Carpool (TG/AP)

              Mark and
Jim had been carpooling together since the 2nd grade. Their parents
would take turns during the week driving the boys to and from school in order
to free up their schedules. Today was Jim’s father’s turn, though Jim was
staying at school late for soccer practice. Mark was slightly dreading the ride
home today since it would be his first time riding alone with Mr. Reynolds and
he was terrible at small talk. To make matters worse, Jim’s mother had passed
away a few months back. Mark waved goodbye to his friend as he got into Mr.
Reynolds’ car, avoiding eye contact with the man in the driver’s seat and
keeping quiet as he buckled his seatbelt. Mark noticed a rabbit’s foot hanging
from the rear-view mirror that hadn’t been there before. He thought that it
might’ve belonged to Mr. Reynold’s late wife. After a few painfully quiet
minutes of driving, Mark finally pointed it out and asked:

Mr. Reynolds, what’s that?”

that’s just a talisman that Jim’s mom would carry with her in her purse. I
found it in her closet this morning and figured it’d be a nice reminder of her.
It’s supposed to bring good luck, or grant wishes, or something…but…”

trailed off with a shrug, obviously saddened by the thought of his wife. Mark
grew quiet again, unable to think of anything else to say. He stared at the
talisman dangling from the mirror and silently wished he was old enough to
drive so that he wouldn’t have to deal with these awkward rides home anymore.
At the same time, Mr. Reynolds stared at the rabbit’s foot and silently wished
for his wife back. A moment after the two had made their wishes, the car hit a
bump in the road which sent the rabbit’s foot flying off the mirror and rolling
under Mark’s seat. Mark bent down and frantically felt under his seat for the
talisman, knowing that if it got lost, Mr. Reynolds would only grow more
depressed. He felt something beneath the seat with the tip of his finger, but
as the car hit another bump, he lurched forward and felt a cold, metal ring
slip onto his finger. He pulled his hand out and examined the ring, noticing
that it had the words “Til Death Do Us Part” engraved into the silver. He was
about to pull it off and give it to Mr. Reynolds when he felt it suddenly
tighten around his finger.

did you find that?” Mr. Reynolds asked, staring wide eyed at the ring on Mark’s
finger. “It looks just like Ellie’s…but that’s impossible…”

              “It was
under the car seat,” Mark said, beginning to panic as he felt his body
beginning to heat up. “It slipped onto my finger after we went over a bump-

screamed as he watched his hands beginning to grow. His fingers grew long and
slender, becoming smooth with just the slightest hint of aging. The ring
expanded with his growing hands, fitting snugly as it settled just below his
second knuckle. He and Mr. Reynolds watched in shock as Mark’s fingernails grew
long and manicured. Mr. Reynolds swerved the car to the side of the road and
parked, beginning to panic as he watched the boy in his passenger seat begin to

Reynolds!?” Mark cried as he held his hands in front of his face. “What’s
happening to me? I feel like I’m gonna explo- OOOOHHHH!” Mark couldn’t help but
yell as his bones began to expand. He shot up in height as the seatbelt
strained to keep him contained. His clothes tore as his shoulders and hips
widened. His muscles felt like jelly while his skin felt like plastic wrap,
both stretching and smoothing out as his he rapidly aged into adulthood. He
heard his bones popping as his new joints settled into place, and with each
crack he could see the grimace on Mr. Reynolds’ face grow more intense. It was
clear that neither one of them had any idea what was going on.

call my- OW” Mark struggled to say as his spine continued to pop, giving him an
inward curve right above his butt. “Call my mom. I’m scared.” Mr. Reynolds
wanted to do something, anything, to help as tears began to well in Mark’s
eyes, but just as he was about to pull his phone out and call emergency
services, he noticed Mark’s head beginning to change. With a few more cracks,
Mark’s skull began to take on a shape that was hauntingly familiar to Mr.
Reynolds. His nose became soft and petite while his eyes took on a sultry, mature
glare. His lips thinned out and softened as a pink lip gloss materialized over
them. His cheeks became sharper with another crack, while his jaw shrunk and
softened below his lower lip. He blinked and stared at Mr. Reynolds in shock as
Mr. Reynolds stared back, speechless, as the face of his son’s best friend
became the face of his late wife.

Mr. Reynolds whimpered. The name sent a shock through Mark’s mind. It felt like
a flood of memories he had locked away were all trying to come back at once. He
held his head as he began to grow dizzy and felt his hair beginning to grow
through the cracks of his fingers. The silky brown hair began to tickle his
neck as it grew, obscuring his vision as it tumbled down his forehead. Instinctively,
he reached into the center console and grabbed a hairband before brushing his
new hair into a perfect ponytail. They both stared at Mark in shock as Mark
suddenly realized what he’d just done. Why did he know how to do that? He
turned to the rear view mirror and stared at his new face in horror, realizing
that he looked exactly like his best friend’s mom.

              “No! No!
Oh my god, why is this happening?!” He began to scream as his voice cracked. “Please,
I just want to go home.” His voice sounded famine, but mature, and to Mr.
Reynolds’ horror, exactly like his wife’s. “I just want to see my mommy and my…daddy…”
he trailed off as he looked at Mr. Reynolds again. He felt a sudden heat
building right above his groin as he stared at the man in the driver’s seat. He
looked away in disgust, but it was already too late. He heard his stomach begin
to gurgle as he felt his organs beginning to shift around. A thin layer of fat
began to build up around his abdomen as a new womb began to grow inside of him.
The fat continued to accumulate in his behind as his ass inflated, swallowing
up what was left of his childish boxers. His legs thickened next, putting
pressure on his boyhood as they grew and making him extremely uncomfortable.

