Character Building (TG AP)

“Ben, why don’t you go over and help Mr. Roberts with his chores? Hard work builds character, and he could use the help since Mrs. Roberts isn’t around anymore. Plus, you can play with your friend after!”

Ben groaned at his mom’s suggestion. It was the weekend and all he wanted to do was play video games. He didn’t want to do any work! His neighbor did have the new game console though, and he hadn’t tried it yet. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad.

“Okay mom. I guess I haven’t hung out with Jerry in a while.” Ben said, reluctantly grabbing his bag and heading out the door. He knocked on his neighbor’s door and greeted the middle aged man. “Hi, Mr. Roberts. My mom wanted me to ask if you needed any help with the housework today.”

“Oh, how kind of you, Ben.” The man said with a smile. “I actually just need some help cleaning up around the house if you don’t mind.”

“Sure thing. Can I drop my stuff off inside?” The man nodded as Ben set his bag down, his son coming out of his room. “Oh, hey Jerry. I’m gonna help your dad with some chores around the house, but do you wanna play some games when I’m done?”

The young boy nodded excitedly. Being new to the neighborhood, he didn’t have many friends to hang out with, so he wanted to play as often as possible. Ben got right to work as he heard Jerry boot up his new game console. He wanted to get things done as soon as possible and get right to playing with his friend. Mr. Roberts gave the kid a to-do list and Ben ran through the list surprisingly fast, almost enjoying himself as he worked. He looked through the house and was proud of his work, admiring how clean everything looked now. The last thing on the list was to take the trash out. Maybe his parents were right, maybe hard work did build character. He was about to grab the trash bags when Mr. Roberts suddenly blocked his way out. 

“Ben, you’ve done such great work today. I can’t tell you how much this means to me, and how thankful I am to have an extra pair of hands around the house again.”

“No problem, Mr. Roberts, but don’t get too used to this. This isn’t exactly how I want to spend my weekends.”

“Oh, is that so?” Mr. Roberts said, his lips curling into a devious smirk. “Seems to me like you enjoyed this, and I can give you so much more.” 

“Umm…can I just take the trash out and go play with Jerry?” Ben said nervously, not noticing his hair beginning to lengthen. 

“Don’t worry, you’ll be able to spend as much time with Jerry as you want. After all, he is your son.”

“What the fu-” Ben said, suddenly realizing his hair tickling his neck. He stepped back in panic as the older man approached him, kneeling down and placing his firm hands on his shoulders. 

“Ben…I can’t thank you enough for coming over today.” Mr. Roberts said as he felt the boy beginning to tremble. Before Ben could respond, he hunched over and groaned in pain. The man watched in excitement as the boy began to grow, his height increasing by the second. The sounds of his frame aging and maturing bounced around the kitchen as his clothes began to tear, revealing soft, supple skin beneath. His hips burst outwards into childbearing proportions as his shoulders broadened, leaving him with a skinny hourglass frame. His emaciated frame didn’t last long, though, and Mr. Robert’s watched in satisfaction as the changing boy’s flesh began to fill with fat and muscle. Years of eating and exercise flooded his gangly new body with curves that any woman would kill for. Ben grimaced as he felt everything shifting beneath his skin, unable to comprehend what was happening to him.

“What’s happening to me?! What did you do?!!” Ben screamed as his vocal chords tightened. His voice sounded older, but lighter. Feminine and mature…almost motherly. 

“Ah, how I’ve missed that voice.” Mr. Roberts said with a smile. Ben’s aging screams caught the attention of Jerry, who peaked out of his room just in time to see his friend transforming. He ran over, confused, and asked his dad what was happening.

“Oh, son, don’t worry. Your mom is just coming home.” He said with a soft smile as he looked at his confused son. Jerry tried to understand the implications of what was happening, but was powerless to stop his friend’s transformation.

“Jerry, please help…I don’t want to be your mom. How could you let your father do this?” Ben said, trying to fight his transformation. Jerry looked at the struggling boy, conflicted. He liked hanging out with Ben, but he missed his mom more. Ben wanted to cry as he felt the changes intensifying, especially around his chest and groin. His moans grew deep and sensual as he thrust his chest forward, giving the two observers a perfect view of his growing breasts. He cupped his new growths in shock as they continued to inflate in his hands, growing even larger than his own mother’s. The sensations of his new boobs being groped elicited memories of his husband…no, his neighbor grabbing them and shoving his face between them, his breath warming his cleavage only increasing the growing sensations in his crotch. 

“No…why does this feel…so good?” he moaned as he looked at Mr. Roberts. Alien desires grew in his head as he stared at the man. He was beginning to look more handsome by the second. The mere thought horrified the changing boy, but before he could reject the thought, he felt a sudden explosion between his legs. He began to quiver and writhe as his knees buckled, orgasmic sensations overflowing from his crotch. Jerry looked away uncomfortably while his father looked on, aroused by what was transpiring before him. Ben futilely tried to grab his boyhood, only to feel a rapidly moistening clit between his thick new thighs. The mere brush of his fingers against his mature new sex sent his head spinning, his goans turning from fear and pain into moans of pure ecstasy. He’d never felt anything like this before, and he hated how much he liked it. The ecstasy was intoxicating, so much so that he began to revel in the memories sprouting in his mind of being penetrated by Mr. Roberts…his husband. 

“Don’t fight it anymore, Ben! You know you want this as badly as I do. Give your friend a mother, and give me a wife. Become…Beth!” The man said, egging on the final stages of his victim’s transformation. 

“Fuck you…” Ben mumbled, trying to regain his grip on reality. “I want to…fuck you…

“Well, if you insist,” Mr. Roberts said, sending his son back to his room as he unzipped his pants. Ben watched in horror and excitement as the man unzipped his pants, his throbbing cock flinging out immediately. He wanted to fight his new instincts, but couldn’t deny the desires coming from his dripping pussy. He wanted to call for his parents right next door…but he needed to be filled first. He squealed as the man grabbed him, a loving warmth spreading through his body at Mr. Roberts’ mere touch. His breasts pressed against the man’s surprisingly firm chest, sending even more intimate memories coursing through his mind. Mr. Roberts looked into the boy’s eyes deeply as he teased Ben’s throbbing clit with his cock, smiling as he watched the boy’s expression soften into something he recognized. With a thrust, Ben screamed and rolled his eyes up into his head. His new vaginal cavern tightened around the cock penetrating him, flooding his mind with a lifetime of sexual experience. He writhed in ecstasy as his new internal walls were tickled by the man’s cock, his mature new nerves overwriting what he thought pleasure could be. His breathing grew heavy as his whole body was shaken by Mr. Roberts’ thrusts, an explosive orgasm building second by second. His face contorted in ecstasy as his features aged and softened, morphing into the visage his neighbor desired. In the last few seconds before he came, Ben tried to remember his life from only this morning. He wanted to cry at the thought of his parents never finding him, his friends not playing with him anymore, his life as a boy vanishing. 

All his panic, his tragic thoughts, his sadness at what Mr. Roberts had done to him were blown away by his first orgasm. He screamed and grabbed the man close, scratching his back with his manicured nails as his body was wracked with a lifetime of orgasms. 39 years of experience came flooding into his mind at once, overpowering any resistance the former boy had. Not only sex, but a lifetime of maternal insticnts and womanly intuition soaked his mind as his reluctance faded. Time seemed to stop for him, relishing his orgasmic stasis as he embraced the new motherly and wifely roles he was meant to fill. He…she…had a loving husband, a beautiful child, and a gorgeous and freshly cleaned house. She looked at her sweaty husband as he pulled his dick out of her pussy, her muscles instinctively clenching around his member to retain as much cum as possible. She laughed and smiled at the man as he looked over his work, satisfied by what he’d done. She wasn’t Ben anymore. She was Beth Roberts, loving wife and mother, and she wouldn’t trade this life for anything in the world.

Holy shit, babe! That was fucking amazing!” She said breathlessly. She moaned and shifted her hips as she felt her husband’s cum coating her insides. “We might be getting a bigger family after that,” she said with a wink. Mr. Roberts leaned in to give his wife a kiss as he happily reciprocated. She cleaned up the juiced and tattered clothes in the kitchen, throwing everything into a trash bag as she suppressed memories of her old self deep into her mind. Her life as Ben already felt like a dream…or a nightmare considering how amazing she felt now. She ran up to the master bedroom and into her closet, quickly throwing on her favorite homebody outfit as she finished up the chores around the house. She grabbed the trashbags and began taking them out to the street when she saw her neighbors approaching her house. 

“Oh, hello! We live right next door and were just checking in on our son, Ben. Sorry, we didn’t know Mr. Roberts had a woman in his life.”

Haha, yeah, I don’t think he wants to show me off to the neighborhood just yet.” 

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  1. Hey! I know this is quite similar to other stories that do have images, but I noticed that this one doesn’t (or maybe it did, on the old site, and they didn’t carry across) – I was wondering if you might consider adding some, at some point, to make it more like the others that do/more “sexy”, if you will?

    It’s great already, but some images would definitely add to it!

    My favorites are the “photorealistic” ones, but entirely up to you, of course (and if you feel like doing it in the first place, too), but yeah, would love to see it, personally, one day!

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