Her Heels (TG/AP)

Mitch was moping around the house while his parents were still at work. He had recently been grounded because of his grades, so his parents confiscated his 3DS and hid it somewhere in their room. After sneaking around for a bit, Mitch finally saw his handheld sticking out of the top shelf of his parents’ closet. Unfortunately, he was still too young and too small to reach it. He began to pace back and forth as he tried to think of ways to reach his 3DS before his parents got home. Suddenly, he spotted a pair of his mother’s high-heels and figured they’d give him just enough of a height boost to reach the top shelf. He slipped his boyish feet into the heels and wobbled over to the shelf, bracing himself against hanging clothes for balance. He reached up to the top shelf and fumbled around for his game console, knocking one of his mother’s necklaces down around his neck as he barely managed to grab hold of his 3DS. He looked at the game console and smiled in satisfaction, but as he did so he suddenly began to feel a tingling coming from his feet.

He looked down just as he felt his feet beginning to grow. He watched in shock as his foot bones lengthened and cracked, forcing his feet into a perfect fit for the heels. He winced as his strengthening foot muscles forced a new arch into his feet, making it much easier for him to balance in the heels. He wiggles his cute, slender new toes in horror as the changes continued to travel up his legs. He groaned as his legs began to lengthen, pushing him upwards as they grew pale and femininely smooth. He dropped his 3DS and reached down to touch his changing legs, marveling at how soft and thick they were becoming. His calves grew toned while his thighs thickened, bursting through his shorts as they grew and leaving his bottom half entirely exposed. He began to panic as his growing thighs began to swallow the boy parts between his legs, forcing his genitalia up into his abdomen.

The changes began to send stimulating sensations coursing through his body, causing him to reel as alien pleasures began to build in his crotch. His groans turned to moans as his boyhood was swallowed up by the fleshy new clit opening between his legs. He heard his organs gurgling in his abdomen as his former boy parts morphed into a mature female reproductive system. His new ovaries began pumping estrogen through his maturing body as his mind was flooded with a mix of pleasure and confusion. New thoughts began to course through his mind as his desires to play video games and hang out with his friends were forcefully transformed into maternal desires to protect his family and make his son happy. He grabbed his head in a panic as he began to realize what was happening. He wasn’t thinking of himself as himself anymore…instead, when he thought of the name “Mitch”, he could only picture his…son.

He felt another tingling coming from his butt as it began to inflate, growing until it was a perfect replica of his mother’s supple, peach shaped behind. He reached back and grabbed it, disturbed by the fact that he was grabbing his mother’s own ass, but relishing the feelings it was sending through his body. Before he could stop, he felt a pressure beginning to build in his spine.  He hunched over as his spine cracked and popped, pushing him to his mother’s height of 5’6. His arms lengthened while his fingers popped, leaving him staring at his hands as they finalized their transformation into his own mother’s soft, manicured hands. A wedding band suddenly materialized around his slender ring finger, sending another pang of fear through his mind. He began to think of his own father as his husband as images of making love with the man forced their way into his head. He wanted to fight it, but the intoxicating feeling of his nipples beginning to grow was too much for him to handle. The pleasure surging through his body was making him involuntarily quiver.

He moaned even louder as his voice dropped, becoming deeper yet more feminine until he heard his mother’s voice coming out of his mouth. His sensitive nipples rubbed against his strained t-shirt as two mounds of flesh began to grow out of his chest. He groaned in pleasure as his growing breasts caused the threads of his boyish shirt to burst, leaving him completely naked. He felt his new body weight heaving off his chest as he let out deep, sensual moans. Every growing muscle in his body was wracked with pleasure as his massive breasts finally finished growing. A thin layer of fat began to grow under his skin, making his massive breasts just a little bigger as tiny rolls of fat appeared in his midsection. He’d never really noticed how curvy his mother was, but as he slowly ran his new hands over his mature new body, he felt a final crack in his hips as they widened to child-bearing proportions. A flash of giving birth to his son, Mitch, surged into his mind as his nearly complete motherly body began to complete its transformation. He remembered gripping his father’s hand as he pushed a new human being out of his alien female sex. The smell of the hospital swirled around his mind as memories of screaming in pain cemented themselves into his head. Going into labor wasn’t something he was ever supposed to think about. He knew this was all wrong, but he also began to remember the miracle of giving birth as one of the most beautiful things he’d ever be a part of. He grabbed his head in fear again as he felt more of his childish memories slipping away.

Hair began to grow through the cracks of his fingers as he began to cry in fear. He was terrified of the idea of becoming his own mother, and the whimpering sound of his mother’s cries coming out of his mouth only disturbed him more. He tried to think of his favorite hobbies and games in an effort to retain his personality, but he could only think of his job as an insurance agent. He wanted to remember what homework he had to do tonight, but could only think about wearing low-cut sweaters to work and blushing as his coworkers stared lustfully at his massive cleavage. As his face shifted into his mother’s and his hair finished growing down in front of his eyes, he felt the last pieces of himself morphing into his mother. He never should have put on his mother’s shoes, but he looked over his painfully familiar new body and regretfully accepted that nothing could be done now. New motherly duties were setting in, but a growing need to satisfy his new sex was also beginning to take hold. A  sudden wave of pleasure washed away his childhood as memories of puberty, growing up, celebrating her 35th birthday, going to college, and marrying his father…no, husband…took root.

Mandy wiped the tears from her eyes as she embraced the maternal thoughts taking over her mind. She thought of her son, Mitch, and spotted the 3DS lying on the closet floor. She reached down and grabbed it, placing it on the top shelf where it belonged. She didn’t like punishing her son, but she knew she needed to motivate him to do better in school. She looked over her naked body and smiled as she heard the front door opening. She was confused as to why she was naked at first, but the thought of her handsome husband suddenly reminded her that she was going to give him a treat tonight since he’d been working so hard lately. She knew he loved the way these high heels made her ass look. She walked out of the closet and laid on the bed, striking a sensual pose as she presented herself to her husband. Her massive breasts sagged to the sides of her body, arousing her as she wiggled her curves on the bed. A familiar dampness grew between her legs as her husband walked through the bedroom door. She smiled at him as he hurriedly began to take off his clothes. She could tell he was already hard and braced herself against the mattress as he rushed her, penetrating her forcefully and sending orgasmic waves coursing through her veins. She began to moan loudly, knowing that her sultry voice was turning her husband on even more. She threw her legs up as her husband ran his hands up and down them, eventually gripping them tightly as he began to thrust. Her sensual body moved up and down with his thrusts, bringing her closer to orgasm as her dripping clit was filled repeatedly. She moaned as the two of them made love for the rest of the night. She stared at her husband with a perpetual look of surprise as she hadn’t been fucked this hard in years. Her fingers curled around the silk sheets as the motions of sex forced her deeper into the bed. The loud, loving couple was lucky that their son was sleeping over at a friend’s house for the night.