It was as if he knew what it felt like to have Evan’s dick filling her…NO! Pete grabbed his head, terrified of the thoughts he was having. He was still a boy inside, right? He liked girls, and video games, and…makeup…and cooking…and being pampered…

“Oh god, please no…” he moaned as he began to remember his mother’s life. He remembered puberty as a girl, his first kiss, college, her first husband, pregnancy, divorce, and finally meeting Evan. He remembered how sweet Evan was, how good he smelled, how much money he made, and how big his cock was. She…he knew that his son didn’t like Evan, but he’d come around, right? Wait, he didn’t have a son…he was her son…right? 

“Your turn ;)” the phone buzzed again with a new message from Evan who was hornily awaiting pictures of Jenny’s stunning body. Pete looked at the message as his new sexual desires finally began to overtake him. He…she wanted this, regardless of what her son thought of Evan. She deserved someone like Evan, and her son was just at that age where boys want to rebel. She rolled her eyes back as the name Pete took its place in her mind as her son’s name. She was Jenny, of course, and she was incredibly grateful to have found Evan. She held her phone up and lifted up her sweater, letting her breasts jiggle freely as she recorded a teasing video for her boyfriend. The couple continued to remove clothes and send tantalizing pictures to each other, culminating with Jenny rubbing her clit to more pics of Evan posing naked. She came, muffling her moans with her mouth. The last thing she wanted was for her son to catch her like this. She cleaned up and began to put her clothes back on as she heard her son walk in the front door. 

“Mom, I’m home!” She smiled. She loved her son, and truly hoped he would come around to Evan eventually. For now, though, she couldn’t wait to go back to Evan’s apartment after their date tonight. 

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