Devil’s Due (TF TG AP)

Charles had thought he’d outsmarted the devil. The man made a deal with the Baphomet in his youth to secure a wealthy, prosperous future. Now in his 40s, it seemed that the deal had worked out in his favor. He was rich, had a beautiful wife, and a son, Anthony, who was about to celebrate his 13th birthday. He still thought about how the demon said his price would be paid at a later date, but Charles naively thought that if he started attending church, confessing his sins, and behaving like a good christian, the foul demon wouldn’t be able to touch him. Unfortunately for the whole family, the devil always gets his due. 

The three of them were in the middle of mass, finishing up a worship song and preparing for the priest’s sermon. Anthony yawned, having stayed up all night playing games with his friends, while his mom scolded him and told him to be more respectful. His father smirked and patted his son on the shoulder. As the family was about to sit down, Charles suddenly felt a shiver run up his spine as a familiar aura began to fill the church. He turned back just as the doors were kicked open, the outside sunlight casting a terrifying shadow down the hall. A gust of wind blew all the candles out as the demon stepped into the building, grumbling a name.

Charles…” the sound echoed through the grand hall as Charles began to sweat and panic. “Oh, silly human. Did you think your little temple would keep you safe?”

The ground shook with each step of the goatlike beast. The rest of the congregation screamed in terror and fled the building, including the priest. The demon laughed at the little people scrambling past him, breathing fire at the door to keep Charles and his family from escaping. He stepped before the trembling little man and his family, smirking as he watched the man pathetically push his family behind him as if he could defend them.

It’s time to keep your end of the deal, Charles. You vowed to spread my good word, to convert more people and enlighten them to the truth of my power. I gave you everything you asked for, but you spent your money on time on frivolous things instead.”

“P- please, I’ll do as you say, please. I’ll find you more worshippers. I have money and influence now, I can do it. Just leave them alone. My family has nothing to do with this.”

Oh Charles, it’s too late for that. I’ve come to collect a different price now. Seeing as how your family exists thanks to my help, I think it’s only fair to collect my part.”

“Ch- Charles? What is he talking about?” His wife nervously asked. Before he could answer, the demon pushed them out of the way and wrapped his hand around poor little Anthony. “No! Not my son!!” she shrieked. The kid screamed as he was lifted up into the air, staring face to face with a creature more horrifying than anything he’d seen in the movies. Its breath smelled like sulfur, and its eyes were darker than the deepest parts of the ocean. Anthony squirmed as the creature’s grip tightened, its eyes beginning to glow green as its mouth curled into a devious smile. It lifted its other hand and waved it over the boy as a sickening feeling washed over him. Surprisingly, the creature set the boy down gently and let him run back to his family. 

Little Anthony. You’ll be a better servant to me than your father, won’t you?”

“What the fuck did you do to my son?!” Charles screamed as he hugged his terrified child. The demon ignored the man’s annoying screams and kept his eyes on the child. 

Come find me when you’re done here. We have work to do.”

With a sudden flash of light and flame, the demon disappeared into a cloud of smoke. Charles looked at his wife, struggling to find any words. 

“Daddy, I don’t feel so good,” Anthony mumbled as he fell to his knees. His mother didn’t waste a second to run out the door and go find help as his father looked down at his son helplessly. 

“Just breathe, son. Just bre- huh?” Charles paused as he saw Anthony’s shirt beginning to strain. The kid began to groan in pain as his body rapidly expanded, shredding his Sunday best in the process. He fell to all fours as his father stood up and stepped back, shocked by what he was witnessing. They both watched in horror as his elongating fingers sharpened into claws against the stone floor, digging into the rock with ease. Sickening sounds of cracking bones bounced off the stained glass windows as Anthony continued to grow against his will. It was only a matter of seconds before he was the size of a fully grown man, but it didn’t stop there. His hips cracked outwards while his spine punched inwards, all while his body continued to expand. His frame grew even more intimidating as his muscles began to swell, his slick, oily skin giving his dad a perfect view of the fibers filling with power beneath his son’s stretching skin. 

“Dad?! What’s happening to meeeaaaAAAHHHH!Charles was startled by his son’s new booming voice. It barely sounded like Anthony anymore, with only traces of the 13 year old boy’s voice left in his giant diaphragm. It sounded feminine, but deep and alluring…almost demonic. His moans only grew louder as a burning sensation began to spread between his legs, the sound amplified by the church’s architecture. He quivered on the ground as things began to accelerate below his waist. He winced as he grabbed for his crotch, his razor sharp nails cutting the inside of his now musclebound thighs. He felt his boyhood receding upwards as he pressed his palm against it, afraid to move his new fingers out of fear of cutting something else. Pain suddenly turned to pleasure as a pair of moist lips swallowed up what was left between his legs. It felt like a fire of pleasure was spreading out from his crotch, touching every one of his changing nerves and sending euphoric feelings through his mind. His deepening moans began to vibrate off the walls so strongly that the crucifixes began to fall off. 

Charles dropped to his knees at the sight before him and desperately began to pray…futilely. Anthony arched his back and raised his massive ass into the air as his new vaginal juices began to run down his legs. More moans slipped from his mouth as his nippes grew even larger than they already were, beginning to protrude and harden against the cool air. He braced himself against the floor and dug his claws in as two massive breasts forced their way out of his chest, jiggling in sync with his alluringly deep breathing. He gently poked one with a claw and quivered at the feeling. His soft new flesh was growing more sensitive by the second, as if the nerves from his new pussy were spreading through his whole body. He wanted to ignore how good the changes were beginning to feel, and he was already embarrassed by the fact that his father was watching the whole thing, but the orgasmic feelings were utterly intoxicating. 

“Daddy…I don’t want to be like this anymore…” he desperately whispered as tears began to well up in his eyes. They both thought the transformation was almost done, leaving Anthony as a strangely giant woman, but things were about to take a devilish turn. 

Anthony screamed in pain and pleasure as a shock ran up his spine. He flexed inwards, throwing his ass into the air as a pair of growths began to sprout at the base of his spine. He moaned confusedly as his new appendages came under his control, growing and whipping around like a pair of rat tails. His mind raced as he struggled to control them, growing twice the length of his already massive body and destroying the church benches with ease. He winced in pain as a series of spikes burst out of his new tails, the ends hardening into giant knives. The pain quickly ran up to his head as he felt more protrusions sprouting out of his skin. He grabbed his head in a panic as a series of horns grew out of the top of his head. The horns looked just…like…Baphomet’s. 

“No…no…NO! I refuse to…become…a…DEMON!” Anthony screamed in resistance as his skull began to crack. He looked up and yelled, shattering the church windows and knocking his father off his feet. His face elongated with a few painful cracks, leaving him with a beastly muzzle and rows of horrifyingly sharp teeth. He began to snarl animalistically as he struggled to breathe in through his new passages. He shook his head as his hair trickled down through his massive horns, gently framing his demonic new visage. His eyes narrowed as his senses became ungodly sensitive. It was as if he could suddenly smell the souls around him…and taste their sins. What scared him the most, though, was that he liked it. He could feel new instincts forming in his head, including the instinct to hunt. 

“Anthony? Buddy? You doing okay?” Charles nervously asked as he approached the writing monstrosity that used to be his son. 

“I…I don’t know…dad. Why didn’t you honor the deal? Why do I have to pay for YOUR SINS?!” Anthony’s voice grew more intimidating as his anger began to build. He could smell his father’s guilt, and he wanted more of it. “I’m supposed to be a kid! I was going to play with my friends when we got home! I had homework tonight! But now…I’ve become this.” He gestured to himself sensually, noticing a hardon growing in his father’s pants. “Now I have to collect for the dark one. You have no idea what Baphomet is telling me right now, what he wants with me…but I think I like it.”

“Son, I’m so sorry. Please come back to me and you mom. You can fight this! You’re strong! You’re my son!”

Anthony recoiled for a moment at the passion in his dad’s voice. For a brief second, he was aware of what was happening and how badly he wanted to fight back. He looked at his father one last time, savoring the last of his humanity as he felt the influence of Baphomet growing stronger. With a sudden clang of metal, a demonic pair of bands clasped themselves around his arm and thigh. The runes began to glow as the boy’s mind was flooded with demonic knowledge. His life as Anthony was rapidly becoming overwhelmed with his glorious new purpose and power. He moaned as his mind began to give in, embracing the knowledge his new form granted him. His eyes turned blood red as he stared down his father, hunger building faster than before. 

Dad…I…I’m so…” the once terrified boy trembled as he let go of the last of his humanity, a brand of Baphomet burning into his skin. “I’M SO HUNGRY!”

The boy laughed as he…she embraced her new role as a servant of Baphomet. She approached the terrified man standing before her, grinning hungrily at him as he nervously stepped back. Her movements were suddenly graceful as her new knowledge filled her muscle memory. The man kept crying out her old human name, but it meant nothing to her anymore. She was lucky to be a demon now, otherwise she’d just be an irrelevant speck of dust in the universe like all humans. She zoned in on his crotch, releasing pheromones from her monstrously seductive body that would get the man harder than he’d ever been in his life. She used her tails to expertly cut the clothes from the man as he screamed in shock. Wrapping her lethal whips around him, she lifted him behind her as she presented her demonically thick behind. She forced him into her new sex and chuckled at how lucky she was that her whole body felt everything orgasmically, considering how a tiny human dick couldn’t never fill her throbbing pussy. She licked her lips and tightened her tails around the pathetic human as he came, allowing her to feed on his sexual energy and provide it to her lord. Drool began to drip down the corners of her mouth as she felt the man reluctantly cum inside her. She reveled in the afterglow and shame of the man; his mind broken by what had just happened. Suddenly, she heard a scream from the front of the church as she saw a woman standing in the doorway, horrified. 

“Oh, hello mom…”

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