Lifeguard On Duty (TG/AP)

Jake had gone to the neighborhood pool with his friends in an effort to escape the sweltering summer heat. All the adults in the neighborhood were at work, so the boys had the pool all to themselves. Unfortunately, when they arrived, they were greeted with a locked gate and a “No Lifeguard On Duty” sign hanging above the lock. Sweaty and exhausted from walking under direct sunlight, the boys began to grumble amongst themselves. Refusing to give up and go home, Jake walked around the perimeter until he found the poolhouse. There was a window on the back of the building that was cracked open, presumably to keep the air from getting stagnant. Jake smirked as he examined the window, believing himself just small enough to fit. He jumped up and pushed the window open, fumbling over the windowsill as he crawled into the poolhouse. He began to look around for a key to unlock the gate when he saw a golden lifeguard whistle hanging on a hook by the door. He picked it up and draped it around his neck, looking at it and bringing the mouthpiece closer to his lips. He gave it a light puff, just enough to get the other boys’ attention, but as he exhaled through the whistle, he felt a tingling suddenly rush through his body.

He began to grow dizzy as his skin began to take on a sun-kissed olive color. For a second, he thought that all the chlorine in the room was making him hallucinate, but a sudden growth spurt knocked him back into reality. He grunted as his arms and legs began to extend, his joints popping and shifting under his skin as they matured. He watched his hands in terror as his fingers elongated, complete with lengthening manicured nails. Two more pops came from his hips as they widened to child-bearing proportions. His boyish swimsuit began to tear from his expanding body, revealing two smooth, thickening thighs that were threatening to crush his boyhood. He wobbled around, off balance due to his rapidly changing proportions, and began to notice how much his hips swayed with each step. He was about to call for help when another intense tingling began to come from his groin.

He was assaulted with alien pleasures as his body rushed through puberty. His ass began to inflate while an emptiness began to grow in his abdomen. He felt his member suddenly harden and send confusing feelings coursing through his mind. He didn’t know why it suddenly felt so good, but he knew he wanted more of it. His member quickly began to retract between his legs, though, causing him to panic. He felt his organs beginning to shift around as a female reproductive system began to morph out of his former boy parts. With a wet schlicking sound, Jake was left with a sensitive clit between his legs. He stared at the new sex between his legs, dumbfounded and terrified. He didn’t know what was happening to him, but he could help the new urges that were coming from this new slit. He slipped two of his mature new fingers between the folds and moaned in ecstasy. His mind was flooded with unknown pleasure with each motion of his hand. He looked down to watch himself masturbate just in time to see two budding breasts beginning to form on his chest.

Each slip of his fingers caused his breasts to grow, sending even more pleasure through his body. He began to move in rhythm with his heavy, sensual breathing. He felt the weight on his chest growing with each passing second, causing his boyish breaths to become deeper and more feminine. He groped one of his new appendages and squeezed, moaning deeply as his nipples began to harden. With one final motion, he came and screamed in rapture, soaking his hand with his new vaginal fluids. He fell back against a supply rack and braced himself as he tried to catch his breath. As the pleasure wore down, he suddenly realized how horrifying his situation was. He began to panic again as he thought of his friends and family, wondering how he would explain this to him. He thought of his older sister and how gross he thought girls were. He thought of her boyfriend, and how cute he suddenly seemed.

Realizing this, he began to panic even more. Why was he thinking of guys that way?! He grabbed his head and tried to fight the new feelings that were flooding it, but in his panic he knocked a plastic visor off the top shelf and right onto his head. A wave of memories suddenly washed over him as his eyes rolled into his head. His face began to mature while his hair lengthened. His skull cracked as it grew mature and feminine. He groaned as he tried to resist the changes happening to his brain, but it was of little use. Memories of growing up around the neighborhood boys morphed into memories of make-up parties with the girls. Puberty was scary for her, but once she grew confident in her shapely body, she learned to wrap the horny boys in school around her finger. Jake tried to fight the memories of sex that began to materialize, but remembering getting fucked by all the jocks in high school was making her horny again. Jake could feel that familiar aching coming from his new pussy again. Jake wanted to cry as he thought about just wanted to go swimming only a few minutes ago, but as that memory began to fade, and the memory of her first kiss with her high school sweetheart settled into her mind, Jake resigned himself and embraced his transformation.

Jessica opened her vibrant blue eyes and stared around the room, trying to remember what she was doing in here. With a flash in her mind, she remembered that she was there to open the neighborhood pool. She had taken this lifeguard job in her hometown as a short summer job while she was away from college. She grabbed a lifeguard uniform from the lockers and slipped into it, grinning as it hugged her body just a little too tightly. She grabbed a megaphone from the supply shelf and grabbed the gate key as she walked out the door. She saw the group of young boys waiting outside the gate, still grumbling to each other about what to do. They were surprised to see her, and their reactions showed it. They all stared silently at her gorgeous body. She grinned in satisfaction at all the cute little boys ogling her. Opening the gate, she reached for the “No Lifeguard On Duty” sign and tossed it aside.

“Pool’s open! Have fun, but remember, no running!” Jessica said sternly. She smiled at them as they walked past her, each one staring at her longer than the next. She sat at the edge of the pool with her megaphone, yelling at any boys who were breaking the rules and wondering which one of their older brothers she wanted to text tonight.