Growing Your Social Circle (TG AP)

“Are you sure about this, mom? It doesn’t really seem…safe.” The young boy asked nervously as his mom handed him a little pink vial. 

“Of course, honey! Becky is my best friend, and her husband is one of the best scientists in his field. All it’ll do is make you old enough to go out with me and my friends!” His mom tried to reassure him, trying to suppress her own concerns. She trusted Becky though, and the effects were only temporary. “Don’t you want to see how it feels to be an adult for a night, Steven?”

“Yeah, I do, but…okay, as long as you trust it.” Steven gave in to his mom’s request, and he was kind of excited to be older to see how the adults lived. He began to strip down to his boxers and walked into the bathroom, closing the door behind him. His mom leaned in to listen in excitement. As a single mother, Tiffany was desperate to go hang out with her friends again, but raising Steven gave her very little time to go out like she used to. Her best friend, Becky, was married to one of the world’s best geneticists, and when she heard about Tiffany’s struggles, she got her husband to bring home an experimental drug. The pink liquid was supposed to age a person up into their prime, but it hadn’t finished the testing phase yet. It was supposed to let Steven go out with his mother and her friends as an adult, but the mother and son were about to witness the side effects firsthand. 

Steven chugged the pink liquid, surprised by how sweet it was. He waited for a few seconds, watching himself in the mirror nervously, but nothing happened. 

“Hey mom, how long does this take to work?” He asked through the door.

“I’m not sure, but Becky said it was supposed to kick in pretty fast…” she said, her ear pressed against the door. 

“Weird, I don’t feel any- AARGHH!” The boy screamed as he was suddenly wracked with electric jolts running through his body. He braced himself against the sink, groaning as he began to grow. “Oh my god…it’s working!” He yelled to his mom between grunts.

“Oh sweetie, I can’t wait to see you all grown up!” His mom said with excitement, listening to the quiet pops and cracks of her son rapidly maturing. She began getting undressed herself to get ready for the night out as her son’s transformation began to speed up. She began to wash and towel her hair, spraying perfume and applying makeup with a giddy smile on her face. She couldn’t even remember the last time she went clubbing with the girls. 

“Mom, I think something’s…wrong…” Steven said, noticing his voice growing higher and feminine instead of deeper and masculine. He looked at himself in the mirror, noticing his growing frame wasn’t really getting that big, but that his hips and shoulders had widened enough to give him a pronounced hourglass shape. He watched his muscles expecting them to grow big like a superhero’s, but they only grew toned enough to highlight his daint form. His womanly moans grew panicked as he felt more changes bubbling beneath his skin. He fell back in shock as he saw two breasts growing out his chest in the mirror, his nipples hardening and expanding in the cool air. His thickening things began to twitch and spasm as he felt something else happening between his legs. He could barely see past his massive new bosom, but he felt his boyhood beginning to fold it on itself, like an invisible hand was stuffing his meat into a taco. His moans turned reluctantly alluring as the stimulation of his transforming genitals sent wildly new sensations through his body. His mom noticed the orgasmic moans coming from the bathroom and smirked, remembering that Becky said there was a chance this could happen. Still, she wasn’t too worried. Now her son would know what it was like to not only be older, but to be a woman in a man’s world…at least for a night. 

Steven quivered in confused pleasure as he felt his new sex beginning to drip, his vaginal muscles instinctinctively flexing post orgasm. He was embarrassed and hoped his mom did hear any of that. His thoughts began to race again as he worried about what his mom would say about all this. The final changes began to settle in as his ass inflated, completing his mature, curvy form. His hair turned blonde and rapidly began to lengthen down to his lower back as his face aged into it’s mid 30s, growing soft and cute in the process. His eyes turned a vibrant green as he pushed his glasses up his petite new nose, glad his spectacles still fit him. He looked over his trembling new body, reeling from the estrogen pumping through his blood and wondering if his mom knew what would happen.