              “Ow, it
hurts! It hurrr- OHH MY GOD! OH OH!” He screamed in his sultry new voice as his
member was suddenly pulled into his abdomen, leaving behind a dripping clit
between his legs. His mind was assaulted with orgasm after orgasm as his female
reproductive system pumped years of estrogen through his body. He rubbed a
manicured finger across the lips of his new vagina, cooing and quivering as he
reveled in unknown pleasure. He was so lost in the rapture of his first sexual
experience that he had forgotten about Mr. Reynolds, who was watching in horror
as his neighbor’s kid transformed into his MILF of a wife before his very eyes.
Mr. Reynolds didn’t know what to do, or what he was going to tell Mark’s
parents, but the sexual display next to him was becoming too much for him to
handle. He felt his cock pressed firmly up against his pants, and the thought
of being able to touch his wife again had made him harder than he’d ever been

looked over as Mr. Reynolds placed a hand on his shoulder. His eyes widened in
terror when he saw the look Mr. Reynolds was giving him, but when he noticed
the bulge in Mr. Reynolds’ pants, he couldn’t’ help but grow excited. He didn’t
want to, but his new body knew exactly what it wanted. He slipped his hand out
of his crotch and tried to push Mr. Reynolds away, but as soon as his fingers
left his clit, he felt it throbbing and needing to be filled. He didn’t want
this, and in a last ditch effort to save himself he was about to open the car
door and run, but as he was about to flee he felt a final pulse of pleasure
come from his chest. He thrust his chest forward and into Mr. Reynolds’ face as
two massive breasts began to grow from beneath his tattered shirt. The weight
of his new breasts felt alien, but orgasmic, and the moment Mr. Reynolds grabbed
one in his warm, comforting hand, he could feel another orgasm building. Mr.
Reynolds held a breast in each hand and caressed them, massaging them like he
used to and sending Mark into a frenzy. Memories of a different life flooded
his mind.

wanted to scream as memories of his family changed, but all that came out was a
sultry moan. He couldn’t remember how old he was anymore, so he thought about
grabbing his driver’s license to see what year he was born in. But, he didn’t
have a driver’s license yet, right? He tried to focus on the little things he
had to do that day, but even those were becoming foggy. He had homework…no, he
was going home from work. He knew what video games he wanted to play this afternoon…no,
he knew what video games she had to get her son this afternoon. WHAT? NO! He
didn’t have a son! He was a boy, a kid still in school, and his best friend was
Jim! He had to remember Jim…yes, had to remember to pick Jim up from soccer
practice later today. No! He wasn’t a mom! Mark’s eyes widened as he struggled
to fight whatever was happening, but as he screamed at himself internally, he
felt Mr. Reynolds picking him up and putting him on his lap.

              “Oh my
god, what is he doing?” Mark thought to himself. “What am I doing? Why does it
feel so good to have his hands on my body? Why is it so hard to think? Holy
shit,” he thought as he felt Mr. Reynolds’ cock pressed up against his ass. “Why
is HE so hard…god, it’s bigger than I remember. No! Fuck! I don’t remember any
of this!”

watched helplessly as Mr. Reynolds slid a hand between Mark’s ass and his pants
to whip his dick out. Mark winced and moaned simultaneously as he felt the warm
cock brushing against his inner thigh. He turned to Mr. Reynolds with fear in
his eyes and pleaded one last time:


warning, Mark felt his throbbing new clit get filled as Mr. Reynolds began to
thrust. Mark screamed and braced himself against the car as he felt his breasts
getting groped. The feeling of being manhandled by his husband…no, her husband
was too much to fight. Pleasure rolled over his mind as his thoughts morphed
into Ellie’s. Each thrust, each jiggle of her breasts, brought forth memories
of her first sexual experiences. Her childhood, her adolescence, her love for
her husband, Barry. She flexed and gripped the car door as memories of
childbirth flooded in. She closed her eyes and pictured giving birth to Jimmy,
her son. She remembered being unable to lose all of her pregnancy fat, but
still looking damn good for her age. She remembered breastfeeding him as a baby
and yelling at him when he wouldn’t do his homework. She remembered moving to
the new neighborhood and meeting the neighbors. She remembered getting her
first car, and her driver’s license, and agreeing to carpool with the other
families to school. The ring on her finger flashed brightly as a bra and
panties materialized over her motherly body, warping reality and successfully fulfilling
the wishes of both people in the car. With a synchronized moan and grunt, the
couple came together and slumped into each other’s arms. Ellie smiled and kissed
Barry, relishing the feeling of warm cum dripping out of her pussy. She loved
her life, as messy as it could sometimes get, and she wouldn’t trade it for the

on, Barry. This was fun, but we still have a son to pickup from soccer. Huh, I
guess I’m a soccer mom now.”

simply smiled at his wife as she struggled to get dressed in the confines of
the car. She was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen, and he’d to anything
to keep her in his life.