Street Walker (TG/AP)

Ben was visiting his father in the city for the weekend. He usually looked forward to these visits since it gave him an escape from his mother’s house and his father seemed to be way more relaxed ever since his parents had gotten divorced. The city life was exciting to Ben, being far more noisy and colorful than his life in the suburbs. His mother thought Ben’s father was a bad influence on the young boy, but Ben was grateful that the government mandated that he spend time with his father. The two had just gotten out of the most recent superhero movie and were walking around the streets at night when Ben’s father began to glance over at a specific alleyway. The older man began to grow excited for reasons unknown to Ben. He grabbed his son’s hand and quickly walked him over to the nearest convenience store.

“Hey Ben, daddy has to go talk to someone real quick, so I want you to stay in this store and pick out your favorite snacks. I’ll meet you back here in a few minutes, okay?”

Ben’s father stood up and rushed off into the night before Ben could even respond. After browsing for a few minutes, Ben began to grow curious about what his father was doing. He looked out the glass door and saw his dad walk into the dark alleyway across the street. There were a few scantily clad women walking around that side of the street, but innocent little Ben thought nothing of it. Eventually, he grew bored and decided to follow his dad. Leaving the store empty handed, Ben checked for oncoming traffic and jogged across the street towards the dark alley. A few of the women stared at him and smirked mischievously as he approached.

“Excuse me,” he said nervously, “have any of you seen my dad? I saw him walk over here a little bit ago.”

“Aren’t you precious,” a busty older woman said as she kneeled to Ben’s height. “I think your pops went over there,” she said, gesturing down the alley, “but I don’t know if you should be walking around these parts.”

“Yeah, he told me to stay in the store, but I don’t get to spend a lot of time with my dad. I love hanging out with him, but I wish he wanted to spend time with me more often,” Ben said with a tinge of sadness. The woman grinned wickedly as she heard the boy’s words.

“Well, I might be able to help find him for you, but can you do me a favor first?” Ben nodded excitedly. “I think I dropped a red dress in the alley over there, but I need to stay out on the street with the rest of the girls. Could you be a doll and grab it for me?”

“Sure thing, miss!” Ben said as he jogged into the alley. The woman stood up and watched eagerly as her plan fell into motion. The young boy walked into the darkness nervously, stopping as he noticed a red pile of clothes lying next to a trash can. He picked it up and called out to the woman, “Is this the one?”

“That’s exactly what I was looking for,” she yelled back, snapping her fingers. As the sound echoed down the alley, Ben felt the cloth in his hand suddenly begin to squirm. It slithered around him, turning his boyish clothes to dust as it went. In a matter of seconds, he was wearing the loose-fitting dress and nothing else. Shocked and embarrassed, he cried out.

“Whoa, wha- what’s happening?!” The dress began to vibrate, sending pulses of energy coursing through his warming body. He hunched over and groaned as his bones suddenly began to grow. Cracks and pops echoed through the alley as his body rapidly aged into its thirties, widening in some areas and cracking in others as a feminine frame began to appear beneath the dress’ outline. He twitched and contorted as his spine extended with his arms, lengthening to adult proportions and becoming more flexible as they did. He cried in pain as his back cracked inwards, leaving him with a feminine arch and a cure pair of dimples above his butt. He was about to tear the dress off in a panic when he noticed his fingers cracking and lengthening, all while his nails grew long and manicured in the process. Multiple gold bracelets began to materialize around his wrists, jingling as he trembled in horror at his changing body.

He felt a cold breeze blow over his feet and between his sensual new legs as a pair of red heels burst out of his little Batman sneakers. He groaned as his feet cracked and shifted to fit perfectly into his new footwear. The growing heels pushed him further into the air, throwing him off balance until another crack came from his feet as they arched painfully and gave him perfect balance. A pair of leggings began to seep out of his new shoes, crawling their way up his smooth new legs and stopping at his thickening thighs. The awkward pose caused his butt to jutt out as more tingling sensations began to come from his petite behind. He reached his new hands and grabbed his ass just as it began to grow, inflating into a large peach shape as years of age and experience flooded into it. He groped his new ass cheeks, mesmerized by how soft and supple they were, until a jolt of pleasure from his groin almost dropped him to his knees.

