Better Babysitter (TG/AP)

and Kyle were sulking in their room, waiting for their annoying babysitter to
arrive. Their parents had gone out for the night and called the babysitter over
on short notice. The boys hated their babysitter; she never let them play video
games or watch the movies they wanted to, and she always made them go to bed
super early. They’d do anything to get rid of her, and thankfully Kyle had
swiped a shriveled monkey’s paw from the flea market his parents had taken them
to last weekend. He had heard the old woman selling the monkeys paws talking
about their wish-granting abilities, so he grabbed one when she wasn’t looking
and planned to use it to get rid of their current babysitter. He pulled it out
from beneath his bed and showed it to his brother.

Jimmy, check this out. This thing is supposed to be able to grant wishes, so I’m
gonna wish for a new babysitter!”

okay,” Jimmy said, scoffing at the thought. He was younger than Kyle, but he
considered himself more realistic than his older brother. “Well, what’re you
waiting for? Make the wish.”

just watch, little bro,” Kyle said, holding up the monkey’s paw. “I wish we had
a babysitter that let us do whatever we wanted!”

words of Kyle’s wish echoed in the room, surprising the boys. Suddenly, the
monkey’s fist closed and disintegrated into dust. The dust slipped through Kyle’s
fingers and began to swirl around the room before enveloping Jimmy. Jimmy
screamed as the dust moved faster around him, tearing his clothes and
transforming them into a plain, white garment that looked suspiciously like a

happen- ack!” As soon as Jimmy opened his mouth, the dust flooded into him and
caused him to cough and gag. He fell onto his back as he caught his breath
again, sputtering out puffs of dust with a few coughs. “What did that thing do
to me?”

              “I, uh,
I don’t know. Are you okay?”

              “Yeah, I
think. But what’s with my cloth- ooohhhh!” Jimmy began to moan as he felt his
chest begin to tingle. The two boys looked at Jimmy’s chest as it began to
expand. He threw his arms up as his bones began to crack, growing longer and
wider, and leaving him with a torso that looked like it belonged to someone
much older than he was. His moans grew louder and more feminine as two mounds
of flesh began to protrude from his chest. With a sudden burst, he thrust his
chest forward as two sizable breasts grew beneath his enlarging nipples. The
boys stared at Jimmy’s ample new cleavage as Jimmy continued to moan, his new
breasts sending unknown pleasures coursing through his maturing body.

              “Why is
this happening?” Jimmy screamed, noticing how much older, yet girly, he

              “I don’t
know! I’m sorry!” Kyle yelled in panic. “I’m so sorr-“

Jimmy yelled as his legs began to ache. He kicked his legs out in pain as they
extended slightly. He felt another tingling coming from his crotch as it began
to retract between his legs. It felt uncomfortable and pleasurable at the same
time. His heart began to race as his thrashing body caused his breasts to
bounce and jiggle on his chest. The sensations coming from his crotch and chest
began to blend together, sending more orgasmic feelings coursing through his
body. He couldn’t help but moan even more as he continued to grow older and
sexier. He felt his boy parts slip between his legs as a fleshy clit took form,
growing damper by the second. His legs were still aching though, and combined
with the pleasure coursing through his body, the sensations flowing through him
caused him to convulse and kick his legs violently as they snapped and
extended. Each kick added a few inches to his height, while at the same time
inflating his ass. He felt his behind grow enough to raise his lower back off
the floor, his spine cracking and taking on a feminine arch as he grew.

looked at his brother as he continued to grow older and more feminine. He
wanted to cry for help, but as he opened his mouth, all that came out was a
feminine moan.

Jimmy moaned between breaths. Kyle couldn’t help but notice how sultry his
little brother sounded now. Kyle himself was just hitting puberty, so seeing
his younger brother turning into such an attractive specimen was making Kyle
exceedingly confused and uncomfortable.

I’m so sorry…” Kyle said on the verge of tears. “I shouldn’t have stolen that
thing. This is my fault.”

wanted to say something to his brother, but he felt his face beginning to
change as his mind began to grow foggy. He felt his hair grow down his neck and
tickle his back, turning a dark blonde in the process. His eyes widened and
slanted as they took on a sultry, alluring appearance. His lips thinned out as
his nose cracked and shrank a bit, planting itself cutely about his mouth. His
face tingled as makeup applied itself to his mature new face. He had aged well
into his twenties in a matter of minutes, and as his new reproductive system
flooded his body with new hormones, he began to have entirely alien thoughts.
He felt his new clit grow damp as memories of cute guys hitting on him entered
his mind. His memories of being the best student in school became memories of
being the sexist girl in school. He wanted to fight it, but as images of jocks
fucking him in the locker room after school flooded his mind, he began to give
in. His clit was so wet and so sensitive, and as he slowly began to rub it with
a manicured hand, his name began to fade. Jimmy slowly turned into Jade as
memories of going to college and meeting her boyfriend formed in the new girl’s
mind. She quickly came and screamed in orgasm as Jimmy embraced his new identity.
The new girl leaned up and stood over Kyle. She stared at the young boy ogling
her exposed crotch and smirked.

              She only
took this babysitting job for the easy money, and at least this little brat
never gave her any trouble.

boyfriend is coming over tonight, so I’m gonna go get changed.” She said with
an authoritative tone. “You can play video games or watch TV or whatever. I don’t
care. Just don’t bother me unless it’s an emergency. And don’t tell your
parents, unless you want me to take your video games away.”

Jimmy? Are you still in there?” Kyle said hesitantly. “Please, little bro…”
Jade didn’t respond. She simply walked into another room and began to change
into a bikini for her boyfriend. This kid’s parents were loaded and had a pool
in the backyard, so she and her boyfriend were going to have a ball with their private pool for the night. She loved
her job, and while Kyle was still confused and traumatized by what he just
witnessed, at least his wish was fulfilled. Just not exactly how he expected it, or wanted it, to be.