Fucking Bimbo (TG/AP)

5th grade is rough for a lot of kids, and the two Johnson brothers, Adam and James, weren’t exactly popular. They were both relatively quiet and shy, but at least they had each other. Being in a school with grades from 5th-12th wasn’t helping things either. The older kids were always bullying them, mocking them for only hanging out with each other and not really being friends with anyone else. One day, after a particularly rough session of some older jocks shoving him into a locker, James couldn’t help but lash out. The brothers were walking down the hallway, sharing stories about what they’d do once they were seniors, when their awkward classmate Suzy walked by. She was quiet, nerdy, and unbeknownst to them, a witch in training. James, feeling the need to take his anger out on something, reached over and smacked Suzy’s books right out of her arms. Adam was taken aback.

“You’re such a nerd,” James said mockingly. “Why can’t you just be normal and talk to boys like the rest of the girls?”

“James, what’re you doing?” Adam said, embarrassed.

“Look, if the popular kids see us like this, maybe we won’t be at the bottom of the food chain anymore.”

“Oh, so you want to get in with the cool kids, huh?” Suzy asked angrily. “Well, I can fix that.”

She knelt down and opened one of her books, flipping to a page with incomprehensible language and whispering some gibberish before snapping her fingers. “You should ask your older sister if you can hang out with her friends sometime,” she said with a smirk. She looked at James as she patted Adam on the shoulder, winking at him before running off to class.

“What was that weirdo talking about?” James asked Adam. “Older sister?”

“I don’t know, but…” Adam said, beginning to shiver. “I feel kinda weird…”

Suddenly, Adam began to shiver as he felt a strange energy beginning to come from the shoulder that Suzy tapped him on. His body began to grow rapidly, stretching his uniform to its limits as he grew nearly twice as tall as his brother. James stared in horror as he watched his brother’s frame crack and pop, maturing in a matter of seconds. As he grew, however, Adam wasn’t becoming more masculine. In fact, his lengthening body was becoming more feminine by the second. He grunted as his hips jutted out and his spine cracked inwards, giving him the womanly frame of an 18 year old sex goddess.

“What’s happening to me?!” Adam screamed, looking at himself in horror as his muscles became toned in the most alluring places. He touched his now exposed midriff as his abs hardened against his will, forming a sexy six-pack while forcing the wind out of him. He gasped in an alluring new voice as his vocal chords matured, causing his horrified brother to reel in shock. His breaths were becoming heavier and sexier as he continued to age in front of his sibling. His groans of horror sounded like they were morphing into moans of pleasure as new sensations began to course through his body. James stepped back and looked at his brother’s expanding ass, hypnotized by the alluring new curves that were tearing out of Adam’s school shorts. Adam suddenly reached for his crotch as he was assaulted by a mass of alien pleasures coming from between his legs. He squealed like a bimbo as his boyhood began to invert self, slipping up into his abdomen and leaving a tight pussy in its place. He could feel his insides squirming around as a new reproductive system formed and began to pump estrogen through his fertile new body. He felt an emptiness between his legs that wanted to be filled, and as an image of the locker room boys flashed into his head, he felt his new clit beginning to grow damp.

The hormones flooding his body were rushing his mind through puberty, confusing him with thoughts of wanting to be overpowered and causing his mind to become intimately familiar with how his new body behaved. The new thoughts coursing through his brain made part of him sick to his stomach, especially since he hadn’t even gone through puberty as a boy, but another part of him was beginning to relish how it made him feel.

“James, I…I need help!” Adam wheezed in his new voice. “Please little bro!”

The two boys were shocked at what Adam had just said. They had always been the same age, but it was clear now that wasn’t the case anymore. Adam hunched over, trying to catch his breath and inadvertently giving his brother a perfect view of his plump new ass. James blushed at the sight, not only horrified by what was happening to his brother, but deeply confused by the fact that he was attracted to what Adam was becoming. Adam began to moan again as he felt more sensations beginning to come from his chest. His already stretched uniform shirt began to tear as two breasts began to push their way out from beneath his clothes. Two massive tits revealed themselves through a tatter of a former boy’s school uniform, making James even more uncomfortable.

