Carnaval do Brasil (TG AP)

Cody wasn’t exactly having the best time on vacation. His family had decided to take a trip to Brazil at the behest of his father. His dad had always wanted to see the famous Brazilian Carnival in person, and his mom was just happy to be taking a break from work. Cody, while happy to be missing school, would’ve rather been at home hanging out with friends or playing video games. Tonight was the night of the big carnival parade, and his parents had already started drinking. The young boy was already having trouble keeping up with his tipsy parents when the music started, and as the dancers started walking the streets, he could tell they were way more into it than he was. It wasn’t long before he was lost in the crowd, his senses overpowered by the thumping music and raucous cheering of the audience. His small stature only made it harder to force his way through the drunken crowd to find his parents, and unfortunately for the kid, some lumbering buffoon knocked him right into the center of the parade while spilling beer all over the already aggravated boy. 

He blushed as he stumbled backwards into a crowd of beautiful Brazilian dancers, their feathery costumes tickling as they swirled around him. He looked around, desperately trying to find his parents in the crowd, but was suddenly beginning to feel lightheaded. He wasn’t old enough to drink yet, but he was pretty sure you couldn’t get drunk just from alcohol touching your skin. He looked at his beer-drenched clothes in annoyance when he noticed that the beer seemed to be staining his skin, darkening it as it dripped down his limbs. He watched in curiosity as it spread across his whole body, leaving him with an olive tone that almost seemed to sparkle in the light. A tingling began to spread across his body as the music of the carnival seemed to grow louder. He watched the dancers around him moving their alluring bodies to the rhythm and felt a growing urge to…join them?

He began to tap his feet to the beat, wondering why he suddenly wanted to mimic the girls surrounding him. His movements grew more intense with each beat of the music, feeling a pang of satisfaction as his childish dancing grew more refined by the second. He barely noticed himself growing in sync with the music, his limbs elongating with each note he moved to. The cacophony of the carnival covered up the sounds of his bones cracking and shifting, and the joy he was feeling from dancing dulled any pain from his rapidly transforming body. He swung his hips left and right, matching the movements of the other women as his waist widened to childbearing proportions. His spine cracked inwards as the woman around him began to twerk their juicy asses, influencing him to do the same. He felt his ass jiggle more with each thrust up and down as it inflated, tearing his shorts and leaving his boyhood exposed to the warm Brazilian air. 

He knew he should’ve been embarrassed and frightened by what was happening, but the energy of the celebration was so infectious that he didn’t care. He continued to go with the flow and was rewarded with thickening thighs that pressed his junk between them. He ran a manicured hand between his legs just in time to feel his member receding upwards, disappearing between the feminine folds developing between his legs. With a sudden explosion of pleasure, his new pussy tightened as his old equipment matured into that of the opposite sex and began pumping estrogen through the enraptured boy. He moaned as years of sexual experience filled his mind, barely recognizing the voice coming out of his mouth as his vocal chords aged and tightened. 

O que? Hehe…haha…why is this happening to…eu?”

He began to laugh deliriously as his head continued to spin, smiling at the horrifying changes his body was undergoing. Words began to morph in his head as he struggled to break away from the dancers and cry to his parents for help. This was all wrong, but it felt soooo good. The rhythm changed again and all the dancers around him began to shake their chests, causing him to imitate their motions once more. He shook his chest in a mixture of panic and ecstasy as he realized what was going to happen next. He screamed in pleasure as two supple breasts burst forth from his chest, shredding his shirt in the process. He stood completely naked, his glistening skin bare for the entire carnival to see as he continued to shake his new assets. The jiggling weight of his sensitive new chest sent ungodly amounts of pleasure through his body, making him want to dance even more. He suddenly felt the eyes of the crowd fixating on him as his dancing became more intense, his body bumping to the music as his muscles grew defined from years of practice. He was dancing better than any of the other women there, and they all began to make room for him as his transformation neared its completion. 

His head was the only thing left of his old self, but the carnival would take care of that soon. In a sudden flash of clarity, he spotted his parents panickedly looking for him in the crowd. He mustered up as much willpower as he could to break away and get their attention, but as soon as he stopped dancing, one of the other dancers pranced over and placed an ornate crown on his head. Two others quickly grabbed his arms and slipped an extravagant pair of wings around his shoulders, while one more clipped a bejeweled necklace around his neck. He grabbed his head and moaned, shifting around like it was part of the choreography as his mind was assaulted by the culture and spirit of the carnival. His face aged as his features grew soft and feminine. His hair lengthened out of the crown and down to his back. His teeth grew white and perfect while his tongue twitched, its muscles shifting to master a different language. English words began to melt into Portuguese as his childhood memories grew foreign. Boys, dance lessons, and escaping the Brazilian slums to become a star carnival performer replaced his boring American life. 

“No…mom…mamae…dad…papai…I want to go home…” he whimpered in an increasingly thick accent. That’s when he saw the other dancers all smiling at him, encouraging him to dance the night away with them and embrace his new life here. His fear rapidly gave way to joy as he remembered the joy and friendships of the carnival, and why he’d always wanted to be a dancer. He smiled at the other dancers and rejoined them in celebration as the traditional music of his people seeped into his head, easing the pain of losing his old life. 

“Am I still Cody?” He wondered as he saw his parents approaching the parade and calling out his name. “No…eu so…Camila!” 

The new star dancer of the carnival approached the worried American couple with a smile, knowing full well that the man couldn’t stop eye-fucking her exposed body. 

“Excuse me, but have you seen our son? He’s a little boy about this tall?” The wife worriedly asked, gesturing with her hand.

Desculpe, eu não falo inglês,” Camila responded without breaking her rhythmic dancing. “Bem-vindo ao Carnaval do Brasil!”