He reached for his boyhood under the dress just as it began to retract, growing more sensitive by the moment. His finger reached the tip of his member just as it was about to be swallowed up by the two fleshy lips that had opened between his shapely thighs. In a panic, he accidentally pushed what was left of his member between his legs and let out an orgasmic squeal as alien pleasures wracked his body. He quickly pulled his hand out from between his legs, terrified by the feeling, but the growing dampness of his new sex was begging to begging to be touched again. He felt his abdomen pulsing as his organs jiggled around, making way for his new reproductive system. His new ovaries began to flood his body with hormones, causing a small tuft of pubic hair to sprout right above his groin as his terrified whimpers began to grow deeper and more sensual. He wheezed deeply as the dress tightened around his waist, pulling it inwards and leaving him with an alluring pair of hips that were ready for childbearing. He tried to turn and run out of the alley, noticing that his new hips swayed sensually with each step, but was frozen in place by the dress beginning to tweak and tease his nipples.

More alien sensations came from his chest as two massive breasts began to force their way out, quickly making their outline clear beneath the fabric. Ben looked down in disgust as his new cleavage made itself visible, growing larger the more horrified he grew with his metamorphosis. His sensitive new areolas had nearly doubled in size, and the cold air combined with the tickling fabric was causing the outline of his new nipples to show easily through the dress. He grabbed the new breasts in shock, reeling at the new weight hanging off his chest and reluctantly enjoying the feelings they were sending through his body. He squeezed them and moaned, feeling the dampness between his legs grow even more intense. His heavy breaths became more sensual with each passing second of stimulation. He could feel a desire for release building within him, but he still didn’t know what or why this was happening to him.

He let go of his breasts and reached up to his ears as he felt two piercings force their way into his earlobes. As he touched the metal dangling off his ears, a memory of getting his ears pierced at 17 flashed into his head. His eyes widened in panic as he realized that these memories weren’t his. His scalp began to tingle as his hair grew long and black, becoming silky and styled with two red baubles wrapping around his new locks and dangling over his shoulders. His eyes grew old and sensual, as if they were permanently teasing men over. His nose and lips grew petite and womanly as layers of makeup materialized onto his mature new face. His cheekbones rose with a crack while his chin grew soft and alluring. With one final crack of his skull, Ben took a deep, sensual breath and looked over his new body in horror as the physical transformation completed itself.

 He quickly marched over to the old woman, hips swaying with each step, as the matriarch looked over her work. She was pleased with herself and knew that their newest member would bring in a lot of work. She whistled mockingly and said, “Damn, honey. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anyone turn out as good as you.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?!” Ben screamed, covering his mouth in shock at the language he was using. “What did you do to me? What am I gonna tell my dad?!”

“Oh, you’ll figure that out. After all, he’s your favorite customer,” she said with a smirk.

“Customer? What? What’re you- AH!” Ben screamed as what felt like a lightning bolt shot through his head.

“You wished that your dad wanted to spend more time with you, right babe? Well, now there’s no one in the world that he wants to spend time with more!”

“No, please, I’m a boy! I don’t want to- NOO!” he moaned as he felt his mind being rewritten. His eyes rolled into the back of his head as he felt his memories shattering one by one, being replaced with a life of sex and debauchery. Thoughts of his favorite movies and toys began to morph into thoughts of his favorite clothes and dildos. His friends became images of the other women walking around the street with him. His cute little crush on the girl in the grade above him transformed into a ceaseless desire to fuck as many men as possible, relishing in how they worshipped his fertile new body. Puberty happened in seconds as knowledge about tampons and pads flooded his mind, disgusting him and causing him to cry.

