Clean Break (TG/AP)

Mark had been dreading this day for a while now. His parents were undergoing a divorce and today was the court hearing. His mother had hired a hot shot divorce lawyer while his dad was stuck arguing for himself in court. He hated watching his parents go through this, but he felt especially bad for his father. The man was constantly crying and drinking himself to sleep. He was a complete mess, and he knew that he was likely going to lose custody of his son. Mark waited patiently in the courthouse, dreading the moment the judge made a ruling. He sat on the bench in a hall with his father as the man nervously shifted his body about. 

“Son, I know neither of us want this, but this is how things go. A lot is going to change very soon for the both of us.”

“I know, dad. It sucks, but I’ll always love you. And hey, mom’s lawyer said you’ll be able to pick me up from school every other weekend.”

“I’ll be sure to do that. I want to spend as much time with you as possible once this is all over.” The man hugged his son tightly. “I wish your mom hadn’t found that lawyer. Actually, I wish I had my own, one that was better and who could make sure we could see each other as often as we wanted.”

Mark hugged his father back, but began to feel a strange warmth building in his stomach. He jumped off the bench and asked his dad where the restrooms were. He walked down the hallway, the warmth intensifying with each step. He pushed his way into the first bathroom stall he saw, not even realizing that it was the girls’ room. Thankfully, it was empty. He was about to lock himself in a stall when he noticed his reflection in a mirror. Had he gotten…taller? With a sudden grunt, he braced himself against a sink and groaned as his body rapidly began to grow. 

He watched himself in the mirror as his body cracked and popped, growing taller and wider with each passing second. His hips jutted outwards as his lengthening spine caved inwards, leaving him with an exposed midriff and a feminine arch. His boyish suit began to tear at the seams as he grew, revealing smooth, milky skin beneath. His lengthening fingers scraped the ceramic sink as his limbs extended to match his new proportions. 

“W…what…is…” he mumbled as his voice began to change. It grew deep and feminine, like a professional who’d been smoking for years. He wanted to scream for help, but as he inhaled, he was met with a tingling coming from his chest. He thrust his chest forward against his will and watched in horror as two massive breasts grew from beneath his tattered shirt. His scream morphed into a moan as the weight continued to grow off his chest. He was disgusted by his new breasts, and disturbed by how sensitive they were. He knew girls had boobs, but he’d always found them icky. He slowly reached up and cupped one, reluctantly moaning again as tinges of pleasure coursed through his body. 

“No, I can’t be a girl! Why is this happening?!” he cried in his sultry new voice. He watched his newly exposed abs begin to harden as his body began to mature. Soft muscles grew everywhere beneath his smooth skin, accentuating his rapidly feminizing figure. He felt his butt tense up as his thighs began to thicken. More moans escaped his pursed lips as his ass inflated, tearing his already stretched pants. Suddenly, a jolt of pleasure came from his crotch as he felt an emptiness growing in his abdomen. His moans grew more intense as his boyhood began to slip up into his body, becoming more sensitive by the second. Explosions of pleasure like he’d never felt before wracked his brain as his boy parts inverted themselves, becoming a mature female reproductive system and leaving behind a wet clit between his legs. He quivered in ecstasy as his new womb took hold. Pubic hair sprouted around his new sex, tickling his new lips as it grew. 

“D- dad…help…” he moaned, to no avail. His chest heaved up and down with each exhausted breath, fogging up the mirror and obscuring the view of his maturing face. Memories of countless orgams flooded into his mind as his eyes took on a deep green color. His lips grew thick as his face grew older, shifting and cracking as it aged. His features grew soft as makeup caked itself onto his skin. His hair began to trickle down into his line of sight, growing dark and silky. Finally, a pair of glasses materialized on his nose, letting him see clearly with his new eyes. 

Mark looked at his reflection in horror. He looked like a woman in her late thirties, with bigger breasts than his own mother. He wanted to cry when his clothes suddenly began to morph. His tattered suit grew into a brown blazer and black skirt, tightening itself perfectly around his new body. The blazer buttoned itself, pushing his breasts together and accentuating his new cleavage while his pants receded up into a skirt that split open to accommodate his massive thighs. He looked…professional…like a lawyer. Then it all began to hit Mark like a truck. His dad wished for a lawyer…and Mark was about to be…her.

A ring suddenly materialized around Mark’s finger. Mark was terrified of the implications, but a wave of memories began to pour into his head from the jewelry. He remembered going to university, going to law school, starting his…her own firm, and meeting a man who could provide. He…she had been practicing divorce law for over a decade now, and she always got her clients the best deals. She also had a habit of fucking them silly, to Mark’s horror. Mark didn’t want to fuck his own dad, but the more he thought about the man out there, the more he…she felt her loins beginning to heat up. Mark’s father, Mr. Meadows, looked good in a suit, was about to lose the love of his life, and made decent money. He would be the perfect fling for a couple months, until he recovered from his divorce anyway. Mark tried to fight the new ideas bubbling up in his mind, but with each passing second, it all began to just make sense. She was successful, hot, and unbelievably horny. Mark looked at his gorgeous new reflection one last time, struggling to remember his life, but everything about this body, this new life, just began to feel…right. She was Mary Lawton, the most desired divorce attorney in the city, and she had a case to win.

The new woman stepped out of the bathroom, feeling completely rejuvenated and ready to get her client the best deal she could. She knew her client’s wife hired some hot shot playboy lawyer fresh out of law school, but she also knew the judge liked looking at her more. Why else would she wear such a revealing outfit? She saw her client sitting pathetically on the bench outside the courtroom and waved him over. 

“Okay, Mr. Lawson. It’s time. Don’t worry about anything, though. Just look sad and let me do the talking.”

The man blushed, as if he’d forgotten he’d hired a lawyer, especially one this hot. He stood up and followed her, trying to hide the erection growing in his pants. Without looking, she grabbed his crotch and began to massage it. 

“Listen honey, I’ve seen the way you look at me. I don’t blame you, but you need to save this,” she said, pinching the tip of his dick, “for after the hearing, okay?”