Show Business (TG/AP)

Billy and his father had driven into the city for a casting
call for Billy’s favorite TV show. Like many children’s shows, it was about a
young girl trying to start a vlog. The role was relatively small, just a fellow
schoolkid who had a few speaking lines, but Billy had always dreamed of being
on television and being watched by millions. The two arrived at the studio lot,
surprised by how big the building was. There must’ve been at least 4 things
being filmed in there at once! Little did Billy’s father know that there was an
adult film company using the studio as well.

              As the
two entered the building, they were met with an incredibly long line for the
casting call. They looked around for another way into the room, but eventually
took their place in the back of the line with a sigh of defeat. They stood
there patiently, but the line barely seemed to move. A sleazy looking director
walked around the other end of the hallway, noticing Billy and his father
getting annoyed by how long their line was taking. He walked up to the pair and

you two looking to get in the casting room?”

Billy exclaimed, “but this is taking forever.”

it normally does.” He said, smirking. “I know a way to get you in front of a
camera way quicker than this. Interested?”


              The man
led the two of them down a different hallway, eventually stopping at a
nondescript white door. He opened it and let them in, revealing a bedroom set
with a camera in one corner. Billy grinned in delight, believing that this was
the show he’d dreamed of auditioning for.

kid, go step in front of the camera so we can adjust the settings for you.”

walked proudly in front of the camera, smiling and trying to hide his
nervousness. The director walked behind the camera with a sinister grin,
ecstatic that he’d found a replacement for his film. Billy felt a little odd as
the man fiddled with some switches on his camera, like his whole body was
tingling. It grew more intense as the man opened the camera lens, but Billy
chalked it up to his stage fright.

kid, ready? 3…2…1…action!”

              As the
man hit record on his camera, Billy suddenly felt a pulling sensation in every
bone in his body. He groaned in pain as he began to grow in every direction.
His spine cracked and curved as it elongated. His legs wobbled as they
lengthened, his feet expanding out of his little boy’s shoes. His arms grew out
as his fingers sprouted manicured fingernails. His hips moved to the left as a
loud crack came from the left of his hipbone expanding. The same thing happened as his
hips shifted to the right, leaving him with a womanly frame perfect for
childbearing. He screamed in horror as he looked over his growing body. It had
all happened so quickly that his father barely had time to react.

dad lunged at his son in a panic. He tripped on a power wire, stumbling forward
and knocking Billy onto the bed behind him.

what’s happening to me!?” Billy screamed as his hair began to lengthen.

              “I…I don’t
know!” he said to his terrified son. He reached down and grabbed a handful of
Billy’s growing hair, noticing it change to a blueish color.

murmured the director as he clicked another button on his camera. Billy’s
father suddenly felt his mind grow cloudy. He grew dizzy as he looked down at
his rapidly maturing son. He noticed the womanly curves on Billy’s body and
began to grow incredibly horny, much to his horror. Billy noticed a bulge
growing in his father’s pants, and while he was disgusted by the thought, he
felt an excitement growing in him. He wanted to fight it, but a sudden surge of
pleasure coming from his chest distracted him. He began to moan as his voice
grew deeper, but more feminine. His breaths grew deeper and more alluring as
two mounds of flesh began to grow beneath his little button-down shirt. They continued
to grow, sending unknown pleasures through Billy’s body and breaking the
buttons on his now ill-fitting shirt. Without warning, Billy’s father tore his
son’s shirt open, revealing a pair of beautiful, bouncy breasts. He began to
massage Billy’s new appendages, causing to Billy to moan even more sensually.

stop…” Billy moaned between breaths, still trying to fight the changes. He felt
his skull beginning to shift as his face reformed into a beautiful, young adult
actress. His father looked him in his sultry new eyes as he unbuckled his belt,
revealing his throbbing member. As Billy laid eyes on his fathers hardened
cock, he suddenly felt an emptiness growing in his abdomen. As his organs
reorganized themselves, he could feel a wave of estrogen beginning to flow
through his body. He looked at his crotch just as he felt his boyhood beginning
to slip between his legs. He could feel the new slit beginning to dampen before
it was even finished transforming. As his new sex completed itself, his father grabbed
the remains of his pants and tore them away, revealing a tuft of pubic hair
that matched his new hair, and a soaking wet clit. His father’s eyes widened as
he prepared for a thrust.

grabbed Billy’s legs and forced them open against his will.

no, please!” Billy screamed to no avail. With a violent thrust, Billy felt his
new sex get filled. He screamed in pleasure as a wave of dirty thoughts
overtook his mind. He thought of men grabbing his ass as they pinned him against
a wall and slobbering all over him. His ass began to inflate as the memories
grew more vivid. He looked at his father as he continued to thrust, noticing
how tall and muscular he was. It made him think of all the other porn stars he’d
worked with, and in comparison to a lot of the young guys she’d fucked, this
older guy was really making her head spin. No! He was a boy, not a she, and he’d
never fucked anyone! A moment ago, he didn’t even know what fucking was! The
process of being fucked, however, was making it hard for him to remember who he
was. Each thrust pushed the name Billy further into the back of his head and
brought more memories of sex forward. He felt himself on the brink, knowing that
he would become someone else forever in a few moments. While he tried to remember
his own name through the final climax, a final thrust of his father’s rock hard
cock sent a wave of ecstasy flooding through his body. He nearly passed out as
his whole body tensed up and began to quiver.

exhausted girl opened her eyes as she felt a shower of warm cum begin to cover
her. She looked over at the director and smiled.

more guys like that,” she said with a smirk. “I haven’t been fucked like that
in ages.”

if you keep giving me performances like that, I’ll get you whatever you want.
But for now, we need a few more minutes of footage for editing. Ready for round

simply bit her lower lip and leaned back, exposing herself to the older man who’s
cum she was covered in. He began to thrust without question, looking down at
the beautiful woman as her breasts bounced to the rhythm of his thrusts. He
grunted in pleasure as she licked cum off her fingers, rolling her eyes in
pleasure. Their moans filled up the room as they both thought to themselves
that this was the best acting gig ever.