Teen Mom (Pregnant TG AP)

Charlie was walking home from the store with his mom, Karen, when they passed a young woman with a massive belly, clearly very pregnant. Karen scoffed as they walked by her, giving the soon to be teen mom a look of disapproval. 

“Mommy, why is her belly so big?” The young boy asked naively. 

“She made some poor choices in life, honey. Very irresponsible choices.” She told her son with a righteous tone. Karen was an extremely conservative woman. She attended church every week, read the bible every night before bed, and absolutely hated the idea of sex before marriage. She felt lucky that her only child was an obedient boy since she didn’t have to worry about any promiscuous behavior. If only she was able to keep her mouth shut and keep her morals to herself.

“I’ll show that self-righteous bitch…” the pregnant girl mumbled as she overheard Karen talking to her son. She closed her eyes and mumbled an ancient spell, pointing her finger at the woman’s son. She felt an invisible bolt of energy leave her finger, hitting the boy right in the back. She watched him stop in his tracks with a shiver, satisfied that she’d hit her mark. She continued walking away from the mother and son, hoping to watch from a distance with a devious grin on her face.

“Whoa, mom, did you feel that?” Charlie said, beginning to shiver.

“Feel what, honey?” She asked, confused as to what her son was talking about. 

“It felt like someone just splashed water on my back…” he said as the chilly feeling began to spread across his skin. “I feel weird, mom!” He said in a more panicked tone as what little body hair he had began to vanish. Karen looked down at her son in confusion as his shivers grew more intense, shaking like the ground was vibrating below him. Her eyes widened in shock as her son began to grow before her eyes. His boyish clothes quickly tightened around his growing body as he shot up in height, matching her height in a matter of seconds. Charlie and Karen looked at each other in shock, both confused as to how they were eye level with each other now. Charlie suddenly hunched over with a groan as his bones began to shift, his spine curving inwards as his hips widened with a sickening crack. He stumbled on his elongated legs as his hips grew out to child-bearing proportions, becoming wider than his own mother’s. 

“Mom?! What’s happening?!” He screamed, terrified by his bodily changes. 

“I…I…” Karen stammered, struggling to find the words to comfort her son. She was just as confused as he was. She hugged him in a desperate attempt to calm him down, horrified to feel his body continuing to change as it pressed up against hers. Charlie hugged his mom back tightly, trying to fight the changes, but succumbing to the budding pleasures of his aging body. His moans grew sultry as his voice matured until he sounded like the senior girls in his school. His breathing grew heavy as he felt something beginning to grow out of his chest. He closed his eyes in disbelief as two breasts forced their way out from behind his already tight button-down shirt, pressing up against his mother’s breasts as they grew. Tears began to roll down his cheeks as he struggled to suppress more sensual moans, not wanting to show how much he was beginning to enjoy his metamorphosis. 

His knees suddenly buckled as he leaned on his mom for support, an alien pleasure building between his legs. Karen looked at her changing son’s expression and body language, horrified by the sinful feelings her son was experiencing. She knew that look, like an orgasm was building, but she never thought she’d see it on her son’s face. Charlie threw his head back in ecstasy and let out a feminine scream of pleasure as his groin began to invert. He felt his organs shifting to fill the space left by his fertile new hips, making room for a brand new reproductive system. Orgasmic shocks surged through the confused boy as his junk pulled itself inside, his inverting flesh teasing his sensitive new nerves as two vaginal lips tightened between his legs. He felt the internal walls of his new sex moistening, lubricating themselves as his testicles turned ovaries began to pump estrogen through the once young boy. His body ran through female puberty in a matter of seconds, his new womb settling in place as a tuft of pubic hair sprouted above his quivering pussy. His sex change was so intense, he barely felt his ass inflating during the process.

“Mom…I don’t wanna be a girl…” Charlie said, looking desperately at his mom. Karen looked at her nearly unrecognizable son, still confused as to why this was happening to her little boy. She was horrified by the sight of her sweat drenched son, his now alluring body exposed by his tattered school uniform. His breasts heaved up and down as he tried to catch his breath after his first orgasm, still confused as to what exactly that intense but pleasurable feeling was. Karen’s expression turned even more concerned as she noticed her son’s hair beginning to grow. His combed short hair rapidly lengthened down to his lower back, turning a light purple in the process. His face contorted as it too began to age, turning sultry and feminine, but still retaining a youthful energy. His eyes grew seductive, like he was inviting everyone he looked at into the bedroom, while his pupils turned a vibrant shade of violet. Blush and lipstick applied itself to his alluring new visage, leaving him looking like, as his mom would put it, a slut. 

“Oh god, Charlie! You have to fight it!” Karen said, grabbing her son’s head and desperately trying to wipe the makeup off his face. She hoped whatever had just happened was over and she could take her son home to figure things out, but there was one last thing developing in the boy. 

“Ack, stop! Something’s happening…inside…” Charlie said, pushing his mom away as he hunched over and grabbed his stomach. Karen watched helplessly as things seemed to only get worse for her son. He groaned as his stomach began to expand, new life growing rapidly within his new womb. His chest began to inflate even more than it already had, swelling with milk for his baby’s impending arrival. Pain and pleasure swirled in his mind as his new body adapted to its fertile purpose, his nerves becoming even more sensitive as a result of the pregnancy.

“God, please! Make it stop! Anything but this!” Karen said, clapping her hands together in futile prayer. Charlie’s mind began to race as new instincts began to take over. He wasn’t a boy anymore, nor was he a child. He felt responsibility building as his pregnancy term moved further along by the second. He remembered getting periods and buying tampons, and the panic he felt when his period was late. He remembered feeling scared, much like he did now, when his pregnancy test came out positive. His boyfriend was incredibly supportive during the process. Wait…he had a boyfriend?! Of course! Who else would be the baby’s father other than his boyfriend. He remembered fighting with his mom when she learned about the pregnancy, Karen screaming and calling him a whore, slut, and sinner. He remembered the fighting getting so bad that he ran away from home to live with his boyfriend. As if on cue, a young man on a motorcycle pulled up next to them on the street, looking for his pregnant girlfriend.

“Chrissy?! Are you okay? What are you doing out here?” The young man said, running over to the struggling boy. The name Chrissy sent shockwaves through the boy’s mind, greasing his synapses and making it easier for him to give in to his new life. 

“Charlie?! Fight it, honey! Don’t give in! I’ll call someone at the church to fix this!” Karen said, shaking the pregnant girl that used to be her son.

“I…I can’t fight…fi…FUCK YOU MOM!” Chrissy screamed, remembering how her mother treated her and her boyfriend. “I’m 19 now! I’m an adult and I can make my own choices! Fuck you and your self-righteous rules.” 

Karen stood there in stunned silence as Chrissy tied her shirt together, pushing her boobs up and exposing her rotund belly. Her tattered pants stitched themselves into an immodestly short skirt as kinky earrings and a black choker tightened around her neck. The new girl ran over to her boyfriend and gave him a deep, passionate kiss as he caressed her belly, smiling as he felt the baby kick. The couple looked at Karen in disgust.

I don’t care what you think anymore, mom. This is my life, and my child to raise. Not that you care since I’m just another whore teen mom, but my baby is a boy, and his name is Charlie.” Chrissy said, embracing her bitchy new attitude as she jumped onto the back of the motorcycle. She quivered as the vibration of the motor ran up her body, tickling her pussy beneath her skirt with each rev of the engine. She began to calm down as she hugged her boyfriend tightly, beginning to think about being a mother and starting a family with the love of her life. Karen watched in confusion as the young couple sped off down the road, laughing together as they raced off into their judgment free lives.