Adoption Adaptation (TG AP)

Tim, Aaron, and Mike walked through the lavish doors and gawked at the foyer of their new home. The 3 boys had recently been adopted after spending their lives in the foster care system, and they were ecstatic to all have been adopted together. They were technically brothers now, and they couldn’t be happier. Tim was the oldest of the 3, having just turned 16, while Aaron and Mike were both just over the age of 12. Tim had always been like the older brother of the group, looking out for the young kids ever since they met. The boys wandered around the mansion for a bit before their new adoptive father introduced himself with a charm and swagger the boys had only seen in movies. 

“Welcome to your new home, boys! Or should I say, sons!” he yelled from the top of the staircase, gesturing to the beautiful architecture of his mansion. “Please follow me. There’s something I have to show you before I take you to your rooms.”

The boys followed Mr. Richards excitedly, staring in awe at how massive this house was. He pointed out all the amenities of the house, like the private gym and theater room, before they finally reached their destination. He opened the door to a relatively empty room with nothing but an apron crumpled up on the floor and a grandfather clock in the center of the room. He locked the door behind them and began to explain his ultimatum.

“Sorry to spring this on you lads, but you may have noticed that I don’t have a wife, so you don’t have a mother. I happen to have built my fortune collecting objects of power, and that apron over there is one I’ve been saving for a while. Whoever is wearing it by that time that clock strikes 7pm will become my wife and mother to two adorable little boys.”

“That’s funny…” Tim said, confused but trying not to upset the man who just adopted the three of them. 

“Oh, but it is no joke. I’m simply offering you all a new life with one stipulation. If nobody is wearing that apron by the time dinner is ready downstairs, I’ll have to send you all back to the orphanage. Sorry, but I just can’t raise 3 boys on my own!” He said with a chuckle. “Anyway, you have some time to decide who will accept the new responsibilities of motherhood. I’ll be waiting at the dinner table.” He smiled and walked out the door, locking the boys inside.

“What the heck is he talking about?” Mike asked, confused. He walked over to the apron to see if there was anything strange about it, but it just seemed like a normal apron.

“Don’t touch that!” Tim yelled at the young boy. He wasn’t sure if Mr. Richards was telling the truth or if he was just crazy, but he didn’t want his little friends falling into any traps. 

“What did he mean by ‘become his wife’? Is he gonna turn one of us into a girl?” Aaron said with a shiver. “Gross. Who would want to be an icky girl?”

“He’s crazy. Maybe we should get out of here.” Mike said, jiggling the locked doorknob. 

“Yeah, he sounds crazy, but look at this house. He clearly got rich somehow…maybe he’s telling the truth?” Tim suggested, wondering how much of Mr. Richard’s speech he believed. “Whether he’s crazy or not, I’m not letting you two go back to the orphanage. This place is amazing, and who else is going to adopt all three of us and let us live in their mansion?”

“Yeah, I guess. So…who wants to wear the apron?” Aaron said, clearly scared of being a girl. 

“I’ll do it,” Mike said. “There’s no way it’s magic, right? He just wanted one of us to meet him downstairs for dinner with the apron on.”

“No, Mike. I’m not risking that. I’ll wear it and eat dinner with him while you two go setup your rooms. I’ve been looking out for you two for years anyway, so even if it somehow does what Mr. Richards says it does, I’ll still just be looking out for my ‘sons’ haha!” Tim said in air quotes. He still didn’t fully believe Mr. Richards, but he couldn’t help feeling a little nervous as he slipped the apron around his neck. The boys sat nervously as they watched the clock. Only one minute until 7pm. 

“Tim, if something happens, if you do become a girl, will you still hang out with us? Show us movies and games that the adults wouldn’t let us get?”

“Of course, Mike. Aaron, Mike, I’ll always be your friend, and I’ll always be there for you. Plus, it’s not like thing stupid apron will actually turn me into a…” Tim trailed off as the clock began to ring. 7pm was here, and to Tim’s surprise, he began to feel a warmth spreading across his body.

