Samantha (TG/AP)

“Honey, you’re growing into such a handsome young man. I know you’ve never been with a woman before, but don’t worry, Mommy will show you what to do…”

Hearing those words come out of my former best friend’s mouth was surreal and horrifying. I was already in a state of shock from watching a 14 year old boy transform into such a beautiful creature, but the new woman in front of me claiming to be my estranged mother and trying to seduce me was pushing me into madness. I’m not even sure what’s real anymore, or why any of it happened, but it started on a day like any other.

I was hanging out after school with my best friend, Sam, when he began asking about my parents. They had gotten a divorce shortly after I was born and my mom had run off with some rich asshole that she was having an affair with. I don’t ever remember meeting her, but the stories my dad would tell about her when he had a little too much to drink weren’t exactly flattering. She was evidently a promiscuous gold digger who had a habit of moving from man to man. Sam had asked if I ever wished she was still around and if it was weird growing up without a mother.

“Yeah,” I said, “it feels a little weird to be raised by a single dad, but from what he’s told me, she sounded like bad news.”

Sam, being a young boy who was just hitting puberty, replied, “Probably, but from the stories I’ve heard…she sounded pretty hot.”

“Like you’d even have a chance with her!” I mocked. “Then again, if the stories are true, she’d probably try to fuck both of us.”

We laughed for a bit, myself a little more awkwardly than Sam considering it was still my own mother we were talking about. As much as we liked to make fun of her, and as much as my father despised her, I still silently wished I could meet her. A chill blew over the two of us as the thought crossed my mind.

“Whoa, is there an open window somewhere?” Sam asked. He stood up and screamed as he suddenly grew nearly half a foot in height. “What the fuck?!”

“Wha- did you just grow?” I exclaimed. Before he could respond, he hunched over and grabbed his sides as his bones began to expand. I heard pops that sounded like cracking knuckles coming from every joint in his body. He squirmed in pain as his arms and shoulders widened and lengthened to adult proportions, cracking as they grew. I stared in horror as his fingers began to lengthen, growing mature and feminine as his nails grew long and manicured. He lifted his arms up in shock to watch his torso beginning to morph before his very eyes. His ribs began to protrude more as his body began to take on an hourglass figure. His stomach stretched flat as his skin became hairless and alluringly smooth. His hips began to tremble as two more loud cracks echoed through the house, pushing his figure outwards to accommodate his increasingly motherly figure.

“What’s happening to…meeEEEE!” He screamed as two breasts began to force their way out of his chest. I watched in terrified confusion as my friend began to grow a perfect pair of boobs while screaming in a deepening feminine voice. At this point, I couldn’t actually tell if his screams were from horror or pleasure, but his new voice was beginning to turn me on…much to my horror. I stared on silently as two massive breasts finished growing from Sam’s chest, bursting through his t-shirt and swinging alluringly in the air. I heard him moan softly as his nipples hardened, as if his new breasts were begging to be touched.

“Please…make it stop…” he begged, staring at me helplessly. He could feel more changes coming, and I felt helpless as they happened. His legs buckled inwards as his thighs began to thicken, causing him to wince as his boyish manhood was pushed inwards. His little shorts tore open as his legs continued to grow, and with a quiet schlicking sound, his sex folded in on itself, leaving behind a rapidly dampening clit between his legs. He groaned as his new folds began to ache with desire, screaming to be filled. His boy parts continued to morph inside him, becoming a mature reproductive system that began to flood his new body with the appropriate hormones. He reached down to hide his new sex from me, but I saw a glint in his eye as he slid a finger between his new clit and let out a deep sigh of satisfaction. I didn’t want to watch my friend masturbate as he continued to transform, but I couldn’t look away. I felt my member pressing up against my pants, and though I tried to hide it, I know Sam saw my hard-on growing as well. He looked at me, disgusted at first, but his expression seemed to rapidly be changing due to the hormones flooding his body.

I could tell he wanted to fight it, but his moans only grew more and more intense as his ass inflated into a perfect peach shape. I looked down at his feet as they cracked and flexed, becoming cute and petite. The only part of him left unchanged was his head, but that wouldn’t last very long. His eyes grew wide and slender, taking on an almost permanently seductive look. His skull cracked as it reshaped itself into a soft, feminine head to match the rest of his mature new body. His nose and lips grew adorably tiny as makeup applied itself to his face. Finally, his hair grew long and silky, not stopping until it reached the middle of his back. He blinked a few times as his irises became a dark shade of brown, moaning as he felt his mind being rewritten.

“Sam, are you still in there?” I asked in a panic. The new woman in front of me just moaned and grabbed her head, trying to retain any semblance of Sam.

“Oh…honey…I…it’s been so long since I’ve seen you…” she began to moan, clearly trying to fight whatever memories were forcing their way into her head. “It’s okay…now…mommy is…NO!” She screamed, realizing who she had become. I was just as horrified to learn that the woman who my best friend had turned into, the woman who was now getting me hard as a rock, was my own mother. “It’s me…SaM…I DonT WanT tO Be…YoUr…Samantha!”

I heard Sam struggle one last time against his new personality, but as the name Samantha came out of the woman’s mouth, I knew there was no going back.

“Honey, you’re growing into such a handsome young man. I know you’ve never been with a woman before, but don’t worry, Mommy will show you what to do…”

She made me take off my shirt as she put it on herself, covering up her bare breasts and teasing me with her cleavage. She knelt down before me, my shirt barely covering up her dripping pussy, and began to tie her hair back.

“I’m gonna teach you how to please a woman, okay you little stud? However hard you make me cum, I promise to return the favor two-fold.”

By this point, all the blood had rushed from my brain to my cock, so I couldn’t say no. I’m not going to lie, it felt amazing. She knew how to do everything, and taught me how to do everything better. I had her screaming, and she had me wrapped around her fingers. Whatever fucked up magic caused all this to transpire is fine with me, and even more fine with Samantha. Sam was joking about getting with my mother before, but now Samantha has everything Sam could’ve ever dreamed of and more.

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