Changing Room (TG AP)

Kyle hated shopping with his mom. She always dragged him to the mall instead of leaving him home alone and she had a habit of taking way too much time to look at clothes she was never going to buy anyway. The kid sat outside the changing room, watching older women come and go with handfuls of clothes, as his mother took her sweet time trying on all kinds of different garments. After what felt like an eternity, Kyle’s mom finally came out with a single dress in her hand, leaving hangars full of clothes in the changing room. He sighed with relief as they finally began walking towards the cash registers, already getting excited about going home playing games with his friends online. His mom handed the clothes to the cashier when a look of embarrassment crossed her face.

“Oh my, I left my purse in the changing room. Kyle, sweetie, would you go grab that for me?”

“Sure, Mom,” he sighed, desperate to get out of this store. He ran back to the changing rooms and entered the one his mom left open. He saw her purse and was about to grab it when the door locked itself behind him. Before he could unlock the stall, he noticed all the clothes hanging up beginning to move as if a breeze had blown through. He barely noticed the silky lingerie slithering towards his feet from the pile of clothes. Random jewelry on the counter began to vibrate, distracting him from the purple thong slinking up his legs and dissolving his cargo shorts as it went. It wasn’t until he caught his reflection in the mirror that he realized what was happening. He opened his mouth to scream for help, but before anything came out, a golden heart locket flew off the counter and tightened around his neck, silencing him as he watched his reflection in terror.

A matching purple bra flew off the wall and latched itself around his back as his t-shirt vanished into a cloud of sparkling dust. He watched in shock as his exposed skin began to grow smooth and glowing, beads of sweat forming as his heart rate increased. He gripped the counter in pain as his frame began to grow, his bones visibly shifting beneath his feminine new skin. Pops and cracks echoed in the changing room as he rapidly grew into the undergarments that forced themselves onto him. His spine cracked inward while his hips jutted out with more painful cracks, causing tears to well up in his eyes. He looked at himself in the mirror, shocked by how much taller and wider he had grown. His eyes drifted to his exposed midriff as it began to spasm, his abs growing stronger by the second as years of exercise forced muscle into his hourglass figure. The spams quickly spread across his elongating limbs, fleshing out his growing body with toned muscles as his nervous system struggled to contend with his maturing nerves flooding his body with new sensations. 

The pain of his rapidly aging body began to blend with the pleasure of his sensitive new curves as his thighs began to inflate, squeezing his boyhood tighter by the second. He watched in horror as his thickening legs pushed his junk inwards, the thong tightening around his crotch as his ass inflated along with his legs. What scared him more than the pressure on his crotch, though, was a pang of satisfaction that crossed his mind as he looked at the undergarment tightening around his increasingly curvy bottom. He didn’t have much time to dwell on the thought as his crotch suddenly began to invert itself, relieving the pressure in the most horrifying way. He couldn’t help but moan as everything between his legs slipped upwards and inwards where it didn’t belong.

Sparks of pleasure jumped across his mind as his sex transformed before his very eyes, leaving him with a pair of damp lips between his legs that were hugged tightly by the perfectly form fitting underwear. He squeezed his thighs together and continued to moan, reluctantly relishing the feeling of his new sex rubbing against itself. His new ovaries pumped estrogen through his veins as his organs shifted and settled into place, leaving him with a fertile womb that, to his horror, he knew had carried life before. He desperately resisted the urge to plunge his feminine fingers into his new hole and feel the fleshy cavern between his legs, reminding himself that this was all wrong and that he was just a teenage boy. 

The idea of him being a young boy was getting further by the second, though, as he felt his chest beginning to tingle. He looked down at the empty bra around his chest with dread, knowing it wouldn’t be empty for much longer. With another burst of orgasmic pleasure, he thrust his chest forwards towards the mirror and watched in confused pleasure as two massive breasts forced their way out of his chest. His growing nipples pressed up against the silky fabric, triggering more sultry moans out of his maturing diaphragm as the necklace choking him finally began to loosen. He wanted to cry as he looked at himself in the mirror, barely recognizing who he was anymore. His heavy breathing was causing his sensitive new breasts to jiggle in rhythm with his heaving chest, and he hated how good it felt. 

“Mommy…help…I dun wanna be a girl…” he whimpered in an unfamiliar voice. He wiped tears away from his face, the last thing he recognized, as he listened to his sultry, femininie new voice. 

“I just wanna go home and…hug my kids…what?!” He covered his mouth in shock at the thought. He didn’t want kids! He was just a kid! He stared at himself in the mirror one last time in defeat as he felt more memories forcing their way into his head. His eyes widened as his skull cracked and shifted, leaving him with the visage of a modern goddess in her early late 30s. He watched reluctantly as his eyes took on a vibrant hazel hue, unlocking even more memories of a different life. He shook his head in denial as his hair grew past his ears, turning bright blonde as it styled itself. His head was spinning as new synapses connected in his brain, forcing his old self deep into the back of his mind. 

“No, no, NO! I’m not a girl…I’m…a woman…” he mumbled with a tremor in his voice. He didn’t want to give in, but as memories of sex, love, childbirth, and money became more vivid, he couldn’t help but indulge in who he was becoming.

“I want my mom…but, I am a mom…no, I’m…a wife…I like video games and…getting fucked silly while the kids are sleeping…” he quivered as a lifetime of orgasms assaulted his already throbbing pussy. “I’m just here to get mom’s purse…my purse to buy this lingerie and surprise my hubby!”

He suddenly heard a knock on the door. It was his mother.

“Kyle? Are you in there?” She asked nervously. 

“Kyle…I’m Kyl…Ky…Karen Smith…” he whimpered reluctantly as he gave into his new life. His…her life as Kyle was a distant memory already. The new woman shivered in excitement as everything settled into place. She remembered everything, and she couldn’t wait to get home to show off her new purchase to her strong, supportive husband. She was growing wet at the thought of him ripping her clothes off and staring at her specimen of a body before plowing her on their king size mattress. She smiled and looked at herself in the mirror one last time before getting dressed to go checkout when she heard the knocking at the door again. She angrily swung it open, not caring that she was still undressed.

Excuse you! Who the fuck is Kyle?” She yelled at the woman nervously looking for her son. 

“Oh, I’m sorry. I thought my son was in here,” the woman said, embarrassed and intimidated by the gorgeous woman standing before her in her underwear. 

Well, he’s not. Now, please leave me alone before I have to get a manager,” Karen said, slamming the door on the surprised woman. She sighed as she shook the hair out of her eyes and slid her bra back over her shoulder. She couldn’t wait to get home and show her man the night of his life.