Brotherly Love (TG AR)

Matt was back at his family’s house during his summer break from college. He had just turned 23 and was entering his last year of undergrad, excited to graduate and finally get his degree, though he was nervous about having to get a job and not being able to party with his friends anymore. His little brother, Jackson, had just turned 15 and was about to become a sophomore in high school. Jackson always had a harder time with girls, whereas Matt never had a problem. After a deep conversation with his little brother about his girl troubles, Matt got up to use the bathroom. He finished up and began to wash his hands, looking at himself in the mirror and sighing as he thought of how to help his little brother out. 

“Man, I wish I could just show my little bro how to talk to girls his age.” He sighed as he dried his hands. Just as he was about to leave and head back to his brother’s room, he felt his phone vibrate with a notification. He opened it and started in confusion at the text he’d received from an unknown number. The message simply read: GRANTED.

He felt a shock run through his hand as his phone screen went black. The electric jolts spread through his body, causing his muscles to go numb. He dropped his phone on the ground as his fingers went limp, the screen cracking as it hit the tile. He wanted to call out to his family for help, but his mouth was already slack as his tongue flopped around in his mouth. He fell down onto his back as his legs gave out, his heart rate increasing in panic. Soon, the numbness began to turn into a prickly feeling spreading through his muscles starting with his feet. He barely lifted his head enough to see his athletic feet beginning to shrink, his toes shrinking as his nails were covered in black polish. He grimaced as his feet shrunk in with a crack, reducing in size until he was only half his old shoe size. He flexed his dainty toes as slowly regained control of them, confused as to what was happening.

His legs began to slim down next, fat and muscle melting into nothing as the gap between his thighs widened. He winced again as he felt his legs shortening with more violent spasms. He could feel his skin growing soft, smooth, and pale as the changes moved up his body. By the time his lower half was finished changing, he thought his legs looked like a teenage girl’s. The changes grew more intense above the waist as his slight belly slimmed down, flattening to the point that it looked like he had a slight eating disorder. He shifted his hips uncomfortably as they narrowed from his adult body, but shrunk to be just wide enough for a feminine figure going through puberty. 

His moans grew higher in pitch as he felt something happening to his dick. His feminine voice betrayed his feelings of horror as he felt his cock shrinking, the worst thing a guy like Matt could imagine. His voice reached its peak as he felt the last bits of his manhood shrink and slide up into his abdomen, a tight, virgin pussy replacing the gear between his legs. He felt his new sex beginning to moisten as his body recieved just enough estrogen to put him halfway through puberty. He looked around the room, confused by the adolescent hormones flooding his body and mind. He felt like he was losing knowledge of sex, of ever being intimate and exploring another’s body, but growing excited at the thought as if he’d never done it before.

“What’s even happening to me?” He said, shocked to hear the high pitched voice of an apathetic teenage girl coming out of his mouth. He rocked back and forth on his torso as his frame finished shrinking, his arms shortening as his muscles faded. His ribcage cracked in as his shoulders grew slim and dainty. His neck thinned out to the point someone could nearly wrap their hand around it. He shook his head in denial as he felt the tingling feeling crawl up his face, shocked to feel his hair tickling his neck now. His skull cracked inwards as his features grew youthful and soft, dark eyeliner caking itself around his wide, girly eyes. He wanted to cry as his emotions grew more powerful, his hormone flooded mind beginning to reshape itself to his new body. 

“Why am I a little girl? Why do I feel like this?” He whimpered in his fragile new voice. He watched in confusion as his clothes began to restitch themselves, shrinking to fit his new body as they turned into a goth pair of torn shorts and a metal band t-shirt. He reluctantly moaned again as he felt his new clothes tickling his sensitive new nipples, triggering another surge of estrogen to flood his bloodstream. He arched his back in a feminine fashion, his spine cracking inward as he thrust his chest upwards. Two modest breasts began to sprout, sending even more confusing feelings of pleasure through his body. He nervously felt his new chest with his dainty hands, softly moaning and reluctantly enjoying the feelings of his feminine new form. He felt an excitement growing in him, something familiar yet totally alien. He felt like he was going through puberty again, but not as a teenage boy. 

All his memories of sex grew stronger in his mind as his perspective began to shift. They weren’t memories anymore, they were sexual fantasies he’d been having for the past few months, but to his horror, he didn’t visualize himself as the man anymore. He felt his new sex growing wet as he imagined his old nights, thinking about being thrown around on the bed instead of being the one to do the throwing. He saw himself getting penetrated and moaning in ecstasy instead of being the one doing the thrusting. His old memories became daydreams of his new self. His new memories sprouted between his rewound brain synapses, suddenly remembering every detail of his new body and mind. He struggled to remember any of his time in college, or even his time in high school, as every attempt only brought up memories of being a girl in high school, but with way more tech than when he grew up. He remembered his first period and how scared he was, but how thankful he was to his mom for showing him what to do with pads and tampons. But…his mom was different…it wasn’t his mom, was it? 

He stood up, still adjusting to how big everything was now, and quietly unlocked the door, making sure nobody would see him. While his mind was racing with new impulses and memories, he still wasn’t sure who he could tell about this. He crept over to his brother’s room, sneaking in once he saw it was empty. He wanted to hide in shame, but knew he had to sell someone about this. He noticed some new clothes in the corner of his brother’s room and knew they were his. A black skirt and striped tube socks were laying there, like he’d left them there days before. Almost as instinct, he changed his clothes, pulling up the tube socks and enjoying the feeling of the fabric sliding up his legs. He suddenly thought of his brother and fell onto the bed in shock, realizing that his brother was in his high school memories as…his first boyfriend. 

“No, no, no!” He whimpered as the timeline of his relationship with Jackson formed in his head. He remembered his brother nervously asking him on a date for the first time. He remembered their first time eating together, going to each others’ houses, and holding hands in public for the first time. He remembered Jackson pulling him in for a kiss one night at the park, and he remembered how amazing he felt. He blushed at the memory, a warm, comforting feeling spreading through his mind and beginning to calm his nerves. He began to smile as he remembered the cute texts Jackson would send, how funny he could be, and how he was always there for her…him. He grabbed a pillow and screamed into it, trying one last time to remember who he was, but as he let his fear out, he began to embrace the soothing sense of belonging growing in his mind. He began to grow excited again as he thought of Jackson, remembering why he came over to the house while Jackson’s parents were out. “My name is Mike,” he tried repeating to himself. “My name is Mike, my name is mi…” He trailed off as the door opened in front of him. It was Jackson, and he was so cute.

“Jackson! It’s me, Mi…M…Maya!” 

Well, yeah, I know that, dummy. Maya, my girlfriend of 1 year? That is you, right?” Jackson said, closing the door behind him and seductively walking towards his girlfriend. Mike wanted to scream, but as he felt his brother lean in and give him a passionate kiss, he felt his eyes roll back in submission. He loved this body, these youthful feelings, this sensitivity, and Jackson…his…her boyfriend. She was Maya, the school goth who boys were starting to take note of, but who was happily in love with her boyfriend, Jackson. She quivered in a quiet orgasm as she settled into her new role, lifting her legs up to reveal her underwear to her ecstatic boyfriend. She smiled as she realized how happy her body could make him. This was going to be both of their first times, and she wanted it to be special and memorable. 

Jackson, babe, I know you’re excited. I am too, but I don’t know if I want to give myself up this easy,” she said with a wink and a smirk. “I want you to use your words. Tell me I’m pretty and maybe I’ll…open up a little bit.”