He stood up and examined himself in the mirror, realizing he didn’t have any of his mom’s features anymore. His brown hair and brown eyes were completely replaced, which I guess was the point since he was supposed to be her friend for the night and not her son. He couldn’t believe he was the same age as his mom now, and to be honest, he had the body of a supermodel. 

“Honey, are you finished? Is everything okay?” Tiffany said, hoping to be there to comfort her son after an admittedly startling transformation. 

“Uhhh…I think so…but…”  Steven mumbled nervously as he approached the door. He swung it open, afraid of what his mom would say. To his surprise, he saw his mother standing there, naked. “Mom?! Why are you naked?!!?” He yelled, covering his eyes. 

“Oh my god, sweetie! You look amazing!” She squealed as she looked over her son’s new body. “I think your boobs are even bigger than mine!” She gave them a squeeze, causing her son to muffle a pleasurable moan. She couldn’t fathom what his new nerves were doing to his mind. 

“Mom, can you please put some clothes on?” He asked, embarrassed to be seeing her exposed body. 

“Why? It’s not like it’s anything you haven’t seen before…” she said, gesturing between her own and her son’s feminine curves. 

“Wait, did you know this would happen?” He asked, slightly irritated. 

“Well, Becky said there was a chance of this happening, but I didn’t want to scare you! Plus, you’ll fit in with my friend group even better than if you were a boy. Now, let’s go get you ready for tonight!” She said as she smacked her son’s voluptuous ass with her towel. 

Tiffany dressed herself quickly while she scoured her closet for clothes that would fit her son’s sizable new chest. She threw a variety of bras and underwear at him, giggling as he uncomfortably slid his mother’s clothes up and down his body. 

“Don’t worry, Steven. Learning about this stuff now will only make it easier when you’re actually old enough to start dating girls.”

“Whatever you say, mom.” He said, uncomfortably shifting around on the bed and struggling to buckle his own bra. “At least this is only for the night. I don’t really like feeling this soft and fragile.”

“Don’t worry, if you don’t like going out tonight, I won’t go out again until you can stay home by yourself. Until the morning, though, you’re my new best friend, Stephanie!” She exclaimed as she applied her lipstick. 

“Huh…Stephanie…sounds weird, but fitting?” He mumbled, finally beginning to button up his shirt. “I guess I shouldn’t call you mom tonight either. Right, Tiffany?” 

Tiffany smiled back at her son as he began to adapt to his new form. She couldn’t wait to show her friends their new girlfriend!

The two women approached the club entrance, skipping past all the men waiting in line. Tiffany watched her son blush at all the men catcalling her, unsure if she liked it or not. They saw Tiffany’s friends waiting for them by the bouncer, and they all looked amazing. They screamed in excitement as Steven watched his mom run over and give them all hugs. She then introduced him to all her friends who couldn’t believe he was her son. 

“Holy shit, Steven! You look gorgeous! I’m actually kinda jealous…oh shit, can we swear around your son?” Becky said, already a bit tipsy. 

“Tonight, he’s not my son. He’s ‘Stephanie’ and he’s our friend, so let’s show him a good time, girls!” His mom said, grabbing his hand and dragging him into the club. The music was immediately overwhelming and it smelled like a mixture of cigarettes, perfume, and alcohol. The woman made a beeline to the bar to grab some drinks, with Tiffany buying everyone a shot to celebrate “Stephanie” coming out tonight. She handed a drink to her nervous son, explaining how to take a tequila shot. The girls threw their heads back in unison, laughing as Steven nearly coughed up the burning drink. 

“Don’t get used to it, honey!” Tiffany said, hugging her son. “I’m not letting you drink again until you’re old enough. Now, let’s get out on the dance floor!”

The girls all started dancing together before branching off to dance with handsome young men. Steven felt a little awkward at first, but was surprised how quickly dancing as a woman began to feel natural. He shook his hips and wiggled his chest to the beat as his mom laughed at him, happy he was beginning to have some fun. She was quickly distracted by a cute guy grabbing her ass and left her son to dance on his own as she pursued her new fling. Steven barely noticed until another guy came up and began to grind up against his jiggling ass. He felt the man’s hardening junk rubbing against his behind and wanted to slap him at first, but as their two bodies began to move in sync with the music, he began to enjoy dancing with this stranger, even if he didn’t know how to feel about being touched like this. He began to let his new body do the work, new desires in his subconscious beginning to sprout. 

It didn’t take long before he had spread his legs and bent over, smiling as he felt the man’s erect junk grinding against the underwear beneath his skirt. He briefly realized how strangely he was acting and began to look for his mom when the man spun him around and pressed his chest against Steven’s massive bosom. Steven looked up into the man’s eyes, his crotch beginning to dampen as he traced the man’s sharp facial features and alluring stubble with a feminine hand. The man smiled and Steven smiled back, not fully realizing what he was inviting, but embracing the growing desires of his mature new body. The man grabbed Steven’s hand and pulled him away from the crowd towards the private VIP section of the club, all while Steven’s mind grew fuzzy from the tequila shots. Tiffany barely noticed her son being dragged into the VIP room as she was dancing around, but she was too late to stop it. She desperately ran towards the couple, remembering that the girl being pulled away was still her baby boy, but she was too late. The couple dashed into the private rooms as the security guard closed the area off behind them. Tiffany desperately tried to reason with the guard, but nobody would believe that the blonde beauty that just walked in there with a guy was actually her son. 

Steven and the man stared at each other lustfully as the door closed, blocking out most of the club noise. Steven watched the man unbutton his shirt and began to breathe heavily, growing excited for reasons he didn’t fully understand. His body was taking control of his actions as his aged up libido exerted its will over the nervous boy’s mind. He began to mimic the man, unbuttoning his shirt and slipping his skirt down his legs, wiggling his ass seductively. He blushed as the man smiled at him, feeling a sense of satisfaction he never could as a boy. He found himself enjoying being the object of desire, of being desperately wanted. He felt like a prize, like his body was something to be conquered. He didn’t know if this was something that the drug his mom gave him was doing, but he began to feel more confident by the second. He could feel his new vagina begging to be filled, and grew even more excited as the man’s engorged cock flung out of his tight boxers. He’d never seen a grown man’s penis before, but he felt himself beginning to drool at the sight. He licked his lips and knelt down, letting his body guide him. He wrapped his mouth around the man’s throbbing cock, teasing and sucking it as if he’d been doing this for years. He felt it tickling the back of his throat, savoring the taste of it when he realized he didn’t have a gag reflex anymore. He moaned as he felt the man’s warm spunk coat the inside of his mouth, his cock twitching against his soft lips as it emptied out the rest of its white liquid. Steven swallowed it and smiled, not realizing he had just sealed his fate forever. 

“Oh…oh god…I can’t believe I just did that…” Steven said, wiping the juices from his mouth. 

“I can’t believe it either, babe. That was the best blowjob I’ve ever had.” The man said, recovering from his orgasm. “Now, it’s my turn to make you feel like that.”

“W- wait, I- whoa!” Steven exclaimed as the man grabbed his frail body and threw him on the couch. He arched his back instinctively, presenting his ass like he was asking to be dominated. The man kneeled down and tugged Steven’s underwear off with his teeth, his warm breath teasing his dripping pussy. “What would mom think of this?” He mumbled, futilely resisting his body’s intensifying desires. 

“What was that, babe?” The man said, rubbing his cock between Steven’s asscheeks.

“I…I…I want you to take me!” He said with an alluring new tone. The man wasted no time in obliging the trembling beauty before him, plunging his cock deep into Steven’s vagina. Steven screamed in pleasure as his new muscles tightened around the man’s cock. Every thrust sent waves of ecstasy through his body, his sensual moans only making the man fuck harder. He quivered as the cock tickled the insides of his abdomen, reaching deeper than he thought possible. He began to sweat as he braced himself against the couch, his eyes rolling into the back of his head as the pleasure only increased. 

Fuck,,,yeah,,,pull my hair!” He screamed as the man grabbed his head and ran his fingers through his silky hair. He pulled at the strands, only increasing the feelings Steven was contending with. He could sense that the man was about to cum again so he pressed his ass tightly against the man’s body, moaning as he felt the man’s juiced filling his new sexual cavity and dripping out of his pussy lips. “Oh god…that was amazing…but I want more…”

The man silently nodded, somehow already hard again, and pushed Steven down as he plunged his cock into Steven’s asshole. The enraptured boy couldn’t believe that he liked this now, that his body was this craving, and that he was enjoying all of it. Did adults get to do this whenever they wanted? If that was the case, he never wanted to go back to being a kid. He moaned again as the nerves up his ass were stimulated over and over again, the ecstasy only enhanced by the man teasing his new clit. He briefly thought about what his mother would say, but the bundle of nerves between his legs was overpowering any worries he had at the moment. 

When they were finally done, Steven sat up and wiped the sweat and cum off his glasses. 

I, uh, don’t know how to thank you. I’ve never felt like that before,” Steven said between bated breaths. 

“The feeling is mutual, sweet cheeks. Say, I don’t normally ask this, but what’s your name? I’m Mark.”

My name is…I’m…Stephanie.” The woman said with a smile.

“Well, Stephanie, we should do this again soon, but maybe I can cook you dinner first next time?” The man said with a charismatic charm.

Yeah…I’d like that.” Stephanie said with a smile as she began to slip her clothes back on. The couple cleaned up and walked back out onto the dance floor. Mark walked over to the bar to get drinks for his new woman, while Tiffany immediately grabbed the girl and pulled her aside to her group of friends.

“Steven?! Are you okay, What happened in there? I’m so sorry you had to go through that, we’re going home right n-”

Tiffany! It’s okay. I’m fine…actually, I’m great. You don’t want to know what happened in there, but I’ll never forget it. It all just felt…right.”

Oh god, did he…” Becky stammered, trying not to send Tiffany into a panic. “Did you, uh, ingest any of his…man stuff?” 

Holy shit, did I!” Stephanie said, likcing her lips. 

“Oh no. That means it’s…permanent.” Becky said, fearful of the reaction. 

“What?!?! No, he’s supposed to turn back into a kid in the morning! My kid!” Tiffany said with a tremble in her voice.

Tiffany…mom…it’s okay. I don’t think I want to go back. Tonight was absolutely amazing, and I want to keep hanging out with you girls. Plus, after that…I feel different. I feel like a real woman now, one who knows how to dance, flirt, and please a man.” Stephanie said with a lusty tone, triggering a horrified expression on Tiffany’s face. “I feel like I have a life now, and someone who can…” her eyes darted to the man at the bar, “satisfy me.”

“No, Steven! You’re my son! Don’t you want to play games and hang out with friends?”

“And go back to school and get a job? No thanks. Being Steven already feels like a distant memory to me, like it was 30 years ago. This is my life now, you girls are my friends, and I am Stephanie. Maybe next time you shouldn’t give your son an untested drug.” Stephanie said with a bitchy shrug. Tiffany watched the new woman walk away, her mouth agape in shock. Her mind began to race, maybe Becky’s husband could make something that would turn her son back to normal, but until then she’d just have to deal with…her friend, Stephanie. 

See you next weekend, girls!” The buxom blonde beauty waved at her friends as she walked away with Mark. She couldn’t wait to hang out again. She woke up the next morning in Mark’s lavish apartment, pleased that she hadn’t reverted back to Steven. They smiled at each other, the sparks of true love beginning to fly. She teased the man with her cleavage, the sun bouncing off her perfect skin. She winked and opened her legs, inviting him in for one more morning quickie before heading out to explore her new adult life.