Happy Mother’s Day (TG/AP)

The weekend was finally here, meaning it was finally time
for the sleepover that James and David had been planning since Monday. David’s
father was initially a little reluctant to let James come over since he was
still in the process of getting a divorce, but he thought that it would be good
for David to have a friend over to take his mind off the whole ordeal. The two
young boys didn’t talk about it much since they couldn’t fully understand it,
but the fact that it was Mother’s Day tomorrow did make things a little
awkward. David’s little sister kept asking why her mommy and daddy weren’t
living together anymore, only making it more awkward for David’s father, but he
knew there was no simple way to explain it to someone so young. The boys spent
their day playing video games and scarfing down snacks, eventually tiring
themselves out earlier than they were expecting. They set up sleeping
arrangements in David’s bedroom, with David sleeping in his bed, and James throwing
a comforter on the floor. They passed out after talking about school and games
for a few minutes, only for James to be woken up and hour later by David’s
little sister. She slowly pried David’s bedroom door open, still half asleep,
and asked if she could sleep with them.

              “C-can I
sleep with you guys? Please? Mommy used to leave a night-light on for me, but
now she’s gone and I can’t sleep alone,” she whimpered.

sure…” James said, not wanting to be mean to his friend’s little sister. The
little girl didn’t even say anything before walking right over to James and
plopping down right next to him. Her eyes were already closed by the time she
laid down, but under her breath James could hear her whisper,

              “I wish
mommy was back…”

rolled over to face James and sleepily put her hand onto his chest. Before
James could move it, he felt a jolt of warmth coming from where she touched
him. The warmth began to build, rapidly spreading across his entire body. He
felt like he had just entered a fever dream as he began to sweat, but to his
shock, he realized that he was beginning to grow. He felt his pajamas tighten
around his body as it began to expand in every direction. He looked down at his
blanket only to see his lengthening legs beginning to peak out from under. It
was dark, but he could see his toes wiggling as his feet outgrew the blanket.
Soft pops and cracks could be heard as his bones grew and his joints rearranged themselves beneath
the sheets. His shoulders broadened while his arms and torso lengthened,
eventually leaving him at a mature 5’5. He squirmed in a panic as the new proportions
of his body made him uncomfortable, grunting as his hips widened with a painful crack.

David!” he cried to his sleeping friend, but David only rolled over to the
other side of his bed. He wanted to cry for help, but instead only coughed as
his vocal chords began to transform. He breathed in heavily as his voice grew
deeper, but feminine at the same time. “What’s happening to me?” he whimpered,
listening to his changing voice. To his horror, it sounded almost…motherly.

the little girl next to him whispered as she grabbed at the collar of his
shirt. She pulled down, still asleep, and tried to move her head closer to
James’ chest. As the little girl pulled on the clothing, James felt it
transforming into a much more comfortable tank-top with ample room in the
chest. Before he could wonder why the new shirt was so loose, he felt another
warm pulsing coming from his chest. He let out a deep moan as two breasts began
to expand behind his nipples, rapidly filling the loose clothing. He watched in
horror as the two mounds of flesh sank into his new shirt, transfixed by how
big and sensitive they were. They looked bigger than his own mother’s. The
little girl groped at one of James’ new nipples as if she wanted to feed. James
let out another gasp as the feeling sent tingles across his body. He knew this
was wrong and wanted to fight these changes, but a part of him instinctively pulled
the little girl in closer to his new bosom. The feeling of the little girl
resting her head against his breasts satisfied him in confusing ways.

a gurgling began to come from his midsection. He groaned as his organs began to
sift around, transforming and making way for a female reproductive system. He
felt an emptiness growing above his groin as a new womb began to take shape. He
didn’t know what was happening, but he couldn’t help but roll his eyes in
pleasure as his boy parts began to invert themselves between his legs. He had
never felt pleasure like this before, and with a quiet slurp, he was left with
a mature vagina that was aching to be touched. As his new ovaries pumped
estrogen through his body, he felt his mind racing through puberty. New desires
began to flood his head, and while he was disgusted with them, he couldn’t help
but slip a hand beneath the sheets and feel his new sex. His fingers were met
with a moist slit between his legs, and as he slipped two fingers between the
folds, his mind was assaulted with images of cute boys, handsome men, and
finally, David’s father.

wanted to cry, but with each motion of his fingers, he felt the desire grow
more intense. Soon, he couldn’t get the image of David’s father out of his
head. He imagined the handsome, middle-aged man pinning him down against the floor
and penetrating his new sex over and over. His cries turned to moans of
pleasure as the image grew more vivid, building in intensity until a flood of
ecstasy washed over him. As he came for the first time, he felt his ass inflate, swallowing his boxers between his sizable new butt cheeks. He quivered in fear and delight as he removed his
fingers from his new sex, rubbing his new pubic hair as he went. He thought
that release would help him clear his mind and figure out why this was
happening to him, but instead he only felt more memories that weren’t his
beginning to enter his mind.

please, I don’t want to be David’s mother…” he whimpered. He looked at the
little girl resting against his chest once more. “I don’t want to be your
mother…I’m a boy, I’m David’s friend…” but the longer he looked at the little
girl, the more he began to remember carrying her in his womb. He remembered the
difficulties of pregnancy, the toll it took on his body, and the joy of giving
birth. He remembered being in the hospital and smiling as the doctor handed him
his newborn daughter. He shook his head and tried to fight the new personality
taking over, only to feel his hair grow longer and shaggier. He felt his face
shifting and cracking as it became older and feminine, just like David’s

              “No, no…I…”
he murmured, turning to look at David as he slept on his bed. He tried to think
of his memories with his best friend, but as he stared at the little boy
sleeping on the bed, he could only remember getting pregnant with him in
college. He tried to think of all the video games they had played that night,
but instead could only remember the time David’s father…his husband…bought David
a new game console for his birthday. He remembered feeding David as a baby and
being surprised with how good it felt to use his breasts as nature intended.
James couldn’t even think of his own family anymore…only his husband. He
remembered their first kiss, their first night of love, and how he’d always
been there as a father for their kids. James rolled his eyes back one last time
as his new motherly instincts took over.

              “I love
you both,” she said warmly as she kissed her daughter on her forehead. She
hugged her daughter closer to her and drifted off to sleep, exhausted from the
transformation. The next morning, she slowly awoke to sunlight peeking through
the blinds. She looked at her children and grinned happily, though she was
still a bit tired. David rolled over and opened his eyes to his mother sleeping
on the floor next to his sister. He smiled at her and simply said,

Mother’s Day.”