“Why is this happening to me? Wh- ooohhhhh…” Adam trailed off, moaning as he grabbed his own tits and began to squeeze. As he massaged his new breasts, James noticed an olive tan beginning to spread from his brother’s breasts. Adam watched his skin darken as memories of laying in tanning beds for hours began to appear in his mind. He licked his thickening lips, noticing a sweet lip balm that had appeared around his moistening mouth, as he remembered spending hours perfecting his body for all the jocks at school.

“No, no, no!” Adam screamed as he tried to fight the new memories popping into his head. As the tan skin covered his face, he felt his hair grow longer and style itself, becoming bleach blonde as it finished lengthening. He knew the boys loved his bimbo look, which is exactly why he dyed his hair like this. He shook his head in anger as his eyes grew wider and dumber, glazing over as his thoughts began to focus solely on sex. They began to roll into the back of his head as memories of orgasm after orgasm ingrained themselves into his head, pushing his old boyish memories out of the way. Knowledge about how to walk, how to talk, how to suck dick, and how to fuck were replacing all his geeky knowledge about comics, video games, and hanging out with his brother. He tried to think about his favorite fighting game combos, but could only think about how to give the perfect handjob. He began to picture dicks in his hands, and as much as he wanted to be disgusted, he only felt his new clit growing more moist. He looked down at himself in horror as his nails lengthened into pink claws, wanting to hate what he’d become, but knowing that this perfect body is what made him…no, her, the most popular girl in school. His tattered clothes reformed into a girl’s uniform that barely contained his curves. Adam looked at his brother one last time with fear in his eyes and whimpered, “I’m sorry.”

Adam’s eyes rolled into the back of his head as he quivered in pleasure, unable to fight the flood of lust overtaking him. He moaned as he regretfully embraced his new personality, exhaling with a sultry new voice as Adam became Ashley, the school slut. The new bimbo opened her sensual new eyes and smirked at her little brother.

“What the fuck are you looking at, you little perv?” James wanted to cry as he heard his brother’s bitchy new attitude. “Don’t you need to be in class? Get the fuck out of here before the guys start making fun of you. You’re so ugly when you cry.”

“Adam, please…” James whimpered, hoping that his brother was still in there somewhere. Ashley didn’t respond, instead opting to push her breasts up and fluff her hair. She was meeting her boys in a few minutes and needed to ditch her dork of a brother.

“James, if you don’t get out of here right now, I’m gonna tell mom and dad that you were snooping in my room again!” Memories of having a bitchy older sister began to form in his head, but he could still remember Adam as his brother and best friend. Then, it hit him. This was his punishment. Suzy did this, and it was all his fault. He ran around the corner as the bell rang, noticing the senior football team walking out of a nearby classroom. He hid, watching in horror and disgust as they surrounded his former brother and ogled his sexy new body.

“Hey babe, you promised us something special if we stopped bullying your little brother, remember? Well, if you want us to hold up our end of the bargain, you’re gonna have to impress us.”

“Oh, you don’t think I can handle you guys or somethin’? Follow me,” Ashley said, brushing her hands against the boys’ hardening cocks as she went. James followed the group to the locker room, peeping through the vent once he heard Ashley’s sensual moans beginning to echo. He saw her giggling and removing her uniform as the jocks stood around naked, pointing their massive cocks right at her. Three of the muscle bound meatheads jumped her at once, surprising her and causing her to moan even more.

“Let me show you what this body can do…” she moaned, grabbing a locker as the boys all fought to penetrate her. James shed another tear, promising himself that he’d find a way to fix this and help Adam, but if the look on his older sister’s face was any indication, she loved being exactly what she was: the hottest, sluttiest, and most fucked girl in school.