Pole Position (TG/AP)

The strip club was no place for a child, but that never stopped Mike from bringing his 12 year old son, Jacob, with him whenever he went to meet up with his buddies. Mike told himself that his son would start visiting these types of places eventually so he might as well start young, but the reality was that he was just too lazy and lustful to find a babysitter. He only saw his son every other weekend after his divorce anyway. 

Jacob hated visiting the club. The girls were always nice to him, but he was always weirded out by how his dad and his friends treated the dancers. They acted like animals, salivating over every alluring curve of the girls on stage as they spun around their poles. The stench of cigarettes permeated every seat and table in the club, and it seemed like every other man inside was one drink away from passing out. Jacob always tried to ignore his surroundings and play games on his phone, but tonight the club was going to introduce their newest dancer. 

“Dad, where’s the bathroom?” the young boy asked as he tugged his dad away from the sultry dancer on-stage. 

“In the back, next to the dressing room curtain. You’ll see a sign.” He waved his kid off as he turned his attention back to the stage. Jacob rolled his eyes and walked off, looking for the room his dad was talking about. He found the dressing room, but no bathroom. Getting desperate, he asked one of the waitresses where it was. She smiled at the young boy and told him to go into the dressing room where he could use their private bathroom. He thanked her and slipped behind the curtain, starting at the floor nervously in case anyone was naked back there. He had only taken a few steps before tripping over a pair of boots next to one of the lockers. 

Suddenly, the boots seemed to come alive, slipping over his tennis shoes and dissolving them as they went. He scrambled around on the floor in a panic as the rest of his clothes began to vanish, leaving him naked and terrified with his back against the lockers. He was about to scream for help when one of the lockers opened and a revealing uniform toppled onto the boy, slithering around his body as it began to change him. He felt his heart racing as his body began to grow into the garments. His shoulders widened with a crack as his hips exploded outwards, making him more curvy by the second. He groaned as his spine extended, gaining a feminine arch as it popped and shifted. He kicked his legs in horror as they grew long and thick, filling up his new leggings. His muscles tensed as they grew firm from years of dancing, his abs bubbling up beneath his new torso. His breathing grew heavy and sensual as his diaphragm matured, tightening his vocal chords until he sounded like a 30 year old sex goddess. 

“Wha- what is happening to me?!” he moaned in an unfamiliar voice. He ran a hand over his hairless skin, shocked by how smooth it had become. He traced the outlines of his growing muscles, enamored with how hard his body was becoming. “I…I don’t want to be a girl…” he whimpered, but as if on command, he felt his groin beginning to tingle. He began to tremble in ecstasy as his prepubescent member began to retract upwards into his abdomen, sliding between sensitive new folds between his legs and sending unknown pleasures coursing through his maturing body. His sensitive tip shrunk and settled right at the top of his new sex, tingling and aching to be touched. He unwillingly slid two fingers between his new pussy, shivering at the feeling. He began to rub it relentlessly, moaning louder with each stroke as his new reproductive system settled into place. With an explosion of pleasure and a final scream, he came and laid back against the lockers, his changing body drenched in sweat as his new juices leaked out between his legs. He barely noticed his ass swelling as he rubbed his new sex, lifting him slightly off the ground and leaving him with a juicy peach shaped butt.  

Unbeknownst to him, one of the dancers just finished up her show and walked back into the dressing room. She saw the changing boy panting on the floor and smirked, walking over to him and placing a hand on his shoulder. “So you’re our newest dancer, huh? Did you disrespect one of the girls or miss a bill or something?”

“What are you talking about?” Jacob mumbled between breaths. “I’m just a kid looking for the bathroom! I’m only 12, my dad brought me here.”

“Oh…shit.” The dancer was taken aback. She shook her head, her braids tickling Jacob’s sensitive new skin. “Look, usually our owner does this to shitty patrons. I’m sorry this is happening to you, but soon you’ll forget about your old life. Dancing here is actually pretty sweet, and you’re going to turn out gorgeous!” She said, showing off her tight, green uniform. 

“What? No, I…I don’t want this! I miss my mom, my friends, my…dad…” he said, trailing off as he thought about having to dance for his dad and friends. Not wanting to prolong the kid’s suffering any longer, the dancer pressed her hands against his chest and began to massage the empty chest piece strapped around his back. 

“Don’t worry, this’ll feel good in a second.” Jacob began to moan again as his nipples began to grow, widening and protruding as fat began to well up behind them. The woman continued to massage his increasingly sensitive chest, sending more orgasmic feelings coursing through his body. “No…don’t…stop…” he groaned, rolling his eyes back as his breasts filled out the rest of his uniform. The dancer smiled at Jacob’s impressive breast size as she hiked up his bra, pushing his new cleavage together for the best view. She reached down to his groin and clipped a tiny thong over his dripping pussy, smirking as she saw tattoos appearing on the changing boy’s body. 

“Damn, you’re gonna be a feisty one.” She said, reading the cute little “Dinner” tattoo with an arrow pointing right to her cunt. 

“Please…I just want to be a kid…I don’t want my dad to see me like this…” 

“Oh honey, he won’t be your dad for much longer,” she said, leaning in and caressing Jacob’s face. She watched his hair grow long and blonde, down past his neck as it covered half his face. She pulled the terrified boy in for a kiss, and as their lips locked, Jacob felt a wave of new memories flood his mind. He succumbed to the pleasure as the dancer continued to lick the inside of his mouth, embracing his life as a dancer and accepting the new personality that overtook his old boyish ways. He…she was confident, talented, and commanding. She remembered moving from club to club, making thousands a week as she took the men for every penny they were worth. Her face cracked and her eyes turned a stunningly deep blue as her visage was completed. She was Jazmin, the club’s newest dancer, and she was ready to make some money. She looked at the other dancer as they pulled away from their passionate kiss, smiling at each other in gratitude. 

Jazmin stood up and adjusted her uniform, ready to take on the audience. The dancer in green walked out on stage with her, hyping her up to the crowd and leading her to a rowdy group of men. Jacob’s father was none the wiser as Jazmin began her routine, flexing her muscles as she swung around the pole. She smirked as the men reached out to shove cash into her uniform wherever they could. She loved this life, loved driving men crazy with her body, and loved making this much money every night. Maybe she’d even let one of these men take her home tonight for a more personal show.

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