Dirty Laundry (TG/AP)

and John were swimming in John’s pool. The two boys were desperately trying to
escape the sweltering summer heat, and the pool seemed like the best option to
pass the summer vacation days without dying from heat exhaustion. Marty was
growing thirsty and jump out to check in the cooler for anything to drink. To
his disappointment, the cooler had run dry.

John, you got any more drinks inside?” he yelled to his friend.

there should be some kool-aid in the fridge inside. Just grab a towel from the
laundry room and dry yourself off before you walk around the house.”

thing,” he said as he opened the sliding glass door. He turned left into the
laundry room and began to look for a towel. He spotted one on a shelf above the
laundry basket. He placed one hand on the basket and leaned towards the shelf
on his tiptoes, reaching up as far as he could. Just as his finger was about
the reach the edge of the towel, he felt something slither up his arm. He
looked down in shock as a silky white bra hooked itself around his arm and
moved rapidly up to his chest. It clipped itself behind his back before he
could grab at it. He realized that it was one of John’s mother’s undergarments
upon noticing how big the bra was. He was about to call for help when he felt a
surge of energy course through his body. He felt his bones crack and his swim
trunks tear as his body grew upward and outward. Soon he was eye level with the
towels he was trying to reach, with longer arms and legs to match his new height.
He looked at his new limbs with horror, flexing his fingers as his nails grew
long and manicured. He was about to turn and call John for help when he felt
his throat begin to constrict. He coughed a bit before taking a deep breath and
screaming for John.

              “John! I
need your help!” Marty recoiled at his own voice. It was feminine and mature,
but it definitely wasn’t his. It actually sounded familiar, but he couldn’t
quite place it until…

              “Mom? I
thought you were still at work?” John yelled back. Marty went silent as the
realization of what was happening set in. He looked down at the empty bra
strapped around his chest and wanted to cry. He panicked and reached behind his
back to unclip it, but being entirely unfamiliar with bras, he merely fumbled
around with the backstraps as the garment tightened itself around his chest.

              “No, no,
please no…” he mumbled, realizing what was coming next. Images of John’s mother
flashed across his mind, but the only thing he could focus on was her ample
cleavage. With a sudden lurch forward, his chest began to inflate into the
empty bra. He was taken aback by how good his growing breasts felt and began to
moan against his will. He looked down with disgust as the bra was filled with
his massive new breasts, but couldn’t help the tingling sensations that they
were sending through his body. He felt off balance by the amount of weight
hanging off his chest now, but with another crack at the base of his spine, he
gained a feminine arch and was able to balance perfectly.

              Marty felt
more tingling sensations coming from his butt. Reaching back to feel it, he was
surprised by the sudden inflation of his ass cheeks into his hand. He
reactively gave one a squeeze and was shocked with the pleasurable feelings it
sent though his changing body. This all felt so wrong, but so good. He was
becoming his best friend’s mother, but his skin was so smooth and soft now, and
he had never felt pleasure like this before. He heard something rustling in the
laundry bin, and as he turned to look he saw a white pair of panties slither
out of the dirty pile of clothes and wrap itself around his long, feminine
legs. He began to scream in his new motherly voice as he realized what was
coming next. He futilely grabbed at the panties as they slinked up his legs,
but he was so wet and slippery that they reached his crotch without a problem.
He looked down past his cleavage in terror as his thighs began to thicken
around his new undergarment. The panties rode up his new ass cheeks and began
to put pressure on his member. Another pleasurable tingling was beginning to
build in his crotch, and while tears of fear were rolling down his face, he
couldn’t help but moan as his boyhood inverted itself and became a tight,
mature vagina. The fleshy lips of his new sex rubbed against his new underwear,
teasing him with alien sensations he’d never felt before. He felt his organs
shift around in his abdomen as his sex transformed, leaving him with a motherly
womb and a new female reproductive system. New ovaries flooded his body with
hormones, causing his mind to race through puberty as a tuft of pubic hair grew
around his crotch.

grabbed his head as his mind was assaulted with new feelings and memories.
Puberty happened in a blur as a lust for men began to build in him. Merely
minutes ago, he was a kid whose only interest was playing video games, but now
he had desires that he couldn’t even understand. The thought of a handsome man
began to make his new sex grow damp, and memories of cute boys trying to
impress him through high school and college were filling his head. He hadn’t
even finished junior high, right?! Memories of going through puberty as a girl
rushed in, and he remembered all the other girls in school being jealous of how
big his breasts were. He remembered having to buy tampons and dealing with
periods, and he remembered shaving his legs and applying makeup to impress the
jocks in school. He remembered meeting his husband in college…oh no. Marty
clawed at his head as images of John’s father flooded his mind. His hair grew
long as his face grew older. Glasses materialized over his eyes as his skin
aged and softened, leaving him looking quite attractive for a 36 year old
mother. He grunted as he tried to fight off the growing lust in his crotch, but
the more images of John’s father that entered his mind, the more his need to
fuck his husband grew.

              “I’m not
John’s mom…I’m not John’s mom…I’m not- OHHHH!” Marty screamed as a sudden flood
of sexual memories hit him. He remembered every orgasm at once, but one
specific night stood out to him: the night that John was conceived. He
remembered the smell of the bedsheets, the cologne John’s father was wearing
that night, the music he was playing, and the feeling of being thrust into over
and over until his pussy was coated in his cum. He remembered the earthshaking
orgasm and moans of pleasure that came with it. Those memories bled into John’s
birth at the hospital. Maternal instincts began to take over as Marty relished
in the new feelings coursing through his body. He loved John…no, she loved
John. The name Maxine finally filled in the gaps left in the new mother’s mind.
She quivered as she thought of her husband, and smiled as she thought of her
son. She reached under her bra and beneath her underwear as she began to tease
herself, thinking of her husband coming home and ravishing her. She wasn’t sure
what brought on this sudden wave of horniness, but she needed to be filled
soon. Suddenly, her son came running in through the door dripping wet.

are you okay? Were you calling me earlier?”

She gasped, removing her hands from herself and reaching for a shirt to cover
herself with. “Yes, I was just going to ask you…uh…when your friend was coming
over to swim.”

Marty? He was here, but he said he was going to grab some drinks from the
fridge. Have you seen him?”

I just came home. Work let out early today and I decided to join my favorite
son for a swim this afternoon!” She said with a smile. She picked up her little
boy and hugged him. He laughed and playfully told her to stop. She cradled him
beneath her breasts and laughed as she ran towards the pool. She jumped in as
they both yelled. It really was a perfect day for the pool.