Room Service (TG AP RC) – Trade with DepressedWombat

My first trade in a while! This one is for DepressedWombat. Check out their page for more amazing stories, including the other half of this trade!


Andy was ecstatic to finally be in Japan. He felt lucky that his dad decided to bring him on a business trip to Tokyo. The father and son had just checked into their fancy hotel and were getting unpacked when Andy’s dad decided to run down to the convenience store to get some snacks for the two of them. On his way down, Mr. Jackson spotted one of the most beautiful girls he’d ever seen working the front desk.

“Oh, hello, Mr. Jackson. Are you enjoying your room?” The woman said in a heavy Japanese accent.

“Absolutely, though I’d like it even more if I was sharing it with someone as beautiful as you.” The older man said with a wink. The woman giggled and blushed before picking up the phone to assist some other guests. Mr. Jackson continued on his way to the store, completely oblivious to what was about to happen to his son back in the hotel room.

Andy was surfing through the Japanese television channels, utterly confused since he didn’t speak the language. Oddly, he came across a channel that was just a random series of Japanese characters flashing across the screen with white noise playing in the background. He found it strangely entrancing and ended up staring at it for a few minutes, like it was building to something. He stared intensely, his eyes beginning to glaze over, until suddenly a burst of light emanated from the screen before the TV turned itself off. Andy blinked in confusion at what just happened, trying to turn the TV back on until he noticed that his clothes had completely changed. Gone were his shorts and t-shirt, replaced with a black business jacket like he’d seen his dad wear and…a skirt? The clothes were way too big for the young boy, but that wouldn’t be the case for long.

Andy stood up to grab his phone and send a pic of his confusing new clothes to his dad when he began to grow. He felt vertigo as his height rapidly shot up, growing nearly half a foot in a matter of seconds. His body began to spasm as the rest of his limbs caught up to his maturing frame, his arms and legs twitching as his bones stretched and his flesh filled with fat and muscle. He groaned as he felt his joints popping and cracking, expanding out into a decidedly feminine frame. His collarbone grew prominent, pressing up beneath his softening skin, as his hips jutted outwards to accentuate his increasingly dramatic curves. He felt his skin growing more sensitive by the second, becoming silky and pale as his businesslike attire tightened against his growing body. 

“What’s happening to…jibun?” The boy whimpered, too panicked to even notice his words changing. He grabbed his throat as his vocal chords began to change, leaving him with a high pitched, but professional sounding voice. His tongue began to tingle as his muscle memory rewrote itself, adapting to his new native language. “No…I not…onnanoko…” he moaned in a thickening Japanese accent, reluctant to accept the voice coming out of his mouth as his own. 

His words of resistance quickly devolved into sensual moans as his chest began to pulse with energy. He thrust his chest forward as two supple breasts began to push their way out, his enlarging nipples rubbing against his new clothes and sending confusing sensations through his body. He wanted to cry as he watched his new chest inflate, filling out the empty space of his top as his spine cracked inwards to help him balance his new center of gravity. He looked down at his alluring new cleavage, poking one of his jiggling new boobs with a manicured hand and recoiling at the feeling. These were really his breasts, no matter how much he wanted to deny it. 

Watashi no oppai?” He asked himself, horrified by the thought of having breasts. He didn’t have much time to examine them before another pulsing sensation began to build in his crotch. He felt his ass expanding as his new underwear tightened around his crotch, forcing his boy parts between a pair of thick, creamy thighs. He rubbed his legs together in discomfort as his sex began to invert, triggering more sensual moans to slip out of his mouth. These feelings were even more intense than the ones from his chest, and his moans reflected that. Anyone outside of the room likely would’ve thought there was a hentai playing at max volume based on his screams of pleasure. Andy threw his head back in ecstasy as his dick and balls slipped upwards, moving into their new positions as a female reproductive system. His new ovaries flooded his bloodstream with estrogen as his dick condensed into an impossibly sensitive bundle of nerves, coming to rest at the top of his moistening new pussy. He spread his thick legs to feel his new sex instinctively, utterly intoxicated by the feelings coming from between his legs. 

“Oh god…I have…vagi…watashi no chitsu wa totemo nurete imasu!” He moaned as he ran his fingers over the sensitive folds between his legs. He wanted to call his dad for help, desperate to stop whatever was happening. He didn’t want to be a girl, he didn’t want to be Japanese, he just wanted to be a kid from America. His mind wanted to go back to normal, but his body felt better than he thought was possible. Knowledge of sex began to fill his mind, seducing him into his new life with memories of how good it felt to get fucked as a woman…especially a fragile, Japanese woman who’s moans would drive any man crazy. He began to hyperventilate as he felt his mind beginning to change, the allure of giving into his new body growing stronger by the second. In a desperate last attempt, he grabbed his phone out of his bag, but to his horror, his phone’s faceID wouldn’t unlock due to his aging visage. He could only watch in horror as the reflection in his screen grew older and softer. His cheeks grew rosy as his nose became soft and button-like. His lips widened as his eyes took on a distinctive Asian slant. His hair began to cascade down his neck, turning a silky brown as years of professional hair care embedded themselves into his new strands. He didn’t even recognize himself anymore, and he knew his dad wouldn’t either. What was he gonna say? How could he explain this? Why was he a mature Japanese woman?!

Suddenly, the hotel door began to unlock. Andy’s mind began to race with what to say to his father, but as he struggled to come up with an explanation, he felt something else growing in his mind. Time seemed to stand still as knowledge of another culture, of another life, began to fill his spinning head. His native language morphed into Japanese as his knowledge of English, while good enough to work in the service industry, became secondary and slightly broken. His favorite books were suddenly all Japanese romance novels, and his favorite movies were all cutesy slice-of-life animes. He felt growing instincts to please the men in his life, and blushed at the thought of all the tourists seeing him and complimenting his looks. He remembered how fun it was to have sexual flings with tourists visiting Japan, collecting orgasms without any emotional connection. He remembered how good it felt to be wanted, to be desired, to be consumed by these beastly men, and how easily he could manipulate them with his seductive body and nature. He felt better than he ever did as a young American boy…and he didn’t want to fight it anymore. He wasn’t Andy anymore…she was Atsuko.

“Oh, um, hello there?” Mr. Jackson said with surprise at the sight of the cute front desk assistant sitting in his room.

Konichiwa, Jackson-san. I am here for the room service you requested…” Atsuko said seductively, leaning in to give him a perfect view of her soft cleavage. The man excitedly locked the door and set his bags down, caressing her soft face with his strong, American hands before pulling her in for a passionate kiss. She moaned as she ran her hands down his chest, unbuttoning his shirt and grabbing his rapidly engorging cock. She leaned back and spread her legs, showing off her dripping new pussy in invitation. “Oh, daddy Jackson-san…ima watashi o fakku!”