“Tim? You feeling okay?” Aaron asked nervously. “You’re shaking…”

“Yeah, I…whooaaahhh…” Tim said, feeling himself growing slightly taller. The two younger boys watched in shock as their friend began to change before their very eyes. Tim’s limbs grew longer while his hips jutted out. His shoulders broadened as his spine extended, soft pops echoing through the empty room. Tim groaned as the apron tightened behind his back, forcing a feminine curve into his spine as his ass began to inflate. Aaron and Mike watched their friend’s changing body in silence, mesmerized by his inflating ass stretching his jeans to their limit. Aaron shivered at Tim’s transformation, horrified by the idea of becoming a girl, while Mike’s budding hormones were sending confusing feelings through the young boy. 

“Oh my god…it’s…really happening!” Tim said as his voice turned light, soothing, and maternal. The boys were taken aback by their friend’s new voice. He grabbed his throat as his Adam’s apple vanished, leaving him with an older, motherly cadence. His aging body was beginning to feel…good? He couldn’t help but moan as his chest began to tingle, fat welling up behind his growing nipples. Mike and Aaron watched in confused terror and arousal as Tim’s chest grew beneath the apron, his moans becoming deeply sensual. Being 16, he’d obviously masturbated to naked women before, but the flesh growing on his chest was becoming even bigger than anything he’d seen online. He looked down in awe, unable to accept that the new cleavage staring back at him was his own. He cupped his massive new breasts with a pair of soft, feminine hands and cooed as pleasurable tingles jumped through his mind. 

He continued to grope himself in front of his friends, too enamored with his changing body to notice Mike and Aaron’s expressions. The orgasmic feelings began to move down to his crotch as he felt another warmth growing just above his groin. His knees suddenly buckled as his thighs thickened, squeezing his crotch between a pair of milky thighs that any woman would be jealous of. His sexual reversal felt immediate and eternal all at once. His aroused moans were deeply inappropriate for his two young friends, but he couldn’t help moaning as his balls slipped up between his legs. He felt his new ovaries beginning to pump estrogen through his blood as his now empty ballsack pulled itself inwards, forming a sensitive labia between his legs. He continued to shift and groan in ecstasy as his shaft was pulled between his moistening pussy lips until the head of his dick was nothing more than a bundle of nerves at the top of the new orifice between his legs, leaving him with an impossibly sensitive clitoris. He rubbed his new sex through the apron, much to the chagrin of Mike and Aaron. 

“T- Tim? What’re you doing?” Aaron asked, confused by the sounds his older friend was making. 

“I, uh, I think he’s enjoying himself…” Mike responded, his horny little mind racing with confused thoughts. 

“Oh…oh…OOOH GOD!” Tim screamed in embarrassment and ecstasy, noticing the boys staring at him as he orgasmed and quivered. “Don’t look at me!”

Tim pulled his hands away from his crotch as he cooled down from his first female orgasm, covering his mouth in shock at how mature and alluring his moans were. That’s when he felt the warm tingling sensations finally reach his head. The younger boys watched in horror as their friend’s visage began to age and soften, turning from a 16 year old boy’s into a 38 year old woman’s in a matter of seconds. His hair grew out, turning a bright blonde as it trickled down past his shoulders. His eyes grew wide and reassuring, just like a mother’s eyes, while his mouth and nose grew perfectly portioned for his new face. The boys didn’t even recognize Tim anymore. Where their friend had stood only minutes ago now stood a gorgeous, mature, maternal woman. Tim looked at Aaron and Mike, afraid of what they thought of him now. He hated seeing them look at him with such fear in their eyes. The urge to comfort them grew stronger as his eyes began to glaze over, his new maternal instincts beginning to kick in.

“Tim, are you okay? How are you feeling?” Mike asked, afraid to approach the new woman. 

