The Crown (TG/AP)

was browsing the local GameStop with his mother when he came across a mystery
box of Mario toys. After much pleading, his mom gave in and bought him the
mystery box. He gleamed with excitement, shaking the box the whole way home as
he tried to guess what was inside. When they arrived, he sprinted up to his
room and began to tear at the plastic wrap surrounding the box. Upon opening
the lid, he was greeted with a feminine looking toy crown. It was pink and
gold, with a pair of cute looking eyes on the front like every other power-up
in the Mario games. He was disappointed but decided to try playing with it
anyway. He stood in front of his mirror and placed it on his head, laughing at
how silly he looked. He felt the crown begin to tremble on his head, and as he
looked closer in the mirror, he could’ve sworn he saw the eyes blink. Suddenly,
he felt a surge of power course through his body.

groaned as he felt himself beginning to grow. His muscles tensed as his bones
began to stretch, aging him as he grew upwards. His bedroom suddenly looked
smaller as he continued to grow in height. He looked at his changing body in a
panic as the rest of his limbs extended to match his new mature proportions. He
watched his arms grow longer, culminating in his fingers popping and
lengthening while his fingernails grew long and claw-like. More jolts of energy
ran through him as his legs grew long and thick, tearing his boyish pants and
putting pressure on his boyhood. He looked at his changing body in the mirror
and ran his new claw-like fingernails over his softening skin, mesmerized by
how smooth he was becoming. He traced a line down his exposed midriff as he
felt his abdominal muscles begin to tighten and grow beneath his skin. He
watched in awe as a six-pack began to materialize.

His hands slowly moved down his
transforming body until they reached his crotch. With yet another burst of
energy from the crown, he felt his boyhood beginning to change. A sultry moan
escaped his mouth as his crotch began to invert itself, sending unknown pleasures
coursing through his body as his member morphed into a fleshy pair of lips
between his legs. He moaned again in his deep, alluring new voice as he slipped
a pointed finger between the folds of his new sex. He didn’t know why it felt
so wet, but the sensations coming from his new clit were pleasurable beyond his
wildest imagination. He began to sweat as he continued to finger himself,
barely noticing his tattered clothes transform into a revealing black bikini. A
black strip of cloth materialized around his chest, tickling his nipples as
they began to grow more sensitive. He moved his free hand up to his chest and
began to massage it, rolling his eyes as more sensations began to come from his

More groans came as he felt his
chest beginning to swell, filling his hand with soft, supple flesh. He gave his
new breasts a squeeze as they continued to grow, relishing the feelings they
were sending through his transforming body. As his breasts continued to grow,
he felt his butt inflate as well, swallowing up the skimpy fabric of his new
thong between a pair of soft, mature new butt-cheeks. With a burst of ecstasy,
he threw his head back and came for the first time. Moans accompanied his
changing face as it grew older and more feminine, complete with beautiful
blonde hair that grew to tickle the top of his back. He brushed his new locks
out of his face and looked at himself in the mirror, trying to compose himself
and figure out how to explain this to his mother. His hands reeked of sex while
his new bodily fluids continued to drip down his inner thighs. He began to
panic as he heard his mother calling for him.

He reached up to remove the crown
from his head, hoping that it would change him back to normal, but as he was
about to knock it off his head he noticed his vision begin to grow blurry. He
looked around his room as his surroundings began to morph into the Mushroom
Kingdom. Walls dissolved, revealing cartoony looking clouds and land all around
him. Pipes and platforms sprouted out of the ground until Timmy was left
standing in the middle of the real Mushroom Kingdom. He began to panic even
more as he thought about his home, friends, and family. Suddenly, the crown
blinked again, causing alien thoughts to rush through Timmy’s mind. He wanted
to capture the princess…but now he was his own princess. An image of Mario
flashed across his mind and sent him into a rage. He growled as his muscles
grew more toned and powerful. He could feel heat beginning to come out of his
mouth as he started to exhale embers. He grabbed his head and tried to fight
these new thoughts, but the crown wasn’t having it. A spiked collar and bracers
materialized around his neck and wrists, tightening and focusing his new rage.
His back muscles began to spasm as he felt a spiked turtle shell begin to grow,
protecting his exposed rear. Finally, with a mighty roar, he felt a tail
explode out of the base of his spine, swinging with terrifying strength and
knocking down a few of the green pipes that had sprouted up around him.

Memories of his old life began to
fade as he began to give in to his new desires. He grinned menacingly as he lowered
his fingers towards his new sex. This new body is exactly what he needed to
take over the Mushroom Kingdom. Horns began to grow out of the new monster’s
head as the need to take over the kingdom solidified itself into the new
princess’ mind. She slipped a hand into her new thong and let out a sultry moan
as the inhabitants of the kingdom looked on in awe. She smirked at the
onlookers, secure in the knowledge that she, Bowsette, would be unable to be
resisted by Princess Peach’s champion. Mario would be wrapped around her finger
in no time, just like the rest of the Mushroom Kingdom.