“Oh honey, don’t cry or you’ll ruin your makeup!” the older woman said mockingly. More knowledge of how to dress herself up for her clients forced its way into Ben’s swirling head. He jerked his head back and forth as neurons and synapses in his brain were broken and rewritten. His new libido throbbed as his sex drive began to go off the charts. Every part of his body was aching to be touched, but Ben fought with all his might to retain himself. He didn’t want any of this, he just wanted to spend time with his dad and continue being a kid. As that thought crossed his mind though, the older woman grabbed Ben by the shoulders and turned him towards a man approaching them. He tried to look away in shame, not wanting his father to see him like this, but the smell of his cologne was forcing a final change in Ben’s mind.

“Hey sweetie,” his father said, completely unaware of his son’s transformation. “Long time, no see, huh?” The man reached into his back pocket and pulled out a wad of cash. “This should cover it, right?”

“D- daddy…” Ben said, struggling to fight his new desires. He watched his father’s face grow flushed at his words.

“Oh wow, I haven’t heard you call me that before, but I like it!” The man excitedly handed his money over to the gorgeous women before him. Ben didn’t want to take it, but instincts had taken over as he snatched the bills out of the horny man’s hand and began counting. He knew that it was enough without even thinking. Ben reluctantly took his father’s hand and began leading him to the darkest part of the alley. His surroundings were growing more familiar by the second as years of working this spot flooded his mind. He was about to turn to his father and try pleading one last time when the man forcefully flipped her around and pinned her against the wall.

“Say it again, babe,” he whispered into her ear. Ben could practically feel himself dripping at this point as he felt his father’s cock hardening through his khakis. He turned his head and sensually moaned,

“Daddy,” into the man’s ear, trailing off as he licked the man’s warm cheek. Ben was horrified at what he’d just done, but unable to resist his body’s new muscle memory. He lifted his dress up and bent over, exposing his aching new sex to the man and smiled.

“Oh, Brandy, you spoil me,” he said as he unzipped his pants. As Ben heard his new name, he finally gave in and embraced his new life. His head buzzed with excitement as an entire lifetime settled into his mind. He didn’t care about his childhood memories anymore as this new life was simply too intoxicating. He never could’ve felt pleasure like this in his old life, or made as much money. He glances at the wad of cash in his hand and smiled as he fully became Brandy, the best street walker this side of town.

She moaned and teased her client’s cock with her soft ass, driving him into a fervor as he grabbed her cheeks and began to thrust. She screamed in ecstasy as her new sex was filled over and over again, remembering how much she enjoyed her line of work. Her clients weren’t the most attractive bunch, but the sex was still great, especially when she didn’t have to look at them. She had the richest clientele in the city, and knowing how much men were willing to pay for a few minutes with her heavenly curves was almost more gratifying than fucking. She groaned in pleasure as his thrusts got faster, feeling her tits bounce out of her dress and jiggle in rhythm with their grinding bodies. After a few more minutes of sweaty intercourse, they both screamed and came together. She exhaled as he pulled out and put his dick back into his pants, his cum still dripping down her leg.

“Sorry, I meant to pull out sooner, but…fuck, that was amazing!” he said between breaths. “Here’s a little extra to take care of any…inconveniences.” He pulled out another wad of cash and handed it to the reeling woman. She wasn’t even upset considering that orgasm was still quaking through her body.

“Babe, if you keep fucking me like that, I won’t even charge you,” she said with a wink. She twitched her clit muscles and sighed satisfactorily as the remnants of her orgam begant to fade. “Come back anytime, hon.” She gave the older man a kiss on the cheek and walked back to the street with the rest of the women. She handed the den mother her cut of the money and continued her patrol down the sidewalk, flaunting her body at any men that would look. Out of the corner of her eye she saw her client running back across the street into the convenience store. She briefly wondered what he was looking for, but soon she spotted another wealthy client walking her way. She smiled and dropped a dress strap off her shoulder as he approached with lust in his eyes and a massive bulge in his pants. She was in for a long, lucrative night.