I feel great, sweetie…” Tim said as all three of them recoiled at his choice of words. Tim grabbed his head in a panic as he felt new thoughts and desires bubbling up, like wanting to hug and cuddle with Mike and Aaron…and wanting to kiss Mr. Richards. He felt his affection for his friends evolving into something stronger as he stared at them. He felt the need to protect them at all costs, like a momma bear and her cubs. He wanted to reassure them that everything would be okay, that his sons would live a great life in the Richards mansion. His boyish clothes began to morph around his body, changing into something more fitting for someone his age and gender. Dopamine began to flood his brain as he felt his empathy increasing, making it easier for him to give in to his new motherhood. His expression of panic softened into one of acceptance as he stared at his former friends…sons. He lifted a hand to his face and smiled comfortingly at the boys as memories of a new life filled the time gaps in his mature new brain. He…she wasn’t Tim anymore. She was Tracy Richards, loving wife to the affluent Grant Richards, and newly adoptive mother to Mike and Aaron. 

Oh boys, I’m so sorry you had to see that,” Tracy said with a distinctly maternal tone. “My husband doesn’t have the most elegant ways to get what he wants, but somehow he always ends up getting them anyway.

“Tim? Is that still you? What do you mean ‘your husband’?” Aaron said, his voice quaking. 

Well, yes and no. Tim will always be a part of me, and I’ll never forget our adventures in the orphanage, but I’m so much more now. I’m a wife, Mr. Richards’ wife, and even better than that…I’m your mother now. I’m Tracy Richards, and I’m gonna raise you right!” She said, grabbing Aaron and pulling him into her massive bosom for a hug. 

Aaron wanted to scream as he felt the woman’s massive boobs pressing against his face, but he also felt a pang of something else forming in his mind. A spark of love began to form for his new mother. She looked over to her other son, Mike, and smirked at the little tent being pitched in his pants. 

Oh, Mike, you little rascal. I get it though, I probably put on quite a show for a kid just going through puberty. Wanna see them?” She said teasingly. Mike gulped and nodded in silence as his former friend turned MILF lifted her shirt for a PG-13 rated peep show.

Mike stared at the massive breasts hanging off Tim’s…or rather, Tracy’s chest. He nearly reached out to touch one before she covered herself again and winked at him.

Tsk tsk tsk, Mike…that was a one time thing. Remember, I’m your mother now!” 

“Uh…okay…mom” Mike stammered, unable to stop his eyes from tracing her voluptuous body.

Well, that sure was unexpected, but I’m glad we all get to live together! Like I said, I’ll always be there to take look out for you…even if it’ll be in a different way now. Anyway, your father is waiting for me downstairs. Why don’t you two go get comfy in your rooms?” She said as she sauntered out of the room, her ass jiggling with each step. She walked downstairs and into the lavish dining room where her handsome husband was waiting with two handmade meals ready to eat. 

“Hello, darling. I’m glad you made your choice,” he said, opening a bottle of wine and pouring two glasses. 

Oh yes, I think I made the right choice for everyone,” she said lustfully as she walked over and wrapped her arms around her husband. He leaned in for a kiss and she happily reciprocated, more memories of her husband filling her mind as their tongues danced between their lips. “Oh, Grant, what if we skipped dinner tonight? I want you to remind me why I married you…” 

You naughty girl. When did my Tracy become so…intoxicating?” Grant said as he began to unbutton his shirt. “Let’s take this to the master bedroom. We don’t want the kids to see anymore than they already have tonight.”

Tracy hopped on the bed, posing as an invitation for her excited husband to join her. 

Without another word, Grant undressed his specimen of a wife. She let out a satisfied sigh as her massive breasts were freed from her bra, swaying freely in front of her husband as he removed his pants. He laid her down and thrust into her, watching in anticipation as her face contorted from her first penetration. He couldn’t believe her pussy was this tight, and she couldn’t believe how good it felt to be getting plowed by the man who just adopted her. The couple went at it all night, drenching their sheets, and subjecting poor Mike and Aaron to primal screams as they climaxed over and over. Tracy smiled as her husband finally laid down next to her, taking a breather from their adult playtime. She couldn’t believe how lucky she was to be be married to such a smart, handsome, wealthy man and that they had welcomed two innocent orphans into their life. 

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  1. I really enjoyed the premise of this story!
    I think it would be very interesting to see a direct sequel where one of the other kids is transformed into the new couple’s teenage daughter as some kind of punishment or some kind of necessity.

    Keep up the great work! Always look forward to new stories by you!

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