My New Patreon!

Hi Everyone,

First things first, this does not mean my stories will be Patreon exclusive. I WILL BE UPLOADING ALL OF MY STORIES TO THIS PAGE FOR FREE. They’ll just be Patreon exclusive for a month before they appear here.

I started a Patreon because of some recent familial developments. We’re going through some financial troubles, and I’m going to need to start providing for my family. I have a job, but my income barely covers my personal needs, so I’m looking for any supplemental income I can find. I don’t want to give up writing these stories, so while I am trying to monetize my work here, I will still be uploading my stories for free after a month. You do not need to be a patron to continue reading my stories. However, patrons will be given access to a Discord server that I started where you’ll be able to message me directly, connect with other followers of mine, RP with me & others, and make requests. This is all new to me, so please forgive me for any growing pains that arise, but I hope you all continue to enjoy my writing whether you’re a patron or not.

I’ve already written one story that will be Patreon exclusive until next month. You can check it out at the link below. Thank you all for following me for this long, and I hope you enjoy my writing throughout the new year!