Part of the Pride (TF TG AP)

Nick was visiting the city zoo with his parents for the first time. He’d always loved animals growing up, especially lions after watching The Lion King multiple times. He couldn’t wait to see the lion exhibit in person, but when the family arrived at the exhibit, they were met with an empty slice of the African plains. 

“We apologize to our guests here for the lion exhibit,” they heard a zookeeper announcing over the speakers. “but our cats are being difficult lately. Our last female was recently sent to a different zoo, and the males don’t want to come out of their cages.”

Nick let out a sigh of disappointment at the news. His father tried to reassure him, but it didn’t help much.

“Hey buddy, it’s okay. We can come back another day to see the lions, but in the meantime, don’t you want to see the jaguars or tigers? Or maybe the ape exhibit?”

“Sure, dad. I just really wanted to see the lions,” the kid said with a pout on his face. “Actually, I have to use the bathroom.”

“Okay. We’ll be waiting for you right here.”

Nick quickly ran off into the crown, looking for the closest bathroom. He followed the signs, but couldn’t find the stalls. Growing desperate, he entered the first door he could find, hoping to ask the employees for help. The door was a big metal one with a sizable lock, but it was just open enough for him to squeeze through. The door slammed shut behind him and locked, startling the boy. He suddenly found himself in a large metal chamber, almost like a prison cell, with a mirrored window taking up one of the walls. Suddenly, he heard a voice come through some speakers as he saw the outline of a man in a labcoat behind the window.

“Ah, hello young one. I didn’t mean to startle you,” the voice said calmly. “As you may have seen, our lion pride is in desperate need of help, and I think you’re the perfect person to do that.”

“Uhh, sure? I love lions and I’ll help out anyway I can…but is there a bathroom I can use first?” Ben said nervously, confused as to what the man was talking about.

“Perfect. I promise you’ll get closer to the lions than anybody else at the zoo,” the man said with a sly grin. “And as for your bathroom needs…well, when we’re done here, you’ll be able to go wherever you please.”

“What does that mean?” The boy asked, his excitement to see the lions undercut by the strangeness of his current situation. Without warning, the man hit a button on a console and the room began filling up with a green gas. Nick tried to cover his mouth and run to the door, but he was no match for the massive lock. 

“Mom! Dad! Someone help!” He screamed, inadvertently breathing in the gas. A tingling feeling rapidly spread across his body as his skin began to feel…prickly? He looked at his hands as a yellow fur began to sprout across his skin, quickly covering his whole body. His muscles began to twitch against his will as a weight began to press down on him as if gravity was increasing. He fell down to all fours as the fur continued to grow, his human hair turning the same shade of yellow as his new follicles. 

“What’re you doing to me?!” He screamed in a panic, his voice beginning to sound more hoarse by the second. 

“I’m only giving you a chance to see the lions! Don’t fight it, it’ll be over before you know it, and soon you’ll be face to face with our lion pride.”

“I don’t want this! I- oooOOOAAARRRRHHH!” Nick screamed, his voice devolving into a deep, feral bellow. He clenched his fists as they began to spasm, every fiber strengthening as they curled into massive paws. His nails pushed out into sharp, black claws before retracting into his new digits, just like a cat. He watched in terror as the changes ran up his forearms, his bones cracking and shifting to support the weight of being walked on. His bestial screams grew louder as his chest began to expand, his diaphragm growing into a mature feline’s. His shoulders cracked as his spine extended, muscles swelling and shifting as his form continued to morph into that of his favorite animal. His growing body easily shredded his childish clothes, leaving his naked furry body exposed. 

“You’re developing wonderfully. Our males are going to love you!” The man said, excitement building in his voice. With another push of a button, a dart shot out of the wall and began to pump a cocktail of chemicals into him, accelerating the transformation.

Wharrr?” was all the changing boy could manage, his breathing growing deep to fill his growing lungs. He continued to wince in pain as his skeleton forcefully rearranged itself to a quadrupedal form. He dug his claws into the ground in a panic, struggling to figure out how to use his new front legs. He let out more guttural cries as his hips cracked outwards, his joints shifting to support his new legs. More pain came as his legs were engulfed with bestial muscles, the fibers attaching to his bones and forcefully pushing them into a feline frame. He felt strength filling his behind as his feet elongated, his toes curling into paws just like his hands, complete with his nails extending into retractable hunting tools. His whole body began to swell with animalistic strength as he pushed himself up off the ground, his mind finally beginning to adapt to his new muscle mechanics. 

He suddenly threw his head back in pain as his spine arched inwards, feeling his back spasm as a growth began to protrude just above his ass. It felt like something invisible was pulling his spine out of his back, but as he looked behind, he saw a new appendage sprouting and wriggling as it grew. His mind raced as he realized he could control his new tail, shifting it left and right to maintain his balance. It began to thicken with muscle at the base as a tuft of fur sprouted out of the tip, swinging gracefully as his mind adapted. He groaned as he felt his crotch shifting back, sliding down his elongated body and settling just behind his thick new haunches as his butthole rested just below his new tail. 

“Almost done, you gorgeous beast.” The man said, admiring his work. 

ROOOARRR!” The horrified boy screamed in anger and fear, and animalistic rage building inside him. He continued to roar, desperately trying to fight the changes to his face. His head painfully cracked outwards, growing wider and longer as it shaped itself into a feline predator’s visage. He bore his teeth as they sharpened into deadly fangs, his mouth extending into a muzzle to fit his intimidating chompers. His eyes turned yellow as is pupils dilated into feline slits, changing how he saw the world and filling it with color. He began to notice even tiny movements in the room and how light bounced off each texture in the room, his sight adapting to support his growing hunting instinct. His ears grew as they slipped to the top of his head and he could suddenly hear everything within a 100 foot radius. His tongue grew barbed and rough to help him lick every last morsel off the bones of his prey. His feline nose was suddenly picking up every scent in the vicinity…including the male lions patiently waiting for a mate. 

“Time for one last thing to help you really fit in with the pride…” the man said as he twisted a knob on his console. The room began to fill with a pink gas this time, quickly filling the terrified boy’s lungs. His belly began to tingle as multiple nipples began to sprout, perfect for feeding his future litters. His tiny boyhood was rapidly swallowed up by two furry lips below his anus, sending primal pleasures coursing through his body. His growls almost sounded sensual as he struggled to contend with the confusing feelings coursing through him. His new pussy began to drip against his will, and as the scent of his new sex began to spread, he could hear the male lions growing restless in their cages. He wanted to cry, but no longer had any tear ducts. He tried to think of his parents, his friends, his life, but as he continued to breath in the pink mist, his thoughts began to devolve. He looked back at the door desperately as he tried to retain his old life, to remain Nick, but the thoughts flooding his mind were so alluringly simple. He didn’t have to worry about school anymore, he didn’t have to worry about getting embarrassed, he didn’t need to listen to his parents anymore. He just had to hunt…and fuck. 

“Yes, that’s it my dear. Give into the good life. We’ll treat you well here, Nala.”

The former boy let out one final roar as his human thoughts and personality gave way to base animalistic instincts. Eat. Sleep Hunt. Fuck. That was the life of a lioness, and she was in heat. She remembered the name Nala only as what the humans called her. Lions didn’t need names. They had scents, and her dripping pussy was driving the males wild. She knew she was in heat, and she needed to be satisfied now. She purred in satisfaction as she embraced her new life as a predator and a future den mother. She couldn’t wait to be a part of the pride and begin raising her cubs. She walked away from the exit and towards the lion exhibit where the males were waiting for her. Her steps were full of power and grace, like a proper lioness. The man watched his creation, satisfied that the zoo would have a healthy lion population for years to come. He flipped a switch and opened the cages, releasing all the lions, including the new Nala, into the exhibit for the guests to see. 

Nala sauntered past the male lions, her tail up and swinging to fan her pheromones to all the males. She looked at each powerful feline, sizing them up and licking her lips before choosing a mate. She knew they’d all have their way with her eventually, but she got to choose first. The human onlookers watched in excitement as the lions finally came out to play, unaware that they were about to witness some mating firsthand. 

“Wow, I’m glad the lions finally came out, but I thought they just said they didn’t have any females left?” Nick’s father said, watching his former son obliviously. “Boy, I hope Nick get’s back before the lions go inside again. When else are you gonna be able to see lions this close?”