Shark Week (TF TG AP)

“…and this exhibit is all about Kamohoali’i, the shark goddess that the island natives would pay tribute to before going on fishing expeditions.” The tour guide said as the group entered the final stretch of the museum walkthrough. Kevin looked around the display and grimaced at all the ancient shark imagery. The poor kid had a phobia of sharks, which was ironic given his family lived in the midwest. His family was on vacation in the tropics for the week, but while his family was out enjoying the beautiful beaches of the island, Kevin wanted to stay as far away from the ocean as possible. He figured he’d kill some time at the museum while his parents were sunbathing. 

“What happened if they didn’t pay tribute?” Someone in the tour group asked.

“Legend says she’d wreak havoc upon the island, satisfying her hunger with the populus instead of fish. Thankfully, it was just that…a legend. Now, for the best part of the tour, please follow me to the gift shop!”

Kevin hung back from the group, knowing that his parents wouldn’t be there to pick him up for a while. As the room emptied out, he noticed an ominous wood carving behind a glass case. The description said it was the oldest known depiction of Kamohoali’i, found deep within a cave of one of the local beaches. It depicted a ferocious looking shark/human hybrid, posing with her hands up as if she was being prayed to and covered in a striking black and blue striped texture. The idea of sharks walking on land sent shivers down the boy’s spine, but it was more than his fear giving him goosebumps. The air seemed to chill in the room as the figurine’s eyes began to glow. Kevin thought he was hallucinating as he leaned in for a closer look until a bright flash nearly blinded him. He fell back, rubbing his eyes in shock and wondering if anyone else saw that. To his relief, the rest of the group was already gone. He picked himself up in embarrassment and caught up with the group, but was unable to get that statue out of his mind. Little did he know that the figurine’s expression had subtly changed into a menacing smirk. 

His parents picked him up and began making their way back to the hotel, asking him questions about the museum.

“So how was the tour? Anything interesting?” His mom asked.

“Yeah, lots of stuff about the history of the island. There was this one exhibit about a shark god the people here used to worship that kinda creeped me out, but it was all pretty neat.”

“Well, good on you for facing your fear of sharks head on!” His dad said with a smile. 

“Haha, yeah well, I’m still not planning on going into the ocean anytime soon.”

“No worries. One step at a time.” His mom reassured him. “Oh no, looks like a traffic jam up ahead…”

Kevin groaned at the sight. He suddenly felt like he had to go to the bathroom and wanted to get back to the hotel as soon as possible. His stomach was grumbling lowly and he was suddenly beginning to sweat. He turned up the AC in the back to no avail, but when he reached up to wipe the sweat from his brow, he noticed that his skin had become…rough?

He looked down at his hand and was shocked to see a darkening patch of skin growing and rapidly spreading up his arm. He shoved his hand between his legs to hide it and nervously asked his parents how much longer it would be to get to the hotel. Unfortunately for Kevin, no speed would be fast enough to stop what was coming. 

“What’s wrong, honey? Eat something bad?” His mom asked, looking back at her trembling son. “”Oh my god…Kevin?! Are you okay?” His mom said in a sudden panic as she saw her little boy’s skin turning black with a blue striped pattern. Kevin groaned as his changing skin crawled up his neck and down his legs, fully covering him in a matter of seconds. 

“Mom? What’s happening? I feel weird…oooohhhhh” he groaned as his bones began to ache. Cracks and pops echoed through the car as Kevin painfully shifted around in the back seat, his body jutting outwards in all directions. He closed his eyes and tears began to run down his cheeks, his cries of pain being drowned out by his father honking the horn and trying to find the nearest hospital. To the whole family’s dismay, they were absolutely gridlocked in the middle of the city. His muscles twitched as they gained impossible amounts of mass, swelling and filling with otherworldly strength. His limbs continued to grow well past what was humanly possible, shredding his boyish clothes in the process and leaving him shifting around naked in the back seat as he awkwardly tried to remove his seatbelt. His parents watched in terrified silence as their child grew and grew, his head pressing against the roof of the car while his legs stretched across the entire backseat. His mom tried reaching out to him to comfort her terrified boy, but as she touched his skin, she realized she’d felt that texture before. It felt just like the sharks they were swimming with earlier this week. 

“It’s okay, baby, we’ll get you to a…hospital…” she trailed off as she noticed something sprouting from Kevin’s rear. Her son was growing a shark tail, and with a scream, it began to thrash around the car’s interior, easily breaking the windows as it grew. Kevin panicked as he struggled to control his new muscles and appendages, worried that he might hurt his parents if he was able to break the windows that easily. 

“Mom, dad, you have to get away from here. I can’t stop this…I can’t make it stop!” He said through tears. “Make it STOP!” He yelled as the changes grew more intense. His parents could only stare as their now giant son began to grow a pair of giant breasts, the pale white flesh darkening around his enlarged nipples as the weight of his inflating breasts began to strain the car’s suspension. He couldn’t call anything he was feeling good at the moment, but the sensations of his swelling chest did send…confusing sensations through his changing body. His parents reluctantly unbuckled their seatbelts and opened their doors as Kevin’s growing body began to press up against their seats. He watched them step away and reached toward them in panic, realizing that his fingers were almost as long as his parents’ bodies. 

“Somebody…help…meeeooOOOOOOHHHH!” He let out a scream in a mixture of pain and pleasure as his hands shot down to his crotch. More alien sensations raced through his body as his member was pulled upwards, his shaft and head rubbing against the rough sharkskin of the new vaginal lips forming between his legs. He looked down at the gaping cavern between his legs as he continued to grow, his thigh gap only getting wider as he got bigger. He accidentally plunged his clawlike fingers into his new sex as he rolled around in confusion, sending orgasmic explosions directly to the once prepubescent boy’s mind. His tail flexed and quivered in pleasure, shooting directly through the roof of the car and shocking everyone else stuck in traffic. More people got out of their cars to look at the strange sight as they heard a deep, femine moan bellowing through the city. 

Suddenly, two massive arms burst out of the car as fins began to sprout from his elbows. Kevin continued to groan in his godly new voice as his changing body tore the car’s frame apart from the inside out. His thick new thighs allowed him to kick out the trunk, his feet digging into the asphalt as his toes hardened into claws. His tail swung around instinctively, helping him maintain balance as he stood up above the crowd. His ass swelled up with fat and muscle until it was the size of a semi truck. He looked down at his parents growing further away by the second as he continued to gain height. Soon he was the height of a 20 story building, dwarfing every human looking up at him in awe and terror. His jiggling breasts cast a shadow over the crowd as his twitching tail made for a sinister silhouette. He looked over his new body in confusion and horror as his parents hugged each other, desperately trying to understand what was happening to their son. 

“Mom…Dad…I want to go home…” he said with his booming new voice. He rubbed his throat as he heard his voice echo through the city. It was feminine, deep, and intimidating, as if it belonged to…a goddess. He suddenly grabbed his head as his skull began to crack. He bared his teeth in pain as the crowd watched them sharpen into a terrifying row of fangs. His hair fell out as his ears grew long and pointed, his hearing increasing in the process to hear all the prayers on the island. He pressed his hands against his face as it began to protrude into a muzzle, loud cracks bouncing off the buildings as his jaw widened and elongated until he had the head of a…shark. He trembled in fear at what he was becoming. He just wanted to be a kid, not a giant, not a woman, and definitely not a shark. He let out a roar in anger and confusion, shattering nearby windows and terrifying the awestruck crowd. 

“Kamohoali’i…” one of the natives mumbled in disbelief. Hearing that name caused his ear to twitch, and he looked down at the man in confusion. The man raised his hands and continued to chant the name. Soon, others began to join in. 



“Kamohoali’i!!!” The chanting grew louder and louder, ringing in Kevin’s head until it started to feel…good? He felt himself filling with strength with each repetition, but it was more than just strength. It was power. He looked down at the crowd, half chanting his name, half terrified tourists. Finally, he saw his mom and dad one last time. 

“Mom…dad…run.” He commanded with a godlike authority. They reluctantly did as they were told, looking back at their son as he reluctantly embraced his worshipers. Kevin raised his hands towards the sun and posed just like the damned figurine that did this to him, absorbing the faith of those who worshiped. His eyes began to glow as bright as the sun as his life as a human boy became irrelevant. Cosmic knowledge flowed through his brain as he fully ascended to godhood, embracing his role as the new shark goddess. He let out a menacing chuckle as he remembered the entire history of this island, raising these people and providing for them in exchange for their adoration. He rubbed his new body sensually, dragging a claw up and down his beautifully monstrous new form and reveling in the feeling of all these tiny people watching him…her in awe. Kevin smiled, baring his fangs and licking his lips as he let his old name wash away into the ocean of knowledge now flooding his mind. He…she was Kamohoali’i…and she had work to do.

Oooh my naive little people. You haven’t paid me tribute in quite a while. I’ll have to make sure that never happens again!” The new goddess’ voice boomed as she bared her fangs with a menacing grin. She grabbed a truck off the ground and bit into it like a snack, snarling as the oil ran down her pale chest. Her tail whipped around, taking chunks out of buildings as she crushed more cars with her massive feet. She laughed as the screams of the island filled her with power, both fear and admiration coursing through her veins and increasing her strength. The city burned around her like a throne of fire as she laughed maniacally. She was so happy she decided to go to the museum instead of the beach, and she couldn’t believe that just minutes ago, she was only human. She even used to be scared of sharks! Nothing for her to fear anymore, though. It felt good to be a god.

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