Cheer Squad (TG/AP)

              Jack and
Daniel were hanging out by the bleachers after school. The two boys were
quietly watching the older cheerleaders practice their routines on the football
field while trying to evade the older jocks on the football team. Daniel’s
older sister, Kelly, was the head of their school’s cheer squad, and though
Jack never let on about it, he totally had a crush on Daniel’s older sister.
That didn’t mean he wouldn’t play pranks on her with Daniel, though. The boys
would regularly hide Kelly’s cheer outfit, or blow airhorns from behind the
bleachers in the middle of a cheer routine. Eventually growing fed-up with the
boys’ behavior, Kelly decided to take matters into her own hands. Her
girlfriends had shown her an old spell book they had found in the attic during
a sleepover, and Kelly was about to put what he learned to the test.

spotted her brother and his friend hiding behind the bleachers and began to
walk over to them, disrupting whatever prank they were planning. They were
about to flee when Kelly yelled out Jack’s name. Jack paused and turned,
wondering what she wanted with him.

              “Aw, you’re
such a cute little boy,” she said, making Jack blush, “but you and Daniel have
been starting to annoy me and my squad.”

sorry,” Jack said, his voice cracking with infatuation.

okay, I found a way for you to make it up to the team. We actually have a spot
open on the cheer squad that we need filled ASAP. Care to join?”

Jack said, turning to look at Daniel who simply shrugged his shoulders. Before
he could answer Kelly, she whispered something into her hand and snapped her
fingers. Jack suddenly felt a shiver run down his spine, like a ghost was
laying its hands along his vertebrae. He let out a small gasp as he felt every
muscle in his body tighten before his body began to grow. Daniel grimaced as he
watched his best friend begin to change before his eyes, growing taller and
wider with each passing second. Cracks echoed through the bleachers as his
bones shifted and elongated, becoming more feminine and mature. He hunched over
as his growing body tore his childish clothes, revealing a layer of pale,
smooth skin. Kelly simply stood there in shock, amazed that the incantation from
that old book was actually working. Seeing Jack’s childlike skeleton shifting
and growing beneath his skin caused her to wince a bit, but she also thought
that this punishment was fitting for all the pranks her brother and Jack had
played on her.

finally stopped growing at around 5’4, the perfect height for a cheerleader. He
held out his long, new arms and stared at his hands in horror as his slender
fingers finished popping into place. He looked down at the rest of his changing
body, screaming in a feminine new voice as he realized that he was naked in
front of Kelly.

the fuck did you do to me, you bitch!?” He screamed. Daniel and Kelly both
noticed how much he sounded like the other girls in cheerleading now. “Sorry,  I didn’t…” he said, realizing that he never
talked like that, especially to Daniel’s older sister. “What’s happening to me?
Why am I thinking…different?”

              “You said
you wanted to join the squad, remember?” Kelly said with a smirk.

what are you doing to Jack?!” Daniel screamed. “Give me my friend back!”

              Two more
loud cracks echoed through the air as Jack’s hips shot out to childbearing
proportions. Jack’s hipbones could be seen beneath his smooth skin, and the
outline of his new hips pointed directly to his crotch. Kelly was actually
beginning to grow jealous of how sexy Jack was becoming. Jack exhaled violently
as he felt his abs tighten up, forming a toned six-pack right below his ribs. As
Jack inhaled deeply to catch his breath, he felt a tingling beginning to come
from his nipples. Kelly and Daniel watched in shock as Jack’s areolas grew
larger and darker, hardening as the cool air blew over them. With another
breath, two breasts exploded out of his chest and jiggled freely in the air.
Kelly was now extremely jealous of how well the spell was working since her
little brother’s friend now had bigger boobs than she did.

is so wrong, but…like…they feel so good!” Jack screamed as he tried to fight
the new urges coming from his chest. Kelly walked over and gave one a squeeze, causing
Jack to let out a sensual moan.

now, you don’t want to attract the football players over here, do you?” Kelly said,
teasing the transforming boy. As much as he previously hated the idea of any
jock, the thought of a muscled young athlete was making him excited in ways he’d
never felt before. He felt a tingling growing in his crotch that only increased
the more he thought about the jocks. He felt an emptiness growing in his
abdomen, while Daniel and Kelly heard the gurgling of his organs shifting
around to make way for a female reproductive system. His ass began to inflate
while his member began to retract. The feeling of his growing ass combined with
his boyhood slipping between his elongated legs was driving him crazy. He had
never felt pleasure like this before, and it showed. He began to pant as his
ass grew firm and his new sex settled in. The fold between his legs tickled in
unexplainable ways, but instead of laughing, it merely caused him to moan. He
slid a feminine finger over his new clit as he began to sweat with desire, but
then looked up and saw his best friend staring at him with a horrified look on
his face. He suddenly remembered that this was all wrong.

I don’t want to be part of the cheer squad!” he screamed defiantly, hoping that
it would stop whatever was happening to him.

              “Oh? But
I already bought your uniform.” She said. “Look!”

felt more tingling on his skin as a cheer outfit began to materialize over him.
The outfit hugged his new parts tightly while showing off his toned midriff. He
moaned again as he felt a thong tighten around his new sex and ride up between
his butt cheeks. A short skirt quickly materialized over his crotch, barely
covering his new ass, while a pair of black stockings slithered up his athletic

              “Wow, I
love what you’ve done with your hair!” Kelly said, pointing at Jacks’ head.
Another tingle ran over his scalp as his hair grew down to his waist. He
grabbed a strand just as it began to turn a bright blue and braid itself. He
ran his hands over his face as the final changes manifested. His eyes grew wide
and sultry as his nose and mouth grew petite and cute. Makeup applied itself as
Jack closed his eyes, trying to fight off the memories entering his mind. Why
did he know what contouring was? Why did he have a favorite hair dye and hair
stylist? Why did he know what tampons did?

Please! Daniel, I can’t think! I can’t remember…”

stop! I promise we’ll never prank you again!” Daniel screamed at his sister.

              “Oh, I
know. I made sure of that.” She replied, gesturing at Jack as he gripped his
head in a panic. “So, Jasmine, how are you feeling?”

that name caused Jack’s mind to reel. Memories of taking gymnastics classes as
a little girl came flooding in, as well as memories of going through puberty.
He remembered all the girls in class making fun of him…no her, because she went
through puberty first. He remembered how scary his…her first period was. He
remembered meeting Kelly after moving to a new town and being invited to join
the cheer squad.

it, Jack!” Daniel screamed at his friend. “This isn’t you!”

are…aren’t my memories…” Jack whimpered, sounding as if he still remembered who
he was. Suddenly, one of the football players walked around the bleaches and
started walking towards them.

              “Uh oh.
Daniel, we should go. Jasmine’s boyfriend is here.”

screamed the child, “I’m not leaving my friend like thi- oof!” he grunted as
the jock shoved him to the ground.

nerd.” He said, menacingly.

Jaz,” Kelly said, turning to Jack, “once you finish up with Blake, meet us on
the field to go over some new routines. Have fun, bitch!”

looked at Daniel terrified as the jock, Blake, grabbed her wrist and began
guiding her to the locker rooms. He didn’t want to go, but the smell of the
jock and the strength of his grip were making him wet.

he whimpered as he walked with Blake away from Kelly and Daniel. Blake threw
open the door and locked it behind him. They were alone in the locker room.

babe, I know we’re both busy today so let’s make this quick,” Blake said as he
unzipped his pants. Jack saw the lust in Blake’s eyes, and as much as he wanted
to fight it, being looked at like that was causing his heart to race. Then, he
saw Blake’s dick. It was massive, hairy, and utterly hypnotic for Jack. He didn’t
want to stare at it any longer, but he couldn’t stop thinking about it filling
his new sex. He began to feel a burning desire to be filled, and Blake was
quick to oblige. He pinned Jack against the wall and thrust his rock hard cock
into Jack’s new sex, sending an unstoppable wave of euphoria crashing over
Jack. Each thrust drove Jack more insane, causing him to lose sight of himself
and accept the new memories washing over him. He flexed his new crotch muscles
and tightened around Blake’s cock, causing Blake to grunt in pleasure as Jack
moaned loud enough to be heard outside. The feminine screams of pleasure
signaled to Daniel and Kelly that Jack was moments away from becoming Jasmine
forever. Jack didn’t know why, but he could tell that his boyfriend was about
to cum, and so was he. With one final thrust, Jack felt himself slip into
Jasmine just as Blake’s cum covered her new womb. She threw her arms into the
air and screamed as she quivered with pleasure, letting the orgasm wash over
her completely.  

          The sweaty stench of sex
was suddenly familiar to her, along with her seductive body and muscular
boyfriend. Blake looked down at his girlfriend and smiled at her orgasm face. He
leaned in and kissed her on the forehead since her mouth was still agape. He
set her down gently and began to put his clothes back on. Finally, after
recovering from that explosive orgasm, she began to clean up too. The two left
the locker room separately, each heading to their respective practice areas.
Jasmine ran towards the cheer squad as they were warming up. She saw Kelly, her
best friend, leading the exercises and ran up to give her a hug.

so much for letting me join the team!” She said excitedly.

earned this position,” Kelly said with a smile. “Plus, you’ll probably be a
huge draw for all the boys in school.”

blushed. “Hey, isn’t that your little brother over there? What’s he doing here?”
She said, pointing at Daniel sitting sadly on the bleachers.

              “Oh, I
think he has a crush on you,” Kelly